List of heliports in Canada

This is an alphabetical list of heliports in Canada. It includes all Nav Canada certified and registered heliports in the provinces and territories of Canada.[1]

They are listed in the format:

The airport name in the CFS may differ from the name used by the airport authority.

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All figures as of July 2019
Location Number
Canada 399
Alberta 106
British Columbia 81
Manitoba 7
New Brunswick 5
Newfoundland and Labrador 6
Northwest Territories 5
Nova Scotia 21
Nunavut 0
Ontario 113
Prince Edward Island 2
Quebec 45
Saskatchewan 8
Yukon 0
Type   Operator   Location   Province
Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre) Heliport CAB5 Private Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre Abbotsford BC 49°02′10″N 122°18′51″W / 49.03611°N 122.31417°W / 49.03611; -122.31417 (Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre) Heliport)
Abbotsford (Sumas Mountain) Heliport
CSM7 Private Hydra Helicopters Abbotsford BC 49°06′18″N 122°11′51″W / 49.10500°N 122.19750°W / 49.10500; -122.19750 (Abbotsford (Sumas Mountain) Heliport)
Abbotsford (Teck) Heliport
CTK8 Private Tecklenair Aviation Ltd. Abbotsford BC 49°07′37″N 122°23′41″W / 49.12694°N 122.39472°W / 49.12694; -122.39472 (Abbotsford (Teck) Heliport)
Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) Heliport CPE2 Private Ajax Pickering General Hospital Ajax ON 43°50′10″N 079°01′02″W / 43.83611°N 79.01722°W / 43.83611; -79.01722 (Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) Heliport)
Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPZ2 Private Stevenson Memorial Hospital Alliston ON 44°09′19″N 079°52′27″W / 44.15528°N 79.87417°W / 44.15528; -79.87417 (Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Alliston Heliport
CPJ2 Private Uscan Aviation Sales Ltd Alliston ON 44°08′54″N 079°48′03″W / 44.14833°N 79.80083°W / 44.14833; -79.80083 (Alliston Heliport)
Almonte (General Hospital) Heliport
CAL5 Private Almonte General Hospital Almonte ON 45°13′49″N 076°11′14″W / 45.23028°N 76.18722°W / 45.23028; -76.18722 (Almonte (General Hospital) Heliport)
Amherst Heliport
CCB3 Private Department of Economic Development, Town of Amherst Amherst NS 45°48′43″N 064°13′13″W / 45.81194°N 64.22028°W / 45.81194; -64.22028 (Amherst Heliport)
Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport
CDY5 Private St. Martha's Regional Hospital Antigonish NS 45°37′36″N 061°58′55″W / 45.62667°N 61.98194°W / 45.62667; -61.98194 (Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Anzac (Long Lake) Heliport CNZ2 Private Nexen Inc. Athabasca oil sands AB 56°25′27″N 110°57′52″W / 56.42417°N 110.96444°W / 56.42417; -110.96444 (Anzac (Long Lake) Heliport)
Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport
CDT3 Private St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Arichat NS 45°30′41″N 061°02′01″W / 45.51139°N 61.03361°W / 45.51139; -61.03361 (Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport)
Atikokan (General Hospital) Heliport
CKF3 Private Atikokan General Hospital Atikokan ON 48°45′00″N 091°36′00″W / 48.75000°N 91.60000°W / 48.75000; -91.60000 (Atikokan (General Hospital) Heliport)
Baie-Comeau/Héli-Manicouagan Heliport
CSN9 Private Héli-Manicouagan Inc. Baie-Comeau QC 49°11′56″N 068°17′07″W / 49.19889°N 68.28528°W / 49.19889; -68.28528 (Baie-Comeau/Héli-Manicouagan Heliport)
Baie-Saint-Paul Heliport
CTD4 Public Compagnie Tremblay Ltée Baie-Saint-Paul QC 47°26′36″N 070°30′59″W / 47.44333°N 70.51639°W / 47.44333; -70.51639 (Baie-Saint-Paul Heliport)
Bancroft (North Hastings District Hospital) Heliport
CPB7 Private Quinte Health Care Bancroft ON 45°04′17″N 077°52′44″W / 45.07139°N 77.87889°W / 45.07139; -77.87889 (Bancroft (North Hastings District Hospital) Heliport)
Banff (Park Compound) Heliport
CBP2 Private Alberta Health Services - Mineral Springs Hospital Banff AB 51°11′30″N 115°33′30″W / 51.19167°N 115.55833°W / 51.19167; -115.55833 (Banff (Park Compound) Heliport)
Banff Mineral Springs (Hospital) Heliport
CBM7 Private Banff Park Warden Service Banff AB 51°10′47″N 115°34′34″W / 51.17972°N 115.57611°W / 51.17972; -115.57611 (Banff Mineral Springs (Hospital) Heliport)
Barrhead (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CHC3 Private Barrhead Healthcare Centre Barrhead AB 54°07′06″N 114°24′01″W / 54.11833°N 114.40028°W / 54.11833; -114.40028 (Barrhead (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Barrie (Royal Victoria Hospital) Heliport CRV2 Private Royal Victoria Hospital of Barrie Barrie ON 44°24′52″N 079°39′55″W / 44.41444°N 79.66528°W / 44.41444; -79.66528 (Barrie (Royal Victoria Hospital) Heliport)
Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPV6 Private St. Francis Memorial Hospital Barry's Bay ON 45°28′56″N 077°41′39″W / 45.48222°N 77.69417°W / 45.48222; -77.69417 (Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Bassano (Health Centre) Heliport CBL4 Public Bassano Health Centre Bassano AB 50°47′26″N 112°27′39″W / 50.79056°N 112.46083°W / 50.79056; -112.46083 (Bassano (Health Centre) Heliport)
Beamsville/Panterra Heliport
CBE3 Public Panterra Helicopter Support Ltd. Beamsville ON 43°11′12″N 079°28′27″W / 43.18667°N 79.47417°W / 43.18667; -79.47417 (Beamsville/Panterra Heliport)
Beardmore (Health Centre) Heliport
CPY3 Private Township of Beardmore Beardmore ON 49°36′31″N 087°57′11″W / 49.60861°N 87.95306°W / 49.60861; -87.95306 (Beardmore (Health Centre) Heliport)
Bécancour Heliport
CSV3 Private Société du Parc Industriel et Portuair de Bécancour Bécancour QC 46°21′52″N 072°23′44″W / 46.36444°N 72.39556°W / 46.36444; -72.39556 (Bécancour Heliport)
Beddis Beach Heliport
CBB4 Private Pat and Rosemarie Keough Beddis Beach,
Strait of Georgia
BC 48°48′00″N 123°25′25″W / 48.80000°N 123.42361°W / 48.80000; -123.42361 (Beddis Beach Heliport)
Belleville (QHC) Heliport
CBV5 Public Quinte Health Care Belleville ON 44°10′02″N 077°21′01″W / 44.16722°N 77.35028°W / 44.16722; -77.35028 (Belleville (QHC) Heliport)
Black Diamond (Oilfields General Hospital) Heliport
CFL3 Private Alberta Health Services Diamond Valley AB 50°40′44″N 114°14′03″W / 50.67889°N 114.23417°W / 50.67889; -114.23417 (Black Diamond (Oilfields General Hospital) Heliport)
Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass Hospital) Heliport
CBS9 Private Alberta Health Services Blairmore AB 49°36′58″N 114°27′26″W / 49.61611°N 114.45722°W / 49.61611; -114.45722 (Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass Hospital) Heliport)
Blairmore (Forestry) Heliport
CEK4 Private Sustainable Resource Development, Forest Division Blairmore AB 49°36′29″N 114°27′05″W / 49.60806°N 114.45139°W / 49.60806; -114.45139 (Blairmore (Forestry) Heliport)
Bolton Heliport
CNB2 Private National Helicopter Inc. Bolton ON 43°51′06″N 079°41′41″W / 43.85167°N 79.69472°W / 43.85167; -79.69472 (Bolton Heliport)
Bonnyville Health Centre Heliport
CBN2 Private Bonnyville Health Centre Bonnyville AB 54°15′50″N 110°44′25″W / 54.26389°N 110.74028°W / 54.26389; -110.74028 (Bonnyville Health Centre Heliport)
Borden Heliport (CFB Borden) CYBN Military Department of National Defence CFB Borden ON 44°16′18″N 079°54′45″W / 44.27167°N 79.91250°W / 44.27167; -79.91250 (Borden Heliport)
Bowmanville (Lakeridge Health) Heliport CPL7 Private Lakeridge Health Bowmanville Bowmanville ON 43°54′34″N 078°40′35″W / 43.90944°N 78.67639°W / 43.90944; -78.67639 (Bowmanville (Lakeridge Health) Heliport)
Boyle (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CHJ4 Private Aspen Regional Health Authority Boyle AB 54°35′19″N 112°48′07″W / 54.58861°N 112.80194°W / 54.58861; -112.80194 (Boyle (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPL2 Private South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Bracebridge ON 45°03′00″N 079°19′00″W / 45.05000°N 79.31667°W / 45.05000; -79.31667 (Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Brampton (National "D") Heliport
CPC4 Private National Helicopter Inc. Brampton ON 43°50′00″N 079°42′03″W / 43.83333°N 79.70083°W / 43.83333; -79.70083 (Brampton (National "D") Heliport)
Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital) Heliport
CDT6 Private Nova Scotia Health Authority Bridgewater NS 44°22′56″N 064°30′38″W / 44.38222°N 64.51056°W / 44.38222; -64.51056 (Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Brooks (Community Health Centre) Heliport
CFV8 Private Brooks General Hospital Brooks AB 50°34′07″N 111°53′18″W / 50.56861°N 111.88833°W / 50.56861; -111.88833 (Brooks (Community Health Centre) Heliport)
Buffalo Narrows (Fire Centre) Heliport
CBN3 Private Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Fire Management & Forest Protection Buffalo Narrows SK 55°50′03″N 108°24′15″W / 55.83417°N 108.40417°W / 55.83417; -108.40417 (Buffalo Narrows (Fire Centre) Heliport)
Calgary (Alberta Children's Hospital) Heliport
CAC6 Private Alberta Health Services Calgary AB 51°04′34″N 114°08′52″W / 51.07611°N 114.14778°W / 51.07611; -114.14778 (Calgary (Alberta Children's Hospital) Heliport)
Calgary (Aerial Recon) Heliport
CAR3 Private Eric Gould Calgary AB 50°52′05″N 114°08′17″W / 50.86806°N 114.13806°W / 50.86806; -114.13806 (Calgary (Aerial Recon) Heliport)
Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport
CEP2 Private Sustainable Resource Development, Forest Protection Division Calgary AB 51°06′11″N 114°12′54″W / 51.10306°N 114.21500°W / 51.10306; -114.21500 (Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport)
Calgary (City/Bow River) Heliport
CEL2 Private City of Calgary Calgary AB 51°03′10″N 114°04′44″W / 51.05278°N 114.07889°W / 51.05278; -114.07889 (Calgary (City/Bow River) Heliport)
Calgary (Foothills Hospital McCaig Tower) Heliport CMT3 Private Alberta Health Services Calgary AB 51°03′55″N 114°08′06″W / 51.06528°N 114.13500°W / 51.06528; -114.13500 (Calgary (Foothills Hospital McCaig Tower) Heliport)
Calgary (Peter Lougheed Centre) Heliport CLC3 Private Alberta Health Services Calgary AB 51°04′46″N 113°58′58″W / 51.07944°N 113.98278°W / 51.07944; -113.98278 (Calgary (Peter Lougheed Centre) Heliport)
Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport CEM2 Private Alberta Health Services Calgary AB 50°59′18″N 114°05′53″W / 50.98833°N 114.09806°W / 50.98833; -114.09806 (Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport)
Calgary (South Health Campus Hospital) Heliport
CSH3 Private Alberta Health Services Calgary AB 50°52′58″N 113°57′07″W / 50.88278°N 113.95194°W / 50.88278; -113.95194 (Calgary/South Health Campus Hospital Heliport)
Calgary/Blue Con Heliport
CBC6 Private Matt Haasen Calgary AB 50°59′49″N 113°53′38″W / 50.99694°N 113.89389°W / 50.99694; -113.89389 (Calgary/Blue Con Heliport)
Calgary/Eastlake Heliport
CEL9 Private Al Morrison Calgary AB 50°57′18″N 113°58′22″W / 50.95500°N 113.97278°W / 50.95500; -113.97278 (Calgary (Eastlake) Heliport)
Calgary/Elephant Enterprises Inc. Heliport
CEE2 Private Elephant Enterprises Inc. Calgary AB 51°06′55″N 114°17′44″W / 51.11528°N 114.29556°W / 51.11528; -114.29556 (Calgary/Elephant Enterprises Inc. Heliport)
Calgary/K. Coffey Residence Heliport
CKC4 Private Ken Coffey Calgary AB 51°09′56″N 114°18′52″W / 51.16556°N 114.31444°W / 51.16556; -114.31444 (Calgary/K. Coffey Residence Heliport)
Calgary/Okotoks (GG Ranch) Heliport
COK2 Private Brian Van Humbeck Okotoks AB 50°44′41″N 113°59′30″W / 50.74472°N 113.99167°W / 50.74472; -113.99167 (Calgary/Okotoks (GG Ranch) Heliport)
Campbell River (Campbell River & District Hospital) Heliport
CAT6 Private Vancouver Island Health Authority Campbell River BC 50°00′31″N 125°14′34″W / 50.00861°N 125.24278°W / 50.00861; -125.24278 (Campbell River (Campbell River & District Hospital) Heliport)
Campbell River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport
CCR6 Private E & B Helicopters Ltd. Campbell River BC 50°02′30″N 125°16′30″W / 50.04167°N 125.27500°W / 50.04167; -125.27500 (Campbell River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport)
Campbell River (Sealand Aviation) Heliport
CSL4 Private Sealand Aviattion Ltd Campbell River BC 49°57′03″N 125°15′51″W / 49.95083°N 125.26417°W / 49.95083; -125.26417 (Campbell River (Sealand Aviation) Heliport)
Camrose/St. Mary's Hospital Heliport
CMR6 Private FM&E Covenant Health Camrose AB 53°00′55″N 112°49′49″W / 53.01528°N 112.83028°W / 53.01528; -112.83028 (Camrose/St. Mary's Hospital Heliport)
Canmore (Hospital) Heliport
CCH3 Private Alberta Health Services Canmore AB 51°05′33″N 115°20′58″W / 51.09250°N 115.34944°W / 51.09250; -115.34944 (Canmore (Hospital) Heliport)
Canmore Municipal Heliport
CEW9 Public Canmore (Alpine) Heliport Canmore AB 51°04′43″N 115°20′20″W / 51.07861°N 115.33889°W / 51.07861; -115.33889 (Canmore Municipal Heliport)
Canmore/Nakoda Heliport
CNK7 Public Rockies Heli Tours Canada Canmore AB 51°06′12″N 115°00′44″W / 51.10333°N 115.01222°W / 51.10333; -115.01222 (Canmore/Nakoda Heliport)
Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CCE5 Private Municipality of the District of Guysborough Canso NS 45°19′58″N 060°58′53″W / 45.33278°N 60.98139°W / 45.33278; -60.98139 (Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPN7 Private Carlton Place & District Memorial Hospital Carleton Place ON 45°08′30″N 076°08′14″W / 45.14167°N 76.13722°W / 45.14167; -76.13722 (Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Carway/Grizzly Creek Ranch Heliport
CGC4 Private Mark Pilling Carway AB 49°00′16″N 113°30′19″W / 49.00444°N 113.50528°W / 49.00444; -113.50528 (Carway/Grizzly Creek Ranch Heliport)
Castlegar (Tarrys Convention Centre) Heliport
CCT3 Private Tarrys Convention Centre Castlegar BC 49°23′10″N 117°33′09″W / 49.38611°N 117.55250°W / 49.38611; -117.55250 (Castlegar (Tarrys Convention Centre) Heliport)
Castor (Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital) Heliport
CCR7 Private FM&E Covenant Health Castor AB 52°13′24″N 111°54′24″W / 52.22333°N 111.90667°W / 52.22333; -111.90667 (Castor (Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital) Heliport)
Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Heliport CDV3 Private Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charlottetown PE 46°15′20″N 063°05′56″W / 46.25556°N 63.09889°W / 46.25556; -63.09889 (Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Heliport)
Chatham (Public General Hospital) Heliport
CPG8 Private Chatham (Public General Hospital) Chatham-Kent ON 42°24′13″N 082°11′36″W / 42.40361°N 82.19333°W / 42.40361; -82.19333 (Chatham (Public General Hospital) Heliport)
Chibougamau (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CSE2 Private Hydro-Québec Chibougamau QC 49°53′16″N 074°24′01″W / 49.88778°N 74.40028°W / 49.88778; -74.40028 (Chibougamau (Hydro-Québec) Heliport)
Chibougamau Heliport
CSB4 Public Canadian Helicopters Inc Chibougamau QC 49°54′16″N 074°23′02″W / 49.90444°N 74.38389°W / 49.90444; -74.38389 (Chibougamau Heliport)
Chicoutimi (C. H. de Chicoutimi) Heliport
CCS7 Private Hôpitale de Chicoutimi Chicoutimi QC 48°25′33″N 071°02′52″W / 48.42583°N 71.04778°W / 48.42583; -71.04778 (Chicoutimi (C. H. de Chicoutimi) Heliport)
Churchill (Hudson Bay Helicopters) Heliport
CHB2 Private Hudson Bay Helicopters Churchill MB 58°45′59″N 094°10′04″W / 58.76639°N 94.16778°W / 58.76639; -94.16778 (Churchill (Hudson Bay Helicopters) Heliport)
Claresholm (General Hospital) Heliport
CFV7 Private Alberta Health Services Claresholm AB 50°01′06″N 113°34′59″W / 50.01833°N 113.58306°W / 50.01833; -113.58306 (Claresholm (General Hospital) Heliport)
Cline River Heliport
CCR5 Public Icefield Heli Tours Cline River AB 52°10′44″N 116°28′45″W / 52.17889°N 116.47917°W / 52.17889; -116.47917 (Cline River Heliport)
Cobourg (Northumberland Hills Hospital) Heliport
CNB4 Private Northumberland Hills Hospital Cobourg ON 43°58′38″N 078°12′00″W / 43.97722°N 78.20000°W / 43.97722; -78.20000 (Cobourg (Northumberland Hills Hospital) Heliport)
Cold Lake Healthcare Centre Heliport
CCH9 Private Alberta Health Services Cold Lake AB 54°28′06″N 110°11′44″W / 54.46833°N 110.19556°W / 54.46833; -110.19556 (Cold Lake Healthcare Centre Heliport)
Collingwood (General and Marine Hospital) Heliport
CPP2 Private Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Collingwood ON 44°29′59″N 080°12′12″W / 44.49972°N 80.20333°W / 44.49972; -80.20333 (Collingwood (General and Marine Hospital) Heliport)
Collingwood (Wilsons) Heliport
CCW2 Private Richard Wilson Collingwood ON 44°30′35″N 080°13′46″W / 44.50972°N 80.22944°W / 44.50972; -80.22944 (Collingwood (Wilsons) Heliport)
Collingwood/Alta Heliport
CWD2 Private Four Seasons Aviation, David Tommasini Collingwood ON 44°31′46″N 080°21′15″W / 44.52944°N 80.35417°W / 44.52944; -80.35417 (Collingwood/Alta Heliport)
Comox Valley Hospital
CBV8 Private Vancouver Island Health Authority Comox BC 49°42′44″N 124°58′10″W / 49.71222°N 124.96944°W / 49.71222; -124.96944 (Comox Valley Hospital)
Consort (Health Centre) Heliport
CCS2 Private FM&E AHS Consort AB 52°00′33″N 110°46′55″W / 52.00917°N 110.78194°W / 52.00917; -110.78194 (Consort (Health Centre) Heliport)
Cornwall (Community Hospital McConnell Site) Heliport
CPS6 Private Community Hospital McConnell Site Cornwall ON 45°01′52″N 074°43′04″W / 45.03111°N 74.71778°W / 45.03111; -74.71778 (Cornwall (Community Hospital McConnell Site) Heliport)
Cornwall (NAV Centre) Heliport
CNC2 Private NAV Centre Cornwall ON 45°01′39″N 074°40′47″W / 45.02750°N 74.67972°W / 45.02750; -74.67972 (Cornwall (NAV Centre) Heliport))
Coronation (Health Centre) Heliport
CRH2 Private FM&E AHS Coronation AB 52°05′46″N 111°27′34″W / 52.09611°N 111.45944°W / 52.09611; -111.45944 (Coronation (Health Centre) Heliport)
Cortes Island Heliport
CBL7 Private Cortes Island Fire Department Cortes Island BC 50°03′31″N 124°58′54″W / 50.05861°N 124.98167°W / 50.05861; -124.98167 (Cortes Island Heliport)
Cranbrook (East Kootenay Regional Hospital) Heliport
CAE2 Private Interior Health Authority Cranbrook BC 49°30′42″N 115°44′59″W / 49.51167°N 115.74972°W / 49.51167; -115.74972 (Cranbrook (East Kootenay Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Daysland Health Centre Heliport
CDL3 Private FM&E AHS Daysland AB 52°52′08″N 112°16′23″W / 52.86889°N 112.27306°W / 52.86889; -112.27306 (Daysland Health Centre Heliport)
De Winton (Highwood) Heliport
CED6 Private 2124068 Alberta Ltd. De Winton AB 50°48′11″N 113°53′34″W / 50.80306°N 113.89278°W / 50.80306; -113.89278 (De Winton (Highwood) Heliport)
Delburne/Hall Residence Heliport
CDB3 Private Dean Hall Delburne AB 52°14′11″N 113°24′32″W / 52.23639°N 113.40889°W / 52.23639; -113.40889 (Delburne/Hall Residence Heliport)
Didsbury District Health Services
CDD7 Private Alberta Health Services Didsbury AB 51°39′42″N 114°07′22″W / 51.66167°N 114.12278°W / 51.66167; -114.12278 (Didsbury District Health Services)
Digby (General Hospital) Heliport
CDG2 Private Nova Scotia Health Authority Digby NS 44°36′58″N 065°45′43″W / 44.61611°N 65.76194°W / 44.61611; -65.76194 (Digby (General Hospital) Heliport)
Dolbeau-Mistassini/Potvin Heli-Base Heliport
CPH4 Private R. Potvin Dolbeau-Mistassini QC 48°55′51″N 072°12′18″W / 48.93083°N 72.20500°W / 48.93083; -72.20500 (Dolbeau-Mistassini/Potvin Heli-Base Heliport)
Drayton Valley (Health Centre) Heliport
CFV9 Private FM&E AHS Drayton Valley AB 53°12′44″N 114°58′15″W / 53.21222°N 114.97083°W / 53.21222; -114.97083 (Drayton Valley (Health Centre) Heliport)
Drumheller (Health Centre) Heliport
CDH2 Private FM&E AHS Drumheller AB 51°28′09″N 112°43′42″W / 51.46917°N 112.72833°W / 51.46917; -112.72833 (Drumheller (Health Centre) Heliport)
Dryden Best Western Heliport
CKV3 Private Best Western Motor Inn Dryden ON 49°47′00″N 092°50′00″W / 49.78333°N 92.83333°W / 49.78333; -92.83333 (Dryden Best Western Heliport)
Duncan (Cowichan District Hospital) Heliport
CDH4 Private Cowichan District Hospital Duncan BC 48°47′10″N 123°43′17″W / 48.78611°N 123.72139°W / 48.78611; -123.72139 (Duncan (Cowichan District Hospital))
Dundas Heliport
CDU2 Private Robert D. Sheppard Dundas ON 43°14′44″N 080°01′06″W / 43.24556°N 80.01833°W / 43.24556; -80.01833 (Dundas Heliport))
Dunnville (Haldimand War Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPA9 Private Haldimand War Memorial Hospital Dunnville ON 42°54′49″N 079°37′43″W / 42.91361°N 79.62861°W / 42.91361; -79.62861 (Dunnville (Haldimand War Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Durham (Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPD3 Private Durham Memorial Hospital Durham ON 44°10′45″N 080°49′46″W / 44.17917°N 80.82944°W / 44.17917; -80.82944 (Durham (Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton (City) Heliport
CCE7 Private City of Edmonton Edmonton AB 53°32′09″N 113°39′49″W / 53.53583°N 113.66361°W / 53.53583; -113.66361 (Edmonton (City) Heliport)
Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport CFH7 Private Royal Alexandra Hospital Edmonton AB 53°33′28″N 113°29′47″W / 53.55778°N 113.49639°W / 53.55778; -113.49639 (Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton/Bailey Heliport
CBY2 Private Dan Jacobs Sherwood Park AB 53°30′28″N 113°14′11″W / 53.50778°N 113.23639°W / 53.50778; -113.23639 (Edmonton/Bailey Heliport)
Edmonton/Eastport Heliport
CEP8 Private Carol Mulkay Sherwood Park AB 53°30′18″N 113°19′56″W / 53.50500°N 113.33222°W / 53.50500; -113.33222 (Edmonton/Eastport Heliport)
Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport CES8 Private Covenant Health Edmonton AB 53°27′44″N 113°25′40″W / 53.46222°N 113.42778°W / 53.46222; -113.42778 (Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport)
Edmonton/Kelsonae Heliport
CSG6 Private Sunwapta Helicopters Edmonton AB 53°21′58″N 113°50′16″W / 53.36611°N 113.83778°W / 53.36611; -113.83778 (Edmonton/Kelsonae Heliport)
Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport CMC2 Private Covenant Health Edmonton AB 53°31′13″N 113°36′40″W / 53.52028°N 113.61111°W / 53.52028; -113.61111 (Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton/Namao Heliport (CFB Edmonton)
CYED/YED Military 408 OPS Department of National Defence Edmonton AB 53°40′09″N 113°28′32″W / 53.66917°N 113.47556°W / 53.66917; -113.47556 (Edmonton/Namao Heliport)
Edmonton/St. Albert (Delta Helicopters) Heliport
CES3 Private Delta Helicopters Ltd St. Albert AB 53°41′12″N 113°41′14″W / 53.68667°N 113.68722°W / 53.68667; -113.68722 (Edmonton/St. Albert Heliport)
Edmonton/Sturgeon Community Hospital CSA3 Private Alberta Health Services Edmonton AB 53°39′16″N 113°37′38″W / 53.65444°N 113.62722°W / 53.65444; -113.62722 (Edmonton/Sturgeon Community Hospital Heliport)
Edmonton/University of Alberta(Stollery Children's Hospital) Heliport CEW7 Private Alberta Health Services Edmonton AB 53°31′13″N 113°31′18″W / 53.52028°N 113.52167°W / 53.52028; -113.52167 (Edmonton/University of Alberta (Stollery Childrens Hospital) Heliport)
Elk Point (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CEP7 Private Elk Point Health Centre Elk Point AB 53°53′54″N 110°54′29″W / 53.89833°N 110.90806°W / 53.89833; -110.90806 (Elk Point (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Elkford Heliport
CEH7 Private District of Elkford Elkford BC 50°00′25″N 114°55′23″W / 50.00694°N 114.92306°W / 50.00694; -114.92306 (Elkford Heliport)
Englehart (District Hospital) Heliport
CNS3 Private Englehart and District Hospital Englehart ON 47°49′23″N 079°52′49″W / 47.82306°N 79.88028°W / 47.82306; -79.88028 (Englehart (District Hospital) Heliport)
Estevan (St. Josephs's Hospital) Heliport
CSJ3 Private Sun County Health Region Estevan SK 49°09′11″N 103°00′47″W / 49.15306°N 103.01306°W / 49.15306; -103.01306 (Estevan (St. Josephs's Hospital) Heliport)
Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Hospital) Heliport
CPB2 Private Groves Memorial Community Hospital Fergus ON 43°43′18″N 080°22′32″W / 43.72167°N 80.37556°W / 43.72167; -80.37556 (Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Hospital) Heliport)
Fermont Heliport
CSD5 Private Heli Fermont Enr. Fermont QC 52°48′22″N 067°06′08″W / 52.80611°N 67.10222°W / 52.80611; -67.10222 (Fermont Heliport)
Fernie (Elk Valley Hospital) Heliport
CBP3 Private Interior Health Region Fernie BC 49°30′46″N 115°03′22″W / 49.51278°N 115.05611°W / 49.51278; -115.05611 (Fernie (Elk Valley Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Erie (Airbus Helicopters Canada Ltd) Heliport
CPG3 Private Airbus Helicopters Canada Ltd Fort Erie ON 42°55′16″N 078°57′21″W / 42.92111°N 78.95583°W / 42.92111; -78.95583 (Fort Erie (Eurocopter Canada) Heliport)
Fort Macleod (Hospital) Heliport
CFM9 Private Alberta Health Services Fort Macleod AB 49°43′32″N 113°23′32″W / 49.72556°N 113.39222°W / 49.72556; -113.39222 (Fort Macleod (Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Saskatchewan (General Hospital) Heliport CSV4 Private Fort Saskatchewan Health Centre Fort Saskatchewan AB 53°41′35″N 113°12′37″W / 53.69306°N 113.21028°W / 53.69306; -113.21028 (Fort Saskatchewan (General Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Simpson (Great Slave No. 2) Heliport
CFD8 Public Great Slave Helicopters Fort Simpson NT 61°50′12″N 121°19′30″W / 61.83667°N 121.32500°W / 61.83667; -121.32500 (Fort Simpson/(Great Slave No. 2) Heliport)
Fort Simpson/(Great Slave No. 1) Heliport
CFS2 Private Great Slave Helicopters Fort Simpson NT 61°50′18″N 121°19′35″W / 61.83833°N 121.32639°W / 61.83833; -121.32639 (Fort Simpson/(Great Slave No. 1) Heliport)
Fort Smith (District) Heliport
CEC5 Private Department of Environment & Natural Resources Fort Smith NT 60°00′11″N 111°54′34″W / 60.00306°N 111.90944°W / 60.00306; -111.90944 (Fort Smith (District) Heliport)
Fort St. James (Stuart Lake Hospital) Heliport
CFJ2 Private Stuart Lake Hospital Maintenance Fort St. James BC 54°26′27″N 124°14′33″W / 54.44083°N 124.24250°W / 54.44083; -124.24250 (Fort St. James (Stuart Lake Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Vermilion/Country Gardens B&B Heliport
CKV9 Public Daryl & Marg Zielsdorf Fort Vermilion AB 58°21′02″N 115°56′57″W / 58.35056°N 115.94917°W / 58.35056; -115.94917 (Fort Vermilion/Country Gardens B&B Heliport)
Frank Channel (Forestry) Heliport
CFB2 Private Department of Environment & Natural Resources Frank Channel NT 62°47′10″N 115°56′45″W / 62.78611°N 115.94583°W / 62.78611; -115.94583 (Frank Channel (Forestry) Heliport)
Fredericton (RCMP) Heliport
CRC2 Private Royal Canadian Mounted Police Fredericton NB 45°55′54″N 066°40′00″W / 45.93167°N 66.66667°W / 45.93167; -66.66667 (Fredericton (RCMP) Heliport)
Gagetown Heliport (CFB Gagetown)
CYCX/YCX Military Department of National Defence Oromocto NB 45°50′16″N 066°26′12″W / 45.83778°N 66.43667°W / 45.83778; -66.43667 (Gagetown Heliport)
Galore Creek Heliport
CGC2 Private Galore Creek Mining Corporation Galore Creek mine BC 57°07′24″N 131°27′09″W / 57.12333°N 131.45250°W / 57.12333; -131.45250 (Galore Creek Heliport)
Gander (James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre) Heliport
CGH2 Private James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre Gander NL 48°57′19″N 054°37′38″W / 48.95528°N 54.62722°W / 48.95528; -54.62722 (Gander (James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre) Heliport)
Ganges (Lady Minto/Gulf Islands Hospital) Heliport
CAL7 Private Lady Minto Gulf Island Hospital Administrator Ganges BC 48°51′45″N 123°30′31″W / 48.86250°N 123.50861°W / 48.86250; -123.50861 (Ganges (Hospital) Heliport)
Ganonoque Heliport
CGN4 Private Kouri's Kopters Inc. Gananoque ON 44°20′49″N 076°10′28″W / 44.34694°N 76.17444°W / 44.34694; -76.17444 (Ganonoque Heliport)
Georgetown (Georgetown & District Hospital) Heliport CNZ6 Private Georgetown & District Hospital Georgetown ON 43°38′40″N 079°56′04″W / 43.64444°N 79.93444°W / 43.64444; -79.93444 (Georgetown (Georgetown & District Hospital) Heliport)
Geraldton (District Hospital) Heliport
CPJ4 Private Geraldton District Hospital Geraldton ON 49°43′26″N 086°57′25″W / 49.72389°N 86.95694°W / 49.72389; -86.95694 (Geraldton (District Hospital) Heliport)
Gold River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport
CGR2 Public E & B Helicopters Ltd. Gold River BC 49°45′11″N 126°03′19″W / 49.75306°N 126.05528°W / 49.75306; -126.05528 (Gold River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport)
Gold River (The Ridge) Heliport
CGR4 Private The Ridge Neighbouhood Pub Gold River BC 49°47′00″N 126°02′37″W / 49.78333°N 126.04361°W / 49.78333; -126.04361 (Gold River (The Ridge) Heliport)
Golden (Golden & District General Hospital) Heliport
CBT5 Private Golden & District Hospital Golden BC 51°17′49″N 116°58′01″W / 51.29694°N 116.96694°W / 51.29694; -116.96694 (Golden (Golden & District General Hospital) Heliport)
Granby/Artopex Plus Heliport
CTR4 Private Le groupe Pro Plus Inc. Granby QC 45°23′27″N 072°45′58″W / 45.39083°N 72.76611°W / 45.39083; -72.76611 (Granby/Artopex Plus Heliport)
Grand Falls-Windsor Heliport
CFW8 Public Town of Grand Falls-Windsor Grand Falls-Windsor NL 48°55′29″N 055°38′50″W / 48.92472°N 55.64722°W / 48.92472; -55.64722 (Grand Falls-Windsor Heliport)
Grand Forks (Boundary Hospital) Heliport
CGF4 Private Boundary Hospital Grand Forks BC 49°01′50″N 118°28′12″W / 49.03056°N 118.47000°W / 49.03056; -118.47000 (Grand Forks (Boundary Hospital) Heliport)
Grande Cache (Community Health Complex) Heliport
CGC3 Private Alberta Health Services Grande Cache AB 53°53′28″N 119°07′08″W / 53.89111°N 119.11889°W / 53.89111; -119.11889 (Grande Cache (Community Health Complex) Heliport)
Grande Prairie (Forestry) Heliport
CEZ9 Private Department of Environment Land & Forest Service Grande Prairie AB 55°09′13″N 118°49′21″W / 55.15361°N 118.82250°W / 55.15361; -118.82250 (Grande Prairie (Forestry) Heliport)
Grande Prairie (Queen Elizabeth II Hospital) Heliport
CGP2 Private Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Grande Prairie AB 55°10′34″N 118°47′16″W / 55.17611°N 118.78778°W / 55.17611; -118.78778 (Grande Prairie (Queen Elizabeth II Hospital) Heliport)
Gun Lake Heliport
CGL5 Private Blackcomb Aviation Gun Lakes BC 50°53′23″N 122°50′48″W / 50.88972°N 122.84667°W / 50.88972; -122.84667 (Gun Lake Heliport)
Hagersville (West Haldimand General Hospital) Heliport
CPA6 Private Hagersville West Haldimand General Hospital Hagersville ON 42°57′30″N 080°02′36″W / 42.95833°N 80.04333°W / 42.95833; -80.04333 (Hagersville (West Haldimand General Hospital) Heliport)
Haliburton (Hospital) Heliport
CNF2 Private Haliburton Hospital Haliburton ON 45°02′17″N 078°31′49″W / 45.03806°N 78.53028°W / 45.03806; -78.53028 (Haliburton (Hospital) Heliport)
Halifax (IWK Health Centre) Heliport CIW2 Private IWK Health Centre Halifax NS 44°38′13″N 063°35′04″W / 44.63694°N 63.58444°W / 44.63694; -63.58444 (Halifax (IWK Health Centre) Heliport)
Halifax (QE II Health Sciences Centre) Heliport CHQE Private Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre Halifax NS 44°38′45″N 063°35′12″W / 44.64583°N 63.58667°W / 44.64583; -63.58667 (Halifax (Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre) Heliport)
Halifax (South End) Heliport
CHS7 Private Halifax Port Authority Halifax NS 44°37′32″N 063°33′48″W / 44.62556°N 63.56333°W / 44.62556; -63.56333 (Halifax (South End) Heliport)
Halifax/Shearwater Heliport (CFB Shearwater) CYAW/YAW Military Department of National Defence Shearwater NS 44°38′14″N 063°30′08″W / 44.63722°N 63.50222°W / 44.63722; -63.50222 (Shearwater Heliport)
Hamilton (General Hospital) Heliport CPK3 Private Hamilton General Hospital Hamilton ON 43°15′43″N 079°51′17″W / 43.26194°N 79.85472°W / 43.26194; -79.85472 (Hamilton (General Hospital) Heliport)
Hamilton (McMaster University Medical Centre) Heliport CPJ3 Private Chedoke-McMaster Hospital Hamilton ON 43°15′58″N 079°55′44″W / 43.26611°N 79.92889°W / 43.26611; -79.92889 (Hamilton (McMaster University Medical Centre) Heliport)
Hamilton/Waterdown Heliport
CWD3 Private Highway 6 Heliport Waterdown ON 43°19′27″N 079°58′09″W / 43.32417°N 79.96917°W / 43.32417; -79.96917 (Hamilton/Waterdown Heliport)
Hanna (District Ambulance) Heliport
CHD3 Private FM&E Alberta Health Services Hanna AB 51°39′03″N 111°55′43″W / 51.65083°N 111.92861°W / 51.65083; -111.92861 (Hanna (District Ambulance) Heliport)
Hanover (District Hospital) Heliport
CNZ7 Private Hanover District Hospital Hanover ON 44°08′27″N 081°01′45″W / 44.14083°N 81.02917°W / 44.14083; -81.02917 (Hanover (District Hospital) Heliport)
Hardisty (Health Centre) Heliport
CHD2 Private FM&E AHS Hardisty AB 52°40′08″N 111°18′27″W / 52.66889°N 111.30750°W / 52.66889; -111.30750 (Hardisty (Health Centre) Heliport)
Harrington Harbour Heliport
CTH5 Public Transports Québec Harrington Harbour QC 50°29′46″N 059°28′50″W / 50.49611°N 59.48056°W / 50.49611; -59.48056 (Harrington Harbour Heliport)
Hay River (District) Heliport
CET5 Private Department of Environment and Natural Resources Hay River NT 60°47′04″N 115°49′33″W / 60.78444°N 115.82583°W / 60.78444; -115.82583 (Hay River (District) Heliport)
Hespero/Safron Residence Heliport
CTS6 Private Terry Safron Hespero AB 52°16′49″N 114°25′41″W / 52.28028°N 114.42806°W / 52.28028; -114.42806 (Hespero/Safron Residence Heliport)
High River (Hospital) Heliport
CHR2 Private Alberta Health Services High River AB 50°34′34″N 113°52′46″W / 50.57611°N 113.87944°W / 50.57611; -113.87944 (High River (Hospital) Heliport)
Huntsville (Memorial District Hospital) Heliport
CPC9 Private Huntsville Memorial District Hospital Huntsville ON 45°20′25″N 079°12′23″W / 45.34028°N 79.20639°W / 45.34028; -79.20639 (Huntsville (Memorial District Hospital) Heliport)
Ignace (MBCHC) Heliport
CJN3 Private Mary Bergland Community Health Centre Ignace ON 49°24′27″N 091°38′04″W / 49.40750°N 91.63444°W / 49.40750; -91.63444 (Ignace (MBCHC) Heliport)
Innisfail (Hospital) Heliport
CSF2 Public Town of Innisfail Innisfail AB 52°01′10″N 113°57′13″W / 52.01944°N 113.95361°W / 52.01944; -113.95361 (Innisfail (Hospital) Heliport)
Invermere (District Hospital) Heliport
CIV2 Private Interior Health Authority Invermere BC 50°30′26″N 116°01′57″W / 50.50722°N 116.03250°W / 50.50722; -116.03250 (Invermere (District Hospital) Heliport)
Inverness (Consolidated Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CNV2 Private Cape Breton District Health Authority Inverness NS 46°11′58″N 061°17′29″W / 46.19944°N 61.29139°W / 46.19944; -61.29139 (Inverness (Consolidated Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Kamloops (Royal Inland Hospital) Heliport
CBC4 Private Interior Health Authority Kamloops BC 50°40′09″N 120°19′59″W / 50.66917°N 120.33306°W / 50.66917; -120.33306 (Kamloops (Royal Inland Hospital) Heliport)
Kananaskis Village Helistop Heliport
CFE7 Public Alberta Environment and Parks - Parks Division, Kananaskis Region Kananaskis Village AB 50°55′22″N 115°08′37″W / 50.92278°N 115.14361°W / 50.92278; -115.14361 (Kananaskis Village Helistop Heliport)
Kapuskasing (Sensenbrenner Hospital) Heliport
CKP7 Private Sensenbrenner Hospital Kapuskasing ON 49°25′30″N 082°25′37″W / 49.42500°N 82.42694°W / 49.42500; -82.42694 (Kapuskasing (Sensenbrenner Hospital) Heliport)
Kelowna (Alpine) Heliport
CAB7 Private Alpine Helicopters Inc Kelowna BC 49°51′49″N 119°34′05″W / 49.86361°N 119.56806°W / 49.86361; -119.56806 (Kelowna (Alpine) Heliport)
Kelowna (Argus) Heliport
CRG2 Private Argus Properties Kelowna BC 49°57′41″N 119°26′46″W / 49.96139°N 119.44611°W / 49.96139; -119.44611 (Kelowna (Argus) Heliport)
Kelowna (General Hospital) Heliport CKH9 Private Interior Health Authority Kelowna BC 49°52′27″N 119°29′33″W / 49.87417°N 119.49250°W / 49.87417; -119.49250 (Kelowna (General Hospital) Heliport)
Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters) Heliport
CWC2 Private Wildcat Helicopters Inc. Kelowna BC 49°52′03″N 119°34′45″W / 49.86750°N 119.57917°W / 49.86750; -119.57917 (Kelowna (Wildcat Helicopters) Heliport)
Kelowna/Ikon Adventures Heliport
CIA2 Private3 Ikon Adventures Kelowna BC 49°52′51″N 119°31′21″W / 49.88083°N 119.52250°W / 49.88083; -119.52250 (Kelowna/Ikon Adventures Heliport)
Kemano Heliport
CBZ2 Private Alcan Inc. Kemano BC 53°34′00″N 127°57′00″W / 53.56667°N 127.95000°W / 53.56667; -127.95000 (Kemano Heliport)
Kenora (Lake of The Woods District Hospital) Heliport
CJG6 Private Lake Of The Woods District Hospital Kenora ON 49°46′07″N 094°29′56″W / 49.76861°N 94.49889°W / 49.76861; -94.49889 (Kenora (Lake Of The Woods District Hospital) Heliport)
Kentville (Camp Aldershot) Heliport CKM9 Military Department of National Defence Kentville NS 45°05′39″N 064°30′32″W / 45.09417°N 64.50889°W / 45.09417; -64.50889 (Kentville (Camp Aldershot) Heliport)
Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital) Heliport
CKV8 Private Valley Regional Hospital Kentville NS 45°04′54″N 064°30′00″W / 45.08167°N 64.50000°W / 45.08167; -64.50000 (Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Kilbride (Bot) Heliport
CCB8 Private Bot Engineering Kilbride ON 43°26′54″N 079°56′57″W / 43.44833°N 79.94917°W / 43.44833; -79.94917 (Kilbride (Bot) Heliport)
Killam (Health Centre) Heliport
CKH5 Private FM&E Covenant Health Killam AB 52°47′15″N 111°51′35″W / 52.78750°N 111.85972°W / 52.78750; -111.85972 (Killam (Health Centre) Heliport)
Kincardine (South Bruce Grey Health Centre) Heliport
CPU2 Private Kincardine South Bruce Grey Health Centre Kincardine ON 44°11′15″N 081°37′28″W / 44.18750°N 81.62444°W / 44.18750; -81.62444 (Kincardine (South Bruce Grey Health Centre) Heliport)
Kingston (General Hospital) Heliport CPJ7 Private General Hospital Kingston ON 44°13′20″N 076°29′34″W / 44.22222°N 76.49278°W / 44.22222; -76.49278 (Kingston (General Hospital) Heliport)
Kitchener-Waterloo (Grand River Hospital) Heliport CNK9 Private Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital Regional Municipality of Waterloo ON 43°27′10″N 080°30′13″W / 43.45278°N 80.50361°W / 43.45278; -80.50361 (Kitchener-Waterloo (Grand River Hospital) Heliport)
La Ronge Heliport
CJX3 Public Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Wildfire Management La Ronge SK 55°06′53″N 105°17′43″W / 55.11472°N 105.29528°W / 55.11472; -105.29528 (La Ronge Heliport)
Lac-des-Écorces/Heliport Belle-Île
CDE2 Private Aviation SB Inc. Lac-des-Écorces QC 46°31′30″N 075°23′07″W / 46.52500°N 75.38528°W / 46.52500; -75.38528 (Lac-des-Écorces/Heliport Belle-Île)
Lacombe (Mustang Helicopters) Heliport
CMH3 Private Mustang Helicopters Inc Lacombe AB 52°22′44″N 113°49′21″W / 52.37889°N 113.82250°W / 52.37889; -113.82250 (Lacombe (Mustang Helicopters) Heliport)
Lamont (Health Care Centre) Heliport
CLM4 Private FM&E AHS Lamont AB 53°45′49″N 112°45′15″W / 53.76361°N 112.75417°W / 53.76361; -112.75417 (Lamont (Health Care Centre) Heliport)
Leslieville/W. Pidhirney Residence Heliport
CWP3 Private Wayne Pidhirney Leslieville AB 52°21′33″N 114°34′17″W / 52.35917°N 114.57139°W / 52.35917; -114.57139 (Leslieville/W. Pidhirney Residence Heliport)
Lethbridge (Chinook Regional Hospital) Heliport CLH4 Private Alberta Health Services Lethbridge AB 49°41′09″N 112°49′00″W / 49.68583°N 112.81667°W / 49.68583; -112.81667 (Lethbridge (Chinook Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Little Current (Manitoulin Health Centre) Heliport
CNT4 Private Manitoulin Health Centre Little Current ON 45°58′41″N 081°55′35″W / 45.97806°N 81.92639°W / 45.97806; -81.92639 (Little Current (Manitoulin Health Centre) Heliport)
Little Parker Island Heliport
CBK9 Private J. Bickerstaff Little Parker Island BC 48°53′47″N 123°25′06″W / 48.89639°N 123.41833°W / 48.89639; -123.41833 (Little Parker Island Heliport)
Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport
CLQ2 Private Queens General Hospital Liverpool NS 44°02′19″N 064°42′19″W / 44.03861°N 64.70528°W / 44.03861; -64.70528 (Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport)
Lloydminster (Hospital) Heliport CLH6 Private Saskatchewan Health Authority Lloydminster SK 53°16′26″N 109°59′21″W / 53.27389°N 109.98917°W / 53.27389; -109.98917 (Lloydminister (Hospital) Heliport)
London (University Hospital) Heliport CPR4 Private London University Hospital London ON 43°00′47″N 081°16′28″W / 43.01306°N 81.27444°W / 43.01306; -81.27444 (London (University Hospital) Heliport)
London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport CPW2 Private Victoria Hospital Corp. London ON 42°57′33″N 081°13′32″W / 42.95917°N 81.22556°W / 42.95917; -81.22556 (London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport)
Long Harbour River Heliport
CLH7 Private Canadian Northern Outfitters Long Harbour River NL 47°54′16″N 054°55′13″W / 47.90444°N 54.92028°W / 47.90444; -54.92028 (Long Harbour River Heliport)
Long Pond Heliport
CCX2 Private Cougar Helicopters Inc. Foxtrap NL 47°30′58″N 052°58′51″W / 47.51611°N 52.98083°W / 47.51611; -52.98083 (Long Pond Heliport)
Madrona Bay Heliport
CBW9 Private I. Levin Madrona BC 48°51′21″N 123°29′08″W / 48.85583°N 123.48556°W / 48.85583; -123.48556 (Madrona Bay Heliport)
Magog/Lessard Heliport
CLS5 Private Louis Lessard Magog QC 45°14′53″N 072°11′54″W / 45.24806°N 72.19833°W / 45.24806; -72.19833 (Magog/Lessard Heliport)
Manitouwadge (Santé/Health) Heliport
CPU4 Private Santé Manitouwadge Health Manitouwadge ON 49°07′41″N 085°49′30″W / 49.12806°N 85.82500°W / 49.12806; -85.82500 (Manitouwadge (General Hospital) Heliport)
Marathon (Wilson Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CPX2 Private North of Superior Health Group - Wilson Memorial General Hospital Marathon ON 48°43′07″N 086°22′29″W / 48.71861°N 86.37472°W / 48.71861; -86.37472 (Marathon (Wilson Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Markdale (Centre Grey General Hospital) Heliport
CPD9 Private Centre Grey General Hospital Markdale ON 44°18′54″N 080°39′19″W / 44.31500°N 80.65528°W / 44.31500; -80.65528 (Markdale (Centre Grey General Hospital) Heliport)
Mattawa (Hospital) Heliport
CMA5 Private Mattawa Hospital Mattawa ON 46°18′36″N 078°42′46″W / 46.31000°N 78.71278°W / 46.31000; -78.71278 (Mattawa (Hospital) Heliport)
Mayerthorpe (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CMC3 Private Mayerthorpe Healthcare Centre Mayerthorpe AB 53°56′56″N 115°07′59″W / 53.94889°N 115.13306°W / 53.94889; -115.13306 (Mayerthorpe (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Mayne Island (Medical Emergency) Heliport
CBF5 Private Mayne Island Fire Department Mayne Island BC 48°50′48″N 123°17′03″W / 48.84667°N 123.28417°W / 48.84667; -123.28417 (Mayne Island (Medical Emergency) Heliport)
Meaford (General Hospital) Heliport
CPA7 Private Meaford General Hospital Meaford ON 44°36′25″N 080°35′56″W / 44.60694°N 80.59889°W / 44.60694; -80.59889 (Meaford (General Hospital) Heliport)
Medicine Hat (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CMH5 Private Alberta Health Services Medicine Hat AB 50°02′07″N 110°42′07″W / 50.03528°N 110.70194°W / 50.03528; -110.70194 (Medicine Hat (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CMS2 Private Soldiers Memorial Hospital Middleton NS 44°56′46″N 065°03′32″W / 44.94611°N 65.05889°W / 44.94611; -65.05889 (Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Midland (Huronia District Hospital) Heliport
CPW6 Private Huronia District Hospital Midland ON 44°44′30″N 079°54′52″W / 44.74167°N 79.91444°W / 44.74167; -79.91444 (Midland (Huronia District Hospital) Heliport)
Milton (AFI) Heliport
CMH2 Private AFI Group International Inc. Milton ON 43°31′56″N 079°54′10″W / 43.53222°N 79.90278°W / 43.53222; -79.90278 (Milton (AFI) Heliport)
Milton (District Hospital) Heliport CPY2 Private Halton Health Care Milton ON 43°29′55″N 079°52′04″W / 43.49861°N 79.86778°W / 43.49861; -79.86778 (Milton (District Hospital) Heliport)
Mindemoya (Hospital) Heliport
CNW4 Private Mindemoya Hospital Mindemoya ON 45°44′20″N 082°10′00″W / 45.73889°N 82.16667°W / 45.73889; -82.16667 (Mindemoya (Hospital) Heliport)
Minden (Hospital) Heliport
CMI2 Private Haliburton Highlands Health Services Minden ON 44°55′29″N 078°43′46″W / 44.92472°N 78.72944°W / 44.92472; -78.72944 (Minden (Hospital) Heliport)
Moncton/Sailsbury Heliport
CDB5 Public Irving Oil Moncton NB 46°02′58″N 065°03′45″W / 46.04944°N 65.06250°W / 46.04944; -65.06250 (Moncton/Sailsbury Heliport)
Mont-Tremblant/Heliport P3
CHP3 Private Héli-Tremblant Mont-Tremblant QC 46°11′43″N 074°34′16″W / 46.19528°N 74.57111°W / 46.19528; -74.57111 (Mont-Tremblant/Heliport P3)
Mont-Tremblant/Saint-Jovite Héli-Tremblant Heliport
CHT3 Private Héli-Tremblant Saint-Jovite QC 46°06′51″N 074°32′29″W / 46.11417°N 74.54139°W / 46.11417; -74.54139 (Mont-Tremblant/Saint-Jovite Héli-Tremblant Heliport)
Montréal (Bell) Heliport
CSW5 Private Bell Helicopter Textron Montreal QC 45°41′06″N 073°55′52″W / 45.68500°N 73.93111°W / 45.68500; -73.93111 (Montréal (Bell) Heliport)
Montréal (Sacre-Coeur) Heliport CSZ8 Private Sacre-Coeur Hospital Montreal QC 45°31′59″N 073°42′45″W / 45.53306°N 73.71250°W / 45.53306; -73.71250 (Montréal (Sacre-Coeur) Heliport)
Montréal East (AIM) Heliport
CSH9 Private American Iron & Metal GP Inc. Montreal QC 45°38′09″N 073°33′44″W / 45.63583°N 73.56222°W / 45.63583; -73.56222 (Montréal East (AIM) Heliport)
Montréal/Heliport Senneville
CHS5 Private Richard Touchette Montreal QC 45°26′34″N 073°57′38″W / 45.44278°N 73.96056°W / 45.44278; -73.96056 (Montréal/Heliport Senneville)
Montréal/Kruger Heliport
CSN2 Private Kruger Inc. Montreal QC 45°30′25″N 073°38′09″W / 45.50694°N 73.63583°W / 45.50694; -73.63583 (Montréal/Kruger Heliport)
Montréal/Laval (Artopex Plus) Heliport
CLP2 Private Groupe Pro Plus Inc. Montreal QC 45°34′43″N 073°45′00″W / 45.57861°N 73.75000°W / 45.57861; -73.75000 (Montréal/Laval (Artopex Plus) Heliport)
Montréal/Les Cèdres Heliport
CSH6 Private Canadian Helicopters Limited Montreal QC 45°21′00″N 074°05′00″W / 45.35000°N 74.08333°W / 45.35000; -74.08333 (Montréal/Les Cèdres Heliport)
Montréal/Longueuil (Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher) Heliport CCH5 Private Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher Montreal QC 45°32′17″N 073°27′36″W / 45.53806°N 73.46000°W / 45.53806; -73.46000 (Montréal/Longueuil (Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Boucher) Heliport)
Montréal/Mirabel Hélico Heliport
CMH4 Private Mirabel Hélico Montreal QC 45°41′44″N 073°57′09″W / 45.69556°N 73.95250°W / 45.69556; -73.95250 (Montréal/Mirabel Hélico Heliport)
Montréal/Passport Hélico Heliport
CPP8 Private Passport Hélico Montreal QC 45°43′21″N 073°35′43″W / 45.72250°N 73.59528°W / 45.72250; -73.59528 (Montréal/Passport Hélico Heliport)
Montréal/Point Zero Heliport
CPZ6 Private Point Zero Montreal QC 45°31′47″N 073°39′27″W / 45.52972°N 73.65750°W / 45.52972; -73.65750 (Montréal/Point Zero Heliport)
Montréal/Saint-Hubert Heli-Inter Heliport
CTG2 Private Heli-Inter Inc. Montreal QC 45°31′54″N 073°24′43″W / 45.53167°N 73.41194°W / 45.53167; -73.41194 (Montréal/Saint-Hubert Heli-Inter Heliport)
Moose Factory Heliport
CPN3 Private Moose Factory Hospital Moose Factory ON 51°14′58″N 080°37′08″W / 51.24944°N 80.61889°W / 51.24944; -80.61889 (Moose Factory Heliport)
Moose Jaw (Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital) Heliport
CWH6 Private Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital Moose Jaw SK 50°25′12″N 105°31′32″W / 50.42000°N 105.52556°W / 50.42000; -105.52556 (Moose Jaw (Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Mount Belcher Heliport
CMBH Private Don Arney Mount Belcher BC 48°49′58″N 123°30′19″W / 48.83278°N 123.50528°W / 48.83278; -123.50528 (Mount Belcher Heliport)
Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Heliport
CPA2 Private Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Mount Forest ON 43°58′27″N 080°44′15″W / 43.97417°N 80.73750°W / 43.97417; -80.73750 (Mount Forest (Louise Marshall Hospital) Heliport)
Nakusp (Arrow Lakes Hospital) Heliport
CAL2 Private Interior Health Authority Nakusp BC 50°14′18″N 117°47′43″W / 50.23833°N 117.79528°W / 50.23833; -117.79528 (Nakusp (Arrow Lakes Hospital) Heliport)
Nanaimo (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CBG5 Private Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Nanaimo BC 49°11′09″N 123°58′18″W / 49.18583°N 123.97167°W / 49.18583; -123.97167 (Nanaimo (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Nanaimo (West Coast) Heliport
CNH9 Private West Coast Helicopters Ltd. Nanaimo BC 49°11′06″N 123°59′20″W / 49.18500°N 123.98889°W / 49.18500; -123.98889 (Nanaimo (West Coast) Heliport)
Nanaimo Harbour Heliport
CDH5 Private Pacific Heliport Services Ltd. Nanaimo BC 49°09′39″N 123°55′24″W / 49.16083°N 123.92333°W / 49.16083; -123.92333 (Nanaimo Harbour Heliport)
Nanaimo/Gabriola Island (Health Clinic) Heliport
CGB4 Private Gabriola Health Care Foundation Nanaimo BC 49°10′42″N 123°50′07″W / 49.17833°N 123.83528°W / 49.17833; -123.83528 (Nanaimo/Gabriola Island (Health Clinic) Heliport)
Naramata Heliport
CNM6 Private Finnair Ltd Naramata BC 49°36′10″N 119°34′43″W / 49.60278°N 119.57861°W / 49.60278; -119.57861 (Naramata Heliport)
Nelson (High Terrain Helicopters) Heliport
CHT4 Private High Terrain Helicopters Nelson BC 49°29′12″N 117°19′38″W / 49.48667°N 117.32722°W / 49.48667; -117.32722 (Nelson (High Terrain Helicopters) Heliport)
Nelson/Baylock Estate Heliport
CYB3 Private Brent Ironside Nelson BC 49°32′41″N 117°15′38″W / 49.54472°N 117.26056°W / 49.54472; -117.26056 (Nelson/Baylock Estate Heliport)
New Denver/Slocan Community (Health Centre) Heliport
CND7 Private Interior Health Authority New Denver BC 49°59′03″N 117°22′28″W / 49.98417°N 117.37444°W / 49.98417; -117.37444 (New Denver/Slocan Community (Health Centre) Heliport)
New Glasgow (Aberdeen Hospital) Heliport CNG2 Private Aberdeen Hospital New Glasgow , NS 45°34′20″N 062°38′39″W / 45.57222°N 62.64417°W / 45.57222; -62.64417 (New Glasgow (Aberdeen Hospital) Heliport)
New Liskeard (Temiskaming Hospital) Heliport
CNV3 Private Temiskaming Hospital New Liskeard ON 47°29′40″N 079°41′30″W / 47.49444°N 79.69167°W / 47.49444; -79.69167 (New Liskeard (Temiskaming Hospital) Heliport)
New Westminster (Royal Columbian Hospital) Heliport CNW9 Private Fraser Health Authority New Westminster BC 49°13′36″N 122°53′32″W / 49.22667°N 122.89222°W / 49.22667; -122.89222 (New Westminster (Royal Columbian Hospital) Heliport)
Niagara Falls (Greater Niagara General Hospital) Heliport
CNG8 Private Greater Niagara General Hospital Niagara Falls ON 43°06′21″N 079°05′31″W / 43.10583°N 79.09194°W / 43.10583; -79.09194 (Niagara Falls (Greater Niagara General Hospital) Heliport)
Niagara Falls Heliport
CPQ3 Private Niagara Helicopters Ltd. Niagara Falls ON 43°07′09″N 079°04′31″W / 43.11917°N 79.07528°W / 43.11917; -79.07528 (Niagara Falls Heliport)
Nicolet Heliport
CSK9 Military Department of National Defence Nicolet ON 46°13′13″N 072°38′52″W / 46.22028°N 72.64778°W / 46.22028; -72.64778 (Nicolet Heliport)
Nipigon (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CKE9 Private Nipigon District Memorial Hospital Nipigon ON 49°00′57″N 088°16′39″W / 49.01583°N 88.27750°W / 49.01583; -88.27750 (Nipigon (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Nordegg/Ahlstrom Heliport
CEG6 Public Ahlstrom Air Nordegg AB 52°29′29″N 116°03′06″W / 52.49139°N 116.05167°W / 52.49139; -116.05167 (Nordegg/Ahlstrom Heliport)
North Bay (North Bay Regional Health Centre) Heliport
CNB3 Private North Bay Regional Health Centre North Bay ON 46°20′05″N 079°29′45″W / 46.33472°N 79.49583°W / 46.33472; -79.49583 (North Bay (North Bay Regional Health Centre) Heliport)
Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) Heliport CTM9 Private Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital Oakville ON 43°26′56″N 079°45′49″W / 43.44889°N 79.76361°W / 43.44889; -79.76361 (Oakville (Trafalgar Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Olds (Hospital) Heliport
CFU9 Private FM&E AHS Olds AB 51°48′05″N 114°07′00″W / 51.80139°N 114.11667°W / 51.80139; -114.11667 (Olds (Hospital) Heliport)
Orangeville (Headwaters Healthecare Centre) Heliport
CHW2 Private Headwaters Healthcare Center Orangeville Orangeville ON 43°55′12″N 080°04′32″W / 43.92000°N 80.07556°W / 43.92000; -80.07556 (Orangeville (Headwaters Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Orillia (Ontario Provincial Police) Heliport
COP2 Private Ontario Provincial Police Helicopter Operations Orillia ON 44°35′04″N 079°25′44″W / 44.58444°N 79.42889°W / 44.58444; -79.42889 (Orillia (Ontario Provincial Police) Heliport)
Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport CPK7 Private Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Ottawa ON 45°24′04″N 075°39′01″W / 45.40111°N 75.65028°W / 45.40111; -75.65028 (Ottawa (Children's Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport CPP7 Private Ottawa Civic Hospital Ottawa ON 45°23′30″N 075°43′14″W / 45.39167°N 75.72056°W / 45.39167; -75.72056 (Ottawa (Civic Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa (Winchester District Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CWH4 Private Winchester District Memorial Hospital Winchester ON 45°05′17″N 075°21′16″W / 45.08806°N 75.35444°W / 45.08806; -75.35444 (Ottawa (Winchester District Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Ottawa/Dwyer Hill Heliport
CYDH Military Department of National Defence Ottawa ON 45°07′50″N 075°56′54″W / 45.13056°N 75.94833°W / 45.13056; -75.94833 (Ottawa/Dwyer Hill Heliport)
Ottawa/Gatineau (Casino) Heliport CTA9 Private Casiloc Inc. Gatineau QC 45°26′48″N 075°43′36″W / 45.44667°N 75.72667°W / 45.44667; -75.72667 (Ottawa/Gatineau (Casino) Heliport)
Ottawa/Questral Helicopters
CQH2 Private Questral Helicopters Ottawa ON 45°17′57″N 075°30′00″W / 45.29917°N 75.50000°W / 45.29917; -75.50000 (Ottawa/Questral Helicopters)
Owen Sound (Grey Bruce Health Services) Heliport
CNK6 Private Grey Bruce Health Services Owen Sound ON 44°34′05″N 080°54′48″W / 44.56806°N 80.91333°W / 44.56806; -80.91333 (Owen Sound (Grey Bruce Health Services) Heliport)
Palmerston (District Hospital) Heliport
CPA3 Private Palmerston & District Hospital Palmerston ON 43°50′18″N 080°50′31″W / 43.83833°N 80.84194°W / 43.83833; -80.84194 (Palmerston (District Hospital) Heliport)
Parry Sound Medical Heliport
CRS2 Private Parry Sound Ambulance Parry Sound ON 45°20′30″N 080°01′00″W / 45.34167°N 80.01667°W / 45.34167; -80.01667 (Parry Sound Medical Heliport)
Pembroke (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CNG5 Private Pembroke Regional Hospital Pembroke ON 45°48′55″N 077°06′28″W / 45.81528°N 77.10778°W / 45.81528; -77.10778 (Pembroke (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Penticton Regional Hospital Heliport CPH6 Private Interior Health Authority Penticton BC 49°28′54″N 119°34′34″W / 49.48167°N 119.57611°W / 49.48167; -119.57611 (Penticton Regional Hospital Heliport)
Perth (Great War Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CNC9 Private Great War Memorial Hospital Perth ON 44°54′25″N 076°15′13″W / 44.90694°N 76.25361°W / 44.90694; -76.25361 (Perth (Great War Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Petawawa Heliport CYWA/YWA Military Department of National Defence Garrison Petawawa ON 45°57′00.40″N 077°19′03.26″W / 45.9501111°N 77.3175722°W / 45.9501111; -77.3175722 (Petawawa Heliport)
Peterborough (Regional Health Centre) Heliport CNU3 Private Peterborough Regional Health Centre Peterborough ON 44°18′02″N 078°20′45″W / 44.30056°N 78.34583°W / 44.30056; -78.34583 (Peterborough (Civic Hospital) Heliport)
Picton (Prince Edward County Hospital) Heliport
CPE7 Public Quinte West Healthcare Picton Site Picton ON 44°00′59″N 077°08′17″W / 44.01639°N 77.13806°W / 44.01639; -77.13806 (Picton (Prince Edward County Hospital) Heliport)
Pincher Creek (Hospital) Heliport
CPR8 Private Alberta Health Services Pincher Creek AB 49°29′33″N 113°56′51″W / 49.49250°N 113.94750°W / 49.49250; -113.94750 (Pincher Creek (Hospital) Heliport)
Ponoka (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CHC4 Private FM&E AHS Ponoka AB 52°41′07″N 113°35′22″W / 52.68528°N 113.58944°W / 52.68528; -113.58944 (Ponoka (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport)
Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital) Heliport
CBK5 Private West Coast General Hospital Port Alberni BC 49°14′56″N 124°46′59″W / 49.24889°N 124.78306°W / 49.24889; -124.78306 (Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital) Heliport)
Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport
CBT9 Private Coulson Flying Tankers Port Alberni BC 49°17′24″N 124°56′42″W / 49.29000°N 124.94500°W / 49.29000; -124.94500 (Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport)
Port Alice (Hospital) Heliport
CBB5 Private Port Alice Hospital Port Alice BC 50°25′36″N 127°29′13″W / 50.42667°N 127.48694°W / 50.42667; -127.48694 (Port Alice (Hospital) Heliport)
Port Carling/Fig Air Heliport
CFA2 Private Fig Air Port Carling ON 45°07′41″N 079°32′16″W / 45.12806°N 79.53778°W / 45.12806; -79.53778 (Port Carling/Fig Air Heliport)
Port Hardy (Hospital) Heliport
CBS5 Private Port Hardy Hospital Port Hardy BC 50°43′15″N 127°30′11″W / 50.72083°N 127.50306°W / 50.72083; -127.50306 (Port Hardy (Hospital) Heliport)
Port McNeill (Hospital) Heliport
CBM9 Private District Hospital Port Mcneill BC 50°34′54″N 127°04′01″W / 50.58167°N 127.06694°W / 50.58167; -127.06694 (Port McNeill (Hospital) Heliport)
Port Perry (Lakeridge Health) Heliport
CPX6 Private Lakeridge Health Port Perry Port Perry ON 44°06′19″N 078°57′17″W / 44.10528°N 78.95472°W / 44.10528; -78.95472 (Port Perry (Lakeridge Health) Heliport)
Port Renfrew (Mill Bay Marine Group) Heliport
CMB9 Private Mill Bay Marina Group Port Renfrew BC 48°33′21″N 124°24′52″W / 48.55583°N 124.41444°W / 48.55583; -124.41444 (Port Renfrew (Mill Bay Marine Group) Heliport)
Poste Lemoyne (Complex LG-3) Heliport
CSY6 Private Hydro-Québec Poste Lemoyne QC 53°28′58″N 075°01′53″W / 53.48278°N 75.03139°W / 53.48278; -75.03139 (Poste Lemoyne (Complex LG-3) Heliport)
Powell River (Hospital) Heliport
CPW8 Private Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Powell River BC 49°51′05″N 124°31′02″W / 49.85139°N 124.51722°W / 49.85139; -124.51722 (Powell River (Hospital) Heliport)
Prince Albert (Fire Centre) Heliport
CAL6 Private Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Wildfire Management Prince Albert SK 53°13′43″N 105°45′21″W / 53.22861°N 105.75583°W / 53.22861; -105.75583 (Prince Albert (Fire Centre) Heliport)
Prince Rupert (Hospital) Heliport
CBR8 Private Northern Health Authority Prince Rupert BC 54°18′19″N 130°19′48″W / 54.30528°N 130.33000°W / 54.30528; -130.33000 (Prince Rupert (Hospital) Heliport)
Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Coast Guard) Heliport
CBY5 Private Coast Guard Prince Rupert BC 54°19′54″N 130°16′36″W / 54.33167°N 130.27667°W / 54.33167; -130.27667 (Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Coast Guard) Heliport)
Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Public) Heliport
CBF6 Public Seal Cove Airport Society Prince Rupert BC 54°19′47″N 130°16′45″W / 54.32972°N 130.27917°W / 54.32972; -130.27917 (Prince Rupert/Seal Cove (Public) Heliport)
Qualicum Beach (Aerosmith Heli Service) Heliport
CAS5 Private Aerosmith Heli Service Qualicum Beach BC 49°18′25″N 124°24′48″W / 49.30694°N 124.41333°W / 49.30694; -124.41333 (Qualicum Beach (Aerosmith Heli Service) eliport)
Quebec/Capitale Hélicoptère Heliport
CCH7 Public Centre d'Affaires Capitale Hélipro Inc. Quebec City QC 46°48′03″N 071°22′27″W / 46.80083°N 71.37417°W / 46.80083; -71.37417 (Quebec/Capitale Hélicoptère Heliport)
Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre Heliport
CRD3 Private AHS-Protective Services Red Deer AB 52°15′43″N 113°48′57″W / 52.26194°N 113.81583°W / 52.26194; -113.81583 (Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre Heliport)
Red Deer/Allan Dale Residence Heliport
CAD2 Private Allan Dale Red Deer AB 52°16′11″N 113°41′59″W / 52.26972°N 113.69972°W / 52.26972; -113.69972 (Red Deer/Allan Dale Residence Heliport)
Red Deer/Allan Dale Trailers & RV Heliport
CAD3 Private Allan Dale Red Deer AB 52°18′32″N 113°51′48″W / 52.30889°N 113.86333°W / 52.30889; -113.86333 (Red Deer/Allan Dale Trailers & RV Heliport)
Red Deer/Chong Residence Heliport
CRE5 Private Glenn Chong Red Deer AB 52°21′00″N 113°56′01″W / 52.35000°N 113.93361°W / 52.35000; -113.93361 (Red Deer/Chong Residence Heliport)
Red Lake (Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital) Heliport
CRL3 Private Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital Red Lake ON 51°00′49″N 093°49′19″W / 51.01361°N 93.82194°W / 51.01361; -93.82194 (Red Lake (Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Redwater (Health Centre) Heliport
CRW8 Private Alberta Health Services Redwater AB 53°56′59″N 113°07′37″W / 53.94972°N 113.12694°W / 53.94972; -113.12694 (Redwater (Health Centre) Heliport)
Redwater (Heliworks) Heliport
CRW2 Private Heliworks Aviation Inc. Redwater AB 53°55′09″N 113°06′15″W / 53.91917°N 113.10417°W / 53.91917; -113.10417 (Redwater (Heliworks) Heliport)
Redwater (Pembina) Heliport
CRP3 Private Pembina Corporation Redwater AB 53°49′29″N 113°07′47″W / 53.82472°N 113.12972°W / 53.82472; -113.12972 (Redwater (Pembina) Heliport)
Regina General (Hospital) Heliport
CRQ2 Private RQHR Security Regina SK 50°26′38″N 104°36′05″W / 50.44389°N 104.60139°W / 50.44389; -104.60139 (Regina General Hospital Heliport)
Renfrew (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CPG9 Private Renfrew Victoria Hospital Renfrew ON 45°28′57″N 076°41′46″W / 45.48250°N 76.69611°W / 45.48250; -76.69611 (Renfew (Victoria Hospital) Heliport)
Revelstoke (Queen Victoria Hospital) Heliport
CQV3 Private Queen Victoria Hospital Revelstoke BC 50°58′40″N 118°11′22″W / 50.97778°N 118.18944°W / 50.97778; -118.18944 (Revelstoke (Queen Victoria Hospital) Heliport)
Rimbey (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CRH5 Private FM&E AHS Rimbey AB 52°38′25″N 114°14′50″W / 52.64028°N 114.24722°W / 52.64028; -114.24722 (Rimbey (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport)
Rivière-du-Loup Heliport
CSS2 Private Coast Guard Rivière-du-Loup QC 47°50′56″N 069°32′32″W / 47.84889°N 69.54222°W / 47.84889; -69.54222 (Rivière-du-Loup Heliport)
Rocky Mountain House (General Hospital) Heliport
CEU4 Private FM&E AHS Rocky Mountain House AB 52°22′44″N 114°55′15″W / 52.37889°N 114.92083°W / 52.37889; -114.92083 (Rocky Mountain House (General Hospital) Heliport)
Sable Island Heliport CST5 Private Coast Guard Sable Island NS 43°55′59″N 060°00′20″W / 43.93306°N 60.00556°W / 43.93306; -60.00556 (Sable Island Heliport)
Sagard Heliport
CSG9 Private Canadian Helicopters Sagard QC 47°59′27″N 070°04′39″W / 47.99083°N 70.07750°W / 47.99083; -70.07750 (Sagard Heliport)
Saguenay/Oligny Heliport
COL5 Private Sylvain Oligny Saguenay QC 48°18′58″N 071°13′21″W / 48.31611°N 71.22250°W / 48.31611; -71.22250 (Saguenay/Oligny Heliport)
Saint John (Regional Hospital) Heliport CSN6 Private Saint John Regional Hospital Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation Saint John NB 45°18′08″N 066°05′17″W / 45.30222°N 66.08806°W / 45.30222; -66.08806 (Saint John (Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Ste-Anne (Hospital) Heliport
CHS6 Private Santé Sud-Southern Health Ste. Anne MB 49°40′04″N 096°38′50″W / 49.66778°N 96.64722°W / 49.66778; -96.64722 (Ste-Anne (Hospital Heliport)
Saint-Augustin Heliport
CTH9 Public Transports Québec Saint-Augustin QC 51°13′25″N 058°38′34″W / 51.22361°N 58.64278°W / 51.22361; -58.64278 (Saint-Augustin Heliport)
Saint-Jérôme (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CSZ6 Private Hydro-Québec Saint-Jérôme QC 45°46′16″N 074°01′37″W / 45.77111°N 74.02694°W / 45.77111; -74.02694 (Saint-Jérôme (Hydro-Québec) Heliport)
Saint-Michel Heliport
CML9 Private Sylvain Oligny Saint-Michel QC 45°15′18″N 073°33′03″W / 45.25500°N 73.55083°W / 45.25500; -73.55083 (Saint-Michel Heliport)
Saint-Remi-d'Amherst/Kanata Tremblant Resort Heliport
CKT6 Private Air Kanata Saint-Remi-d'Amherst QC 45°59′30″N 074°44′59″W / 45.99167°N 74.74972°W / 45.99167; -74.74972 (Saint-Remi-d'Amherst/Kanata Tremblant Resort Heliport)
Sainte-Agathe (AIM) Heliport
CSV2 Private La Compagnie Américaine de Fer st Métaux Inc Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts QC 46°07′00″N 074°18′00″W / 46.11667°N 74.30000°W / 46.11667; -74.30000 (Sainte-Agathe (AIM) Heliport)
Sainte-Barbe Heliport
CBB8 Private Sylvain Oligny Sainte-Barbe QC 45°10′37″N 074°13′11″W / 45.17694°N 74.21972°W / 45.17694; -74.21972 (Sainte-Barbe Heliport)
San Juan Point (Coast Guard) Heliport
CBJ9 Private Coast Guard San Juan Point BC 48°31′52″N 124°27′24″W / 48.53111°N 124.45667°W / 48.53111; -124.45667 (San Juan Point (Coast Guard) Heliport)
Saskatoon (Jim Pattison Children's Hospital) Heliport CJP4 Private Saskatchewan Health Authority Saskatoon SK 52°07′55″N 106°38′33″W / 52.13194°N 106.64250°W / 52.13194; -106.64250 (Saskatoon (Jim Pattison Children's Hospital) Heliport)
Sault Ste. Marie (Sault Area Hospital) Heliport
CSM9 Private Sault Area Hospital Sault Ste. Marie ON 46°32′51″N 084°18′45″W / 46.54750°N 84.31250°W / 46.54750; -84.31250 (Sault Ste. Marie (Sault Area Hospital) Heliport)
Sault Ste. Marie Heliport CNR3 Public Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre Sault Ste. Marie ON 46°30′16″N 084°19′24″W / 46.50444°N 84.32333°W / 46.50444; -84.32333 (Sault Ste. Marie Heliport)
Sechelt (Sechelt Hospital) Heliport
CBP4 Private Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Sechelt BC 49°28′34″N 123°44′54″W / 49.47611°N 123.74833°W / 49.47611; -123.74833 (Sechelt (Sechelt Hospital) Heliport)
Sept-Îles/Héli-Boréal Heliport
CHB4 Private Héli-Boréal Inc. Sept-Îles QC 50°17′25″N 066°24′44″W / 50.29028°N 66.41222°W / 50.29028; -66.41222 (Sept-Îles/Héli-Boréal Heliport)
Sept-Îles/Héli-Inter Sept Îles Heliport
CHE3 Private Héli-Inter Inc. Sept-Îles QC 50°17′20″N 066°24′44″W / 50.28889°N 66.41222°W / 50.28889; -66.41222 (Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec) Heliport)
Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
CTA2 Private Hydro-Québec Sept-Îles QC 50°17′17″N 066°24′33″W / 50.28806°N 66.40917°W / 50.28806; -66.40917 (Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec) Heliport)
Shefford Heliport
CSC4 Private Denis Charest Shefford QC 45°20′09″N 072°35′37″W / 45.33583°N 72.59361°W / 45.33583; -72.59361 (Shefford Heliport)
Shelburne (Roseway Hospital) Heliport
CCZ9 Private Roseway Hospital Shelburne NS 43°45′03″N 065°18′34″W / 43.75083°N 65.30944°W / 43.75083; -65.30944 (Shelburne (Roseway Hospital) Heliport)
Sherbrooke (CHUS)/François Desourdy Heliport
CSG7 Private Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke QC 45°26′52″N 071°52′17″W / 45.44778°N 71.87139°W / 45.44778; -71.87139 (Sherbrooke (CHUS)/François Desourdy Heliport)
Shilo (Flewin Field) Heliport (CFB Shilo) CKN9 Military Department of National Defence Shilo MB 49°46′51″N 099°38′20″W / 49.78083°N 99.63889°W / 49.78083; -99.63889 (Shilo (Flewin Field) Heliport)
Shilo Heliport (CFB Shilo) CKM3 Military Department of National Defence Shilo MB 49°48′00″N 099°38′00″W / 49.80000°N 99.63333°W / 49.80000; -99.63333 (Shilo Heliport)
Shunda (Fire Base) Heliport
CDA7 Private FERD – Rocky Mountain House Wildfire Management Area Shunda AB 52°29′26″N 115°45′31″W / 52.49056°N 115.75861°W / 52.49056; -115.75861 (Shunda (Fire Base) Heliport)
Sicamous/Owls Landing Heliport
COL4 Private Guy Maris Sicamous BC 50°48′39″N 115°58′13″W / 50.81083°N 115.97028°W / 50.81083; -115.97028 (Sicamous/Owls Landing Heliport)
Simco (Norfolk General Hospital) Heliport CPA8 Private Simco (Norfolk General Hospital) Simcoe ON 42°50′48″N 080°19′11″W / 42.84667°N 80.31972°W / 42.84667; -80.31972 (Simco (Norfolk General Hospital) Heliport)
Sioux Lookout Heliport
CKF7 Private Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Sioux Lookout ON 50°04′00″N 091°55′00″W / 50.06667°N 91.91667°W / 50.06667; -91.91667 (Sioux Lookout Heliport)
Slave Lake/Slave Lake Helicopters Heliport
CSL6 Private Slave Lake Helicopters Slave Lake AB 55°17′36″N 114°46′53″W / 55.29333°N 114.78139°W / 55.29333; -114.78139 (Slave Lake/Slave Lake Helicopters Heliport)
Smithers (Canadian) Heliport
CAA6 Private Canadian Helicopters Limited Smithers BC 54°46′30″N 127°08′06″W / 54.77500°N 127.13500°W / 54.77500; -127.13500 (Smithers (Canadian) Heliport)
Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) Heliport
CNS9 Private Smith Falls Community Hospital Smiths Falls ON 44°54′26″N 076°01′40″W / 44.90722°N 76.02778°W / 44.90722; -76.02778 (Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) Heliport)
Smokey Lake (George McDougall Health Centre) Heliport
CGM2 Private Alberta Health Services Smoky Lake AB 54°07′18″N 112°27′57″W / 54.12167°N 112.46583°W / 54.12167; -112.46583 (Smokey Lake (George McDougall Health Centre) Heliport)
Sonora Resort Heliport
CSR6 Private London Enterprises Limited Sonora Island BC 50°22′54″N 125°09′26″W / 50.38167°N 125.15722°W / 50.38167; -125.15722 (Sonora Resort Heliport)
St. Catharines (Niagara Health System) Heliport
CNH4 Private Niagara Health System St. Catharines ON 43°09′06″N 079°16′50″W / 43.15167°N 79.28056°W / 43.15167; -79.28056 (St. Catharines (Niagara Health System) Heliport)
St. John's (Health Sciences Centre) Heliport
CCK2 Private Eastern Health Care St. John's NL 47°34′21″N 052°44′44″W / 47.57250°N 52.74556°W / 47.57250; -52.74556 (St. John's (Health Sciences Centre) Heliport)
St. John's (Universal) Heliport
CDC2 Public St. John's NL 47°36′30″N 052°43′37″W / 47.60833°N 52.72694°W / 47.60833; -52.72694 (St. John's (Universal) Heliport)
St. Paul (Health Care Centre) Heliport
CTP5 Private St. Therese, St. Paul Health Care St. Paul AB 53°59′17″N 111°17′26″W / 53.98806°N 111.29056°W / 53.98806; -111.29056 (St. Paul (Health Care Centre) Heliport)
Stettler (Health Centre) Heliport
CLH2 Private FM&E AHS Stettler AB 52°19′24″N 112°43′31″W / 52.32333°N 112.72528°W / 52.32333; -112.72528 (Stettler (Health Centre) Heliport)
Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport
CSP2 Private Capital Health Authority Stony Plain AB 53°32′17″N 113°58′42″W / 53.53806°N 113.97833°W / 53.53806; -113.97833 (Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport)
Strathmore (Hospital) Heliport
CSM2 Private Alberta Health Services Strathmore AB 51°03′36″N 113°23′10″W / 51.06000°N 113.38611°W / 51.06000; -113.38611 (Strathmore (Hospital) Heliport)
Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing General Hospital) Heliport
CNM3 Private West Nipissing General Hospital Sturgeon Falls ON 46°22′24″N 079°54′58″W / 46.37333°N 79.91611°W / 46.37333; -79.91611 (Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing General Hospital) Heliport)
Sudbury (Health Sciences North) Hospital Heliport CSL8 Private Health Sciences North Greater Sudbury ON 46°28′05″N 080°59′46″W / 46.46806°N 80.99611°W / 46.46806; -80.99611 (Sudbury (Health Sciences North) Heliport)
Sudbury/Lively (Skyline Helicopter Technologies) Heliport
CSK7 Private Skyline Helicopter Technologies Greater Sudbury ON 46°26′08″N 081°07′19″W / 46.43556°N 81.12194°W / 46.43556; -81.12194 (Sudbury/Lively (Skyline Helicopter Technologies) Heliport)
Suffield Heliport (CFB Suffield)
CYSD/YSD Military Department of National Defence Suffield AB 50°16′00″N 111°11′00″W / 50.26667°N 111.18333°W / 50.26667; -111.18333 (Suffield Heliport)
Summerside (Prince County Hospital) Heliport
CCH6 Public Health PEI Summerside PE 46°25′04″N 063°46′26″W / 46.41778°N 63.77389°W / 46.41778; -63.77389 (Summerside (Prince County Hospital) Heliport)
Sundre (Hospital & Health Care Centre) Heliport
CSD2 Private FM&E AHS Sundre AB 51°48′25″N 114°38′11″W / 51.80694°N 114.63639°W / 51.80694; -114.63639 (Sundre (Hospital & Health Care Centre) Heliport)
Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital) Heliport
CSY9 Private Cape Breton Regional Hospital Sydney NS 46°06′36″N 060°10′34″W / 46.11000°N 60.17611°W / 46.11000; -60.17611 (Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Taber (Health Centre) Heliport
CTB7 Private Chinook Regional Health Authority Taber AB 49°47′08″N 112°09′58″W / 49.78556°N 112.16611°W / 49.78556; -112.16611 (Taber (Health Centre) Heliport)
Thompson Heliport
CKM7 Private Manitoba Hydro Thompson MB 55°42′27″N 097°53′28″W / 55.70750°N 97.89111°W / 55.70750; -97.89111 (Thompson Heliport)
Three Hills (Hospital) Heliport
CFA8 Private FM&E AHS Three Hills AB 51°42′31″N 113°15′07″W / 51.70861°N 113.25194°W / 51.70861; -113.25194 (Three Hills (Hospital) Heliport)
Thunder Bay (Health Science Centre) Heliport CTB2 Private Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Thunder Bay ON 48°25′24″N 089°16′11″W / 48.42333°N 89.26972°W / 48.42333; -89.26972 (Thunder Bay (Health Science Centre) Heliport)
Timmins (Timmins & District Hospital) Heliport
CTM6 Private Timmins & District Hospital Timmins ON 48°29′13″N 081°18′49″W / 48.48694°N 81.31361°W / 48.48694; -81.31361 (Timmins (Timmins & District Hospital) Heliport)
Tofield (Health Centre) Heliport
CTF2 Private FM&E AHS Tofield AB 53°22′23″N 112°39′02″W / 53.37306°N 112.65056°W / 53.37306; -112.65056 (Tofield (Health Centre) Heliport)
Tofino Lifeboat Station Heliport
CBR7 Private Coast Guard Tofino BC 49°09′16″N 125°54′07″W / 49.15444°N 125.90194°W / 49.15444; -125.90194 (Tofino Lifeboat Station Heliport)
Toronto (Hospital For Sick Children) Heliport CNW8 Private Hospital for Sick Children Toronto ON 43°39′24″N 079°23′15″W / 43.65667°N 79.38750°W / 43.65667; -79.38750 (Toronto (Hospital For Sick Children) Heliport)
Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital) Heliport CPK6 Private Credit Valley Hospital Toronto ON 43°33′41″N 079°42′09″W / 43.56139°N 79.70250°W / 43.56139; -79.70250 (Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital) Heliport)
Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital) Heliport CTM4 Private St. Michael's Hospital Toronto ON 43°39′15″N 079°22′42″W / 43.65417°N 79.37833°W / 43.65417; -79.37833 (Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital) Heliport)
Toronto (Sunnybrook Medical Centre) Heliport CNY8 Private Sunnybrook Medical Centre Toronto ON 43°43′21″N 079°22′14″W / 43.72250°N 79.37056°W / 43.72250; -79.37056 (Toronto (Sunnybrook Medical Centre) Heliport)
Toronto/Markham Stouffville Heliport CPH7 Private Markham Stouffville Hospital Toronto ON 43°52′58″N 079°13′58″W / 43.88278°N 79.23278°W / 43.88278; -79.23278 (Toronto/Markham Stouffville Heliport)
Toronto/Tarten Heliport
CPA5 Private Tarten Equipment Ltd. Toronto ON 43°39′07″N 079°39′29″W / 43.65194°N 79.65806°W / 43.65194; -79.65806 (Toronto/Tarten Heliport)
Toronto/Wilson's Heliport
CPY5 Private Wilson's Heli-Transport Toronto ON 43°37′04″N 079°33′49″W / 43.61778°N 79.56361°W / 43.61778; -79.56361 (Toronto/Wilson's Heliport)
Trail (Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital) Heliport
CKB3 Private Interior Health Authority Trail BC 49°06′13″N 117°42′01″W / 49.10361°N 117.70028°W / 49.10361; -117.70028 (Trail (Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Truro (Colchester Health Centre) Heliport
CEH9 Private Colchester East Hants Health Centre Truro NS 45°20′59″N 063°18′20″W / 45.34972°N 63.30556°W / 45.34972; -63.30556 (Truro (Colchester Health Centre) Heliport)
Two Hills (Health Centre) Heliport
CTH4 Private Two Hills Health Centre Two Hills AB 53°42′49″N 111°43′51″W / 53.71361°N 111.73083°W / 53.71361; -111.73083 (Two Hills (Health Centre) Heliport)
Upsala Heliport
CKL8 Private Ontario Ministry of Health Upsala ON 49°03′01″N 090°28′09″W / 49.05028°N 90.46917°W / 49.05028; -90.46917 (Upsala Heliport)
Uxbridge (Cottage Hospital) Heliport CNA5 Private Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Uxbridge ON 44°06′11″N 079°07′42″W / 44.10306°N 79.12833°W / 44.10306; -79.12833 (Uxbridge (Cottage Hospital) Heliport)
Val-d'Or (St-Pierre) Heliport
COR2 Private Jean-Guy St-Pierre Val-d'Or QC 48°04′39″N 077°52′07″W / 48.07750°N 77.86861°W / 48.07750; -77.86861 (Val-d'Or (St-Pierre) Heliport)
Valcartier (W/C J.H.L. (Joe) Lecomte) Heliport (CFB Valcartier) CYOY/YOY Military Department of National Defence Valcartier, Quebec QC 46°54′08″N 71°30′07″W / 46.90222°N 71.50194°W / 46.90222; -71.50194 (Valcartier (W/C J.H.L. (Joe) Lecomte) Heliport)
Valemount (CMH) Heliport
CMH6 Private Canadian Mountain Holidays Valemount BC 52°47′18″N 119°15′24″W / 52.78833°N 119.25667°W / 52.78833; -119.25667 (Valemount (CMH) HeliportValemount (CMH) Heliport)
Valemount (Yellowhead Helicopters) Heliport
CBV7 Private Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. Valemount BC 52°51′59″N 119°17′49″W / 52.86639°N 119.29694°W / 52.86639; -119.29694 (Valemount (Yellowhead Helicopters) Heliport)
Valleyfield (Transport BRS Inc) Heliport
CSY5 Private J. Corbeil Salaberry-de-Valleyfield QC 45°15′49″N 074°08′57″W / 45.26361°N 74.14917°W / 45.26361; -74.14917 (Valleyfield (Transport BRS Inc) Heliport)
Valleyview (Health Centre) Heliport
CVV2 Private Valleyview Health Centre Valleyview AB 55°04′03″N 117°16′18″W / 55.06750°N 117.27167°W / 55.06750; -117.27167 (Valleyview (Health Centre) Heliport)
Vancouver (Children & Women's Health Centre) Heliport CAK7 Private Provincial Health Services Authority Vancouver BC 49°14′38″N 123°07′38″W / 49.24389°N 123.12722°W / 49.24389; -123.12722 (Vancouver Children & Women's Health Centre Heliport)
Vancouver (General Hospital) Heliport CBK4 Private Vancouver General Hospital Vancouver BC 49°15′43″N 123°07′28″W / 49.26194°N 123.12444°W / 49.26194; -123.12444 (Vancouver (General Hospital) Heliport)
Vancouver (Surrey Memorial Hospital) Heliport CVS3 Private Fraser Health Authority Vancouver BC 49°10′33″N 122°50′38″W / 49.17583°N 122.84389°W / 49.17583; -122.84389 (Vancouver (Surrey Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Vancouver/Coquitlam Fire and Rescue Heliport
CFR6 Private Coquitlam Fire and Rescue Vancouver BC 49°17′30″N 122°47′32″W / 49.29167°N 122.79222°W / 49.29167; -122.79222 (Vancouver/Coquitlam Fire and Rescue)
Vancouver/Delta (SEI) Heliport
CSE7 Private Sei Industries Ltd. Vancouver BC 49°07′45″N 123°01′06″W / 49.12917°N 123.01833°W / 49.12917; -123.01833 (Vancouver/Delta (SEI) Heliport)
Vancouver/Harbour (Public) Heliport
CBC7 Public Pacific Heliport Services Vancouver BC 49°17′13″N 123°06′22″W / 49.28694°N 123.10611°W / 49.28694; -123.10611 (Vancouver/Harbour (Public) Heliport)
Vegerville (St. Joseph's General Hospital) Heliport
CVG8 Private FM&E AHS Vegreville AB 53°29′38″N 112°01′57″W / 53.49389°N 112.03250°W / 53.49389; -112.03250 (Vegerville (St. Joseph's General Hospital) Heliport)
Vermilion Health Centre Heliport
CVH2 Private FM&E AHS Vermilion AB 53°21′21″N 110°52′18″W / 53.35583°N 110.87167°W / 53.35583; -110.87167 (Vermilion Health Centre Heliport)
Victoria (General Hospital) Heliport CBW7 Private Vancouver Island Health Authority Victoria BC 48°28′05″N 123°25′56″W / 48.46806°N 123.43222°W / 48.46806; -123.43222 (Victoria (General Hospital) Heliport)
Victoria (Royal Jubilee Hospital) Heliport CBK8 Private Vancouver Island Health Authority Victoria BC 48°26′03″N 123°19′31″W / 48.43417°N 123.32528°W / 48.43417; -123.32528 (Victoria (Royal Jubilee Hospital) Heliport)
Victoria Harbour (Camel Point) Heliport CBF7 Private Pacific Heliport Services Victoria BC 48°25′05″N 123°23′17″W / 48.41806°N 123.38806°W / 48.41806; -123.38806 (Victoria Harbour (Camel Point) Heliport)
Victoria Harbour (Shoal Point) Heliport CBZ7 Private Coast Guard Victoria BC 48°25′23″N 123°23′15″W / 48.42306°N 123.38750°W / 48.42306; -123.38750 (Victoria Harbour (Shoal Point) Heliport)
Viking Health Centre (George H. Roddick) Heliport
CGR5 Private AHS Viking AB 53°06′06″N 111°46′36″W / 53.10167°N 111.77667°W / 53.10167; -111.77667 (Viking Health Centre (George H. Roddick) Heliport)
Vulcan (Hospital) Heliport
CVH7 Private Alberta Health Services Vulcan AB 50°23′45″N 113°15′33″W / 50.39583°N 113.25917°W / 50.39583; -113.25917 (Vulcan (Hospital) Heliport)
Wainwright/Camp Wainwright Field Heliport (CFB Wainwright)[2] CFF7 Military Department of National Defence Wainwright AB 52°50′00″N 110°54′00″W / 52.83333°N 110.90000°W / 52.83333; -110.90000 (CFB Wainwright)
Walkerton (County Of Bruce General Hospital) Heliport
CNG6 Private County of Bruce General Hospital Walkerton ON 44°07′16″N 081°09′08″W / 44.12111°N 81.15222°W / 44.12111; -81.15222 (Walkerton (County of Bruce General Hospital) Heliport)
Wallaceburg/Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (Wallaceburg) Heliport
CSY7 Private Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Wallaceburg ON 42°35′57″N 082°22′00″W / 42.59917°N 82.36667°W / 42.59917; -82.36667 (Wallaceburg/Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (Wallaceburg) Heliport)
Welland (County General Hospital) Heliport
CPB3 Private Welland County General Hospital Welland ON 42°58′39″N 079°14′59″W / 42.97750°N 79.24972°W / 42.97750; -79.24972 (Welland (County General Hospital) Heliport)
Westlock (Healthcare Centre) Heliport
CAA3 Private Alberta Health Services Westlock AB 54°08′48″N 113°51′18″W / 54.14667°N 113.85500°W / 54.14667; -113.85500 (Westlock (Healthcare Centre) Heliport)
Wetaskiwin (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
CWC4 Private FM&E AHS Wetaskiwin AB 52°59′18″N 113°22′05″W / 52.98833°N 113.36806°W / 52.98833; -113.36806 (Wetaskiwin (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport)
Whistler (Hospital) Heliport
CAW4 Private Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Whistler BC 50°07′13″N 122°57′17″W / 50.12028°N 122.95472°W / 50.12028; -122.95472 (Whistler (Hospital) Heliport)
Whistler (Municipal) Heliport
CBE9 Public Whistler Heliport Society Whistler BC 50°10′00″N 122°54′00″W / 50.16667°N 122.90000°W / 50.16667; -122.90000 (Whistler (Municipal) Heliport)
White Saddle Ranch Heliport
CBD9 Private White Saddle Air Services White Saddle Ranch BC 51°44′00″N 124°44′00″W / 51.73333°N 124.73333°W / 51.73333; -124.73333 (White Saddle Ranch Heliport)
Williams Lake (Frontline Helicopters) Heliport
CFH2 Private Frontline Helicopters Williams Lake BC 51°57′52″N 121°48′45″W / 51.96444°N 121.81250°W / 51.96444; -121.81250 (Williams Lake (Frontline Helicopters) Heliport)
Winnipeg (City of Winnipeg) Heliport
CWG2 Private City of Winnipeg Winnipeg MB 49°54′01″N 097°05′44″W / 49.90028°N 97.09556°W / 49.90028; -97.09556 (Winnipeg (City of Winnipeg) Heliport)
Winnipeg (Health Sciences Centre) Heliport CWH7 Private Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Winnipeg MB 49°54′15″N 097°09′23″W / 49.90417°N 97.15639°W / 49.90417; -97.15639 (Winnipeg (Health Sciences Centre) Heliport)
Woodstock (Hospital) Heliport
CWH3 Private Honeywell/Woodstock Hospital Woodstock ON 43°06′20″N 080°45′16″W / 43.10556°N 80.75444°W / 43.10556; -80.75444 (Woodstock (Hospital) Heliport)
Woodstock/Snokist Heliport
CSN4 Private Foxco Ltd. Woodstock NB 46°12′10″N 067°39′34″W / 46.20278°N 67.65944°W / 46.20278; -67.65944 (Woodstock/Snokist Heliport)
Yarmouth (Regional Hospital) Heliport
CDU3 Private Yarmouth Regional Hospital Yarmouth NS 43°50′54″N 066°07′17″W / 43.84833°N 66.12139°W / 43.84833; -66.12139 (Yarmouth (Regional Hospital) Heliport)


  1. ^ Canada Flight Supplement. Effective 0901Z 16 July 2020 to 0901Z 10 September 2020.
  2. ^ Wainwright/Camp Wainwright Field Airport is a 5,036 ft (1,535 m) grass strip located at the base and Wainwright/Wainwright (Field 21) Airport is a 7,349 ft (2,240 m) asphalt runway approximately 7 NM (13 km; 8.1 mi) west of the base.
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