List of airports in Greater Victoria

Greater Victoria is located in British Columbia
Greater Victoria
Greater Victoria
Location in British Columbia

The following active airports serve the Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada area:[1][2]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Victoria Airport Water Aerodrome CAP5 North Saanich 48°39′00″N 123°27′00″W / 48.65000°N 123.45000°W / 48.65000; -123.45000 (Victoria Airport Water Aerodrome)
Victoria (General Hospital) Heliport CBW7 View Royal 48°28′05″N 123°25′56″W / 48.46806°N 123.43222°W / 48.46806; -123.43222 (Victoria (General Hospital) Heliport)
Victoria (Royal Jubilee Hospital) Heliport CBK8 Victoria 48°26′03″N 123°19′31″W / 48.43417°N 123.32528°W / 48.43417; -123.32528 (Victoria (Royal Jubilee Hospital) Heliport)
Victoria Harbour (Camel Point) Heliport CBF7 Victoria 48°25′05″N 123°23′17″W / 48.41806°N 123.38806°W / 48.41806; -123.38806 (Victoria Harbour (Camel Point) Heliport)
Victoria Harbour (Shoal Point) Heliport CBZ7 Victoria 48°25′23″N 123°23′15″W / 48.42306°N 123.38750°W / 48.42306; -123.38750 (Victoria Harbour (Shoal Point) Heliport)
Victoria Inner Harbour Airport (Victoria Harbour Water Airport) CYWH (YWH) Victoria 48°25′22″N 123°23′15″W / 48.42278°N 123.38750°W / 48.42278; -123.38750 (Victoria Harbour Water Aerodrome)
Victoria International Airport CYYJ (YYJ) North Saanich 48°38′49″N 123°25′33″W / 48.64694°N 123.42583°W / 48.64694; -123.42583 (Victoria International Airport)

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