List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CO

This is a list of all Nav Canada certified and registered water and land airports, aerodromes and heliports in the provinces and territories of Canada sorted by location identifier.[1][2]

They are listed in the format:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport name (alternate name) – Airport location

CO – Canada- CAN

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community   Province or
COB2 Port Severn/Oak Bay Water Aerodrome Port Severn ON
COK2 Calgary/Okotoks (GG Ranch) Heliport Okotoks AB
COK3 Oakwood Aerodrome Oakwood ON
COL2 Orangeville/Laurel Aerodrome Orangeville ON
COL4 Sicamous/Owls Landing Heliport Sicamous BC
COL5 Saguenay/Oligny Heliport Saguenay QC
COP2 Orillia (Ontario Provincial Police) Heliport Orillia ON
COP3 Lake Rosseau/Onnalinda Point Water Aerodrome Port Carling ON
COP4 Orilla/Pumpkin Bay Water Aerodrome Orillia ON
COR2 Val-d'Or (St-Pierre) Heliport Val-d'Or QC
COR3 Orono Field Aerodrome Orono ON
COR8 Orangeville/Rosehill Aerodrome Orangeville ON
COS2 Iona Station (Bobier Strip) Aerodrome Iona Station ON


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