List of airports in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

This is a list of airports in Nova Scotia. It includes all Nav Canada certified and registered water and land airports, aerodromes and heliports in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.[1][2] Airport names in italics are part of the National Airports System.[3]

List of airports and heliports

JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport
Stanley Airport
CFB Shearwater
Sable Island Aerodrome
Allan J. MacEachen Port Hawkesbury Airport
Halifax Stanfield International Airport
CFB Greenwood
Debert Airport

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Community   Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Coordinates  
Amherst Amherst Heliport CCB3 45°48′43″N 064°13′13″W / 45.81194°N 64.22028°W / 45.81194; -64.22028 (Amherst Heliport)
Antigonish Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport CDY5 45°37′36″N 061°58′55″W / 45.62667°N 61.98194°W / 45.62667; -61.98194 (Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Arichat Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport CDT3 45°30′41″N 061°02′01″W / 45.51139°N 61.03361°W / 45.51139; -61.03361 (Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport)
Baddeck Baddeck (Guneden) Aerodrome CDW2 46°09′51″N 060°47′30″W / 46.16417°N 60.79167°W / 46.16417; -60.79167 (Baddeck (Crown Jewel) Airport)
Bridgewater Bridgewater/Dayspring Airpark CDY6 44°22′55″N 064°27′27″W / 44.38194°N 64.45750°W / 44.38194; -64.45750 (Bridgewater/Dayspring Airpark)
Bridgewater Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital) Heliport CDT6 44°22′56″N 064°30′38″W / 44.38222°N 64.51056°W / 44.38222; -64.51056 (Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Canso Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital) Heliport CCE5 45°19′58″N 060°58′53″W / 45.33278°N 60.98139°W / 45.33278; -60.98139 (Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Carleton Mink Lake Water Aerodrome CML3 44°00′39″N 065°53′20″W / 44.01083°N 65.88889°W / 44.01083; -65.88889 (Mink Lake Water Aerodrome)
Centredale Centredale Aerodrome CDL8 45°24′34″N 062°37′07″W / 45.40944°N 62.61861°W / 45.40944; -62.61861 (Centredale Aerodrome)
Church Lake Church Lake Water Aerodrome CHL3 44°33′34″N 064°36′44″W / 44.55944°N 64.61222°W / 44.55944; -64.61222 (Church Lake Water Aerodrome)
Debert Debert Airport CCQ3 45°25′07″N 063°27′38″W / 45.41861°N 63.46056°W / 45.41861; -63.46056 (Debert Airport)
Digby Digby/Annapolis Regional Airport CYID YDG 44°32′44″N 065°47′20″W / 44.54556°N 65.78889°W / 44.54556; -65.78889 (Digby Airport)
Digby Digby (General Hospital) Heliport CDG2 44°36′58″N 065°45′43″W / 44.61611°N 65.76194°W / 44.61611; -65.76194 (Digby (General Hospital) Heliport)
East Gore East Gore Eco Airpark CCY4 45°07′00″N 063°42′00″W / 45.11667°N 63.70000°W / 45.11667; -63.70000 (East Gore Eco Airpark)
Fall River Fall River Water Aerodrome CFR3 44°47′04″N 063°38′30″W / 44.78444°N 63.64167°W / 44.78444; -63.64167 (Fall River Water Aerodrome)
Finlay Finlay Air Park CDH3 43°57′44″N 065°59′39″W / 43.96222°N 65.99417°W / 43.96222; -65.99417 (Finlay Air Park)
Fox Harbour Fox Harbour Airport CFH4 YFX 45°52′12″N 063°27′40″W / 45.87000°N 63.46111°W / 45.87000; -63.46111 (Fox Harbour Airport)
Greenwood CFB Greenwood (Greenwood Airport) CYZX YZX 44°59′04″N 064°55′01″W / 44.98444°N 64.91694°W / 44.98444; -64.91694 (CFB Greenwood)
Halifax Halifax (IWK Health Centre) Heliport CIW2 44°38′13″N 063°35′04″W / 44.63694°N 63.58444°W / 44.63694; -63.58444 (Halifax (IWK Health Centre) Heliport)
Halifax Halifax (QE II Health Sciences Centre) Heliport CHQE 44°38′45″N 063°35′12″W / 44.64583°N 63.58667°W / 44.64583; -63.58667 (Halifax (Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre) Heliport)
Halifax Halifax (South End) Heliport CHS7 44°37′32″N 063°33′48″W / 44.62556°N 63.56333°W / 44.62556; -63.56333 (Halifax (South End) Heliport)
Halifax Halifax Stanfield International Airport CYHZ YHZ 44°52′51″N 063°30′31″W / 44.88083°N 63.50861°W / 44.88083; -63.50861 (Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport)
Hillaton Hillaton/Kings Aerodrome CHL2 45°08′34″N 064°25′22″W / 45.14278°N 64.42278°W / 45.14278; -64.42278 (Hillaton/Kings Aerodrome)
Hoopers Lake Hoopers Lake Water Aerodrome CDT2 43°57′14″N 065°59′27″W / 43.95389°N 65.99083°W / 43.95389; -65.99083 (Hoopers Lake Water Aerodrome)
Inverness Inverness (Consolidated Memorial Hospital) Heliport CNV2 46°11′58″N 061°17′29″W / 46.19944°N 61.29139°W / 46.19944; -61.29139 (Inverness (Consolidated Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
Kentville Kentville (Camp Aldershot) Heliport CKM9 45°05′39″N 064°30′32″W / 45.09417°N 64.50889°W / 45.09417; -64.50889 (Kentville (Camp Aldershot) Heliport)
Kentville Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital) Heliport CKV8 45°04′54″N 064°30′00″W / 45.08167°N 64.50000°W / 45.08167; -64.50000 (Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Liverpool Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport CLQ2 44°02′19″N 064°42′19″W / 44.03861°N 64.70528°W / 44.03861; -64.70528 (Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport)
Liverpool South Shore Regional Airport CYAU 44°13′49″N 064°51′22″W / 44.23028°N 64.85611°W / 44.23028; -64.85611 (Liverpool/South Shore Regional Airport)
Lower East Pubnico Lower East Pubnico (La Field) Airport CLE4 43°37′20″N 065°45′44″W / 43.62222°N 65.76222°W / 43.62222; -65.76222 (Lower East Pubnico (La Field) Airport)
Lower West Pubnico Grand Etang Pubnico Water Aerodrome CGE2 43°37′43″N 065°48′49″W / 43.62861°N 65.81361°W / 43.62861; -65.81361 (Grand Etang Pubnico Water Aerodrome)
Margaree Centre Margaree Airport CCZ4 46°20′28″N 060°58′47″W / 46.34111°N 60.97972°W / 46.34111; -60.97972 (Margaree Airport)
Middleton Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital) Heliport CMS2 44°56′46″N 065°03′32″W / 44.94611°N 65.05889°W / 44.94611; -65.05889 (Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital) Heliport)
New Germany New Germany Water Aerodrome CCA2 44°33′08″N 064°44′11″W / 44.55222°N 64.73639°W / 44.55222; -64.73639 (New Germany Water Aerodrome)
New Glasgow New Glasgow (Aberdeen Hospital) Heliport CNG2 45°34′20″N 062°38′39″W / 45.57222°N 62.64417°W / 45.57222; -62.64417 (New Glasgow (Aberdeen Hospital) Heliport)
Porters Lake Porters Lake Airport CCF4 44°42′36″N 063°18′06″W / 44.71000°N 63.30167°W / 44.71000; -63.30167 (Porters Lake Airport)
Porters Lake Porters Lake Water Aerodrome CDD2 44°42′44″N 063°17′56″W / 44.71222°N 63.29889°W / 44.71222; -63.29889 (Porters Lake Water Aerodrome)
Porters Lake Porters Lake South Water Aerodrome CLS4 44°39′56″N 063°18′53″W / 44.66556°N 63.31472°W / 44.66556; -63.31472 (Porters Lake South Water Aerodrome)
Port Hawkesbury Allan J. MacEachen Port Hawkesbury Airport (Port Hawkesbury Airport) CYPD YPS 45°39′24″N 061°22′05″W / 45.65667°N 61.36806°W / 45.65667; -61.36806 (Allan J. MacEachen Port Hawkesbury Airport)
Sable Island Sable Island Aerodrome CSB2 43°55′50″N 059°57′35″W / 43.93056°N 59.95972°W / 43.93056; -59.95972 (Sable Island Aerodrome)
Sable Island Sable Island Heliport CST5 43°55′59″N 060°00′20″W / 43.93306°N 60.00556°W / 43.93306; -60.00556 (Sable Island Heliport)
St. Peter's St. Peter's/Cape George Water Aerodrome CCG6 45°30′50″N 060°48′38″W / 45.51389°N 60.81056°W / 45.51389; -60.81056 (St. Peter's/Cape George Water Aerodrome)
Shearwater CFB Shearwater (Halifax/Shearwater Heliport) CYAW YAW 44°38′14″N 063°30′08″W / 44.63722°N 63.50222°W / 44.63722; -63.50222 (CFB Shearwater)
Shelburne Shelburne (Roseway Hospital) Heliport CCZ9 43°45′03″N 065°18′34″W / 43.75083°N 65.30944°W / 43.75083; -65.30944 (Shelburne (Roseway Hospital) Heliport)
Stanley Stanley Airport CCW4 45°06′02″N 063°55′14″W / 45.10056°N 63.92056°W / 45.10056; -63.92056 (Stanley Airport)
Sydney JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport CYQY YQY 46°09′41″N 060°02′53″W / 46.16139°N 60.04806°W / 46.16139; -60.04806 (JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport)
Sydney Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital) Heliport CSY9 46°06′36″N 060°10′34″W / 46.11000°N 60.17611°W / 46.11000; -60.17611 (Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital) Heliport)
Thorburn Thorburn Airport CCZ5 45°33′38″N 062°35′41″W / 45.56056°N 62.59472°W / 45.56056; -62.59472 (Thorburn Airport)
Trenton Trenton Aerodrome CYTN 45°36′43″N 062°37′16″W / 45.61194°N 62.62111°W / 45.61194; -62.62111 (Trenton Airport)
Truro Truro (Colchester Health Centre) Heliport CEH9 45°20′59″N 063°18′20″W / 45.34972°N 63.30556°W / 45.34972; -63.30556 (Truro (Colchester Health Centre) Heliport)
Yarmouth Doctor's Lake East Water Aerodrome CDL5 43°52′54″N 066°05′51″W / 43.88167°N 66.09750°W / 43.88167; -66.09750 (Doctor's Lake East Water Aerodrome)
Yarmouth Doctor's Lake West Water Aerodrome CDL6 43°53′04″N 066°06′09″W / 43.88444°N 66.10250°W / 43.88444; -66.10250 (Doctor's Lake West Water Aerodrome)
Yarmouth Yarmouth Airport CYQI YQI 43°49′38″N 066°05′18″W / 43.82722°N 66.08833°W / 43.82722; -66.08833 (Yarmouth International Airport)
Yarmouth Yarmouth (Regional Hospital) Heliport CDU3 43°50′54″N 066°07′17″W / 43.84833°N 66.12139°W / 43.84833; -66.12139 (Yarmouth (Regional Hospital) Heliport)

Defunct airports

Community   Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Coordinates  
Amherst Amherst Airport CCQ4 45°48′49″N 064°14′09″W / 45.81361°N 64.23583°W / 45.81361; -64.23583 (Amherst Airport (abandoned))
Apple River Apple River Airport CCA7 45°27′43″N 064°49′17″W / 45.46194°N 64.82139°W / 45.46194; -64.82139 (Apple River Airport (abandoned))
Fancy Lake Fancy Lake Water Aerodrome CDX4 44°18′00″N 064°33′00″W / 44.30000°N 64.55000°W / 44.30000; -64.55000 (Fancy Lake Water Aerodrome (abandoned))
West End, Halifax Halifax Civic Airport 44°38′45″N 063°36′40″W / 44.64583°N 63.61111°W / 44.64583; -63.61111 (Halifax Civic Airport (abandoned))
Langille Lake Langille Lake Water Aerodrome CLL2 44°27′00″N 064°26′52″W / 44.45000°N 64.44778°W / 44.45000; -64.44778 (Langille Lake Water Aerodrome (abandoned))
Stewiacke River Middle Stewiacke Airport CCB2 45°13′17″N 063°08′55″W / 45.22139°N 63.14861°W / 45.22139; -63.14861 (Middle Stewiacke Airport (abandoned))
Tatamagouche Tatamagouche Airport CDA2 45°44′08″N 063°19′06″W / 45.73556°N 63.31833°W / 45.73556; -63.31833 (Tatamgouche Airport (abandoned))
Valley Valley Airport CDA3 45°23′48″N 063°12′56″W / 45.39667°N 63.21556°W / 45.39667; -63.21556 (Valley Airport (abandoned))
Waverley Waverley/Lake William Water Aerodrome CLW3 44°46′51″N 063°35′48″W / 44.78083°N 63.59667°W / 44.78083; -63.59667 (Waverley/Lake William Water Aerodrome (abandoned))
Waterville Waterville/Kings County Municipal Airport CCW3 45°05′23″N 064°39′06″W / 45.08972°N 64.65167°W / 45.08972; -64.65167 (Waterville/Kings County Municipal Airport (abandoned))


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