List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CM

This is a list of all Nav Canada certified and registered water and land airports, aerodromes and heliports in the provinces and territories of Canada sorted by location identifier.[1][2]

They are listed in the format:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport name (alternate name) – Airport location

CM – Canada- CAN

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community   Province or
CMA2 Mattawa Airport Mattawa ON
CMA4 Miminiska Water Aerodrome Miminiska ON
CMA5 Mattawa (Hospital) Heliport Mattawa ON
CMB2 Meadowbank Aerodrome Meadowbank Gold Mine NU
CMB3 Cambridge (Puslinch Lake) Water Aerodrome Cambridge ON
CMB5 Campbellville (Bellshill Airpark) Aerodrome Campbellville ON
CMB6 Lake Muskoka/Milford Bay Water Aerodrome Milford Bay ON
CMB7 Maxville (Bourdon Farm) Aerodrome Maxville ON
CMB8 Combermere/Bonnie Brae Airfield Combermere ON
CMB9 Port Renfrew (Mill Bay Marine Group) Heliport Port Renfrew BC
CMBH Mount Belcher Heliport Mount Belcher BC
CMC2 Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport Edmonton AB
CMC3 Mayerthorpe (Healthcare Centre) Heliport Mayerthorpe AB
CMC8 Gravenhurst/Sniders Bay Water Aerodrome Gravenhurst ON
CME2 Omemee Aerodrome Omemee ON
CME3 Bala (Medora Lake) Aerodrome Bala ON
CMF2 Edmonton/Calmar (Maplelane Farm) Aerodrome Calmar AB
CMF3 Lethbridge (Mercer Field) Aerodrome Lethbridge AB
CMF4 Port Hope (Millson Field) Aerodrome Port Hope ON
CMH2 Milton (AFI) Heliport Milton ON
CMH3 Lacombe (Mustang Helicopters) Heliport Lacombe AB
CMH4 Montréal/Mirabel Hélico Heliport Montreal QC
CMH5 Medicine Hat (Regional Hospital) Heliport Medicine Hat AB
CMH6 Valemount (CMH) Heliport Valemount BC
CMI2 Minden (Hospital) Heliport Minden ON
CMK2 McKellar (Manitouwabing) Water Aerodrome McKellar ON
CML2 Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) Airport Quamichan Lake BC
CML3 Mink Lake Water Aerodrome Carleton NS
CML4 Gravenhurst (Morrison Lake) Water Aerodrome Gravenhurst ON
CML5 Thunder Bay (Martin’s Landing) Aerodrome Thunder Bay ON
CML6 Six Mile Lake (Hungry Bay) Water Aerodrome Six Mile Lake ON
CML7 Minto Landing Aerodrome Minto YT
CML8 Saint-Mathieu-de-Laprairie Aerodrome Saint-Mathieu-de-Laprairie QC
CML9 Saint-Michel Heliport Saint-Michel QC
CMN3 Saint-Michel-de-Napierville Aerodrome Saint-Michel-De-Napierville QC
CMN4 Minto Aerodrome Minto Mine YT
CMN5 Manic-5 Aerodrome Manicouagan QC
CMN6 Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field) Aerodrome Edmonton AB
CMR2 Mary River Aerodrome Mary River NU
CMR6 Camrose/St. Mary's Hospital Heliport Camrose AB
CMS2 Middleton (Soldiers Memorial Hospital) Heliport Middleton NS
CMS3 Saint-Michel-des-Saints (Marina Le Nautique) Water Aerodrome Saint-Michel-des-Saints QC
CMT2 Mont-Tremblant (Lac Maskinongé) Water Aerodrome Mont-Tremblant QC
CMT3 Calgary (Foothills Hospital McCaig Tower) Heliport Calgary AB
CMT4 MacTier/Smith Bay Water Aerodrome MacTier ON
CMW3 Matawatchan Aerodrome Matawatchan ON
CMW4 Madawaska Collins Field Aerodrome Madawaska ON
CMW5 Madawaska Lake (Freymond) Water Aerodrome Whitney ON
CMX2 Maxville Aerodrome Maxville ON
CMY2 Chipman/M.Y. Airfield Chipman AB


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