List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CK

This is a list of all Nav Canada certified and registered water and land airports, aerodromes and heliports in the provinces and territories of Canada sorted by location identifier.[1][2]

They are listed in the format:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport name (alternate name) – Airport location

CA – Canada- CAN

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community   Province or
CKA3 Leaf Rapids Water Aerodrome Leaf Rapids MB
CKA4 Zhoda Airport Zhoda MB
CKA6 Sioux Lookout/Pelican Lake Water Aerodrome Sioux Lookout ON
CKA8 St. François Xavier Airport St. François Xavier MB
CKA9 Southend/Hans Ulricksen Field Aerodrome Southend SK
CKB2 Patuanak Airport Patuanak SK
CKB3 Trail (Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital) Heliport Trail BC
CKB4 Otter Lake Water Aerodrome Otter Lake SK
CKB5 Sandy Bay Water Aerodrome Sandy Bay SK
CKB6 YAX Angling Lake/Wapekeka Airport Wapekeka ON
CKB7 Roblin Airport Roblin MB
CKB8 Silver Falls Airport Silver Falls MB
CKB9 Shoal Lake Water Aerodrome Shoal Lake MB
CKC2 Points North Landing Water Aerodrome Points North Landing SK
CKC4 Calgary/K. Coffey Residence Heliport Calgary AB
CKC5 Selkirk Water Aerodrome Selkirk MB
CKC6 Lanigan Airport Lanigan SK
CKC7 Rockglen Airport Rockglen SK
CKC8 Somerset Aerodrome Somerset MB
CKC9 Pangman Airport Pangman SK
CKD2 Porcupine Plain Airport Porcupine Plain SK
CKD3 Lynn Lake (Eldon Lake) Water Aerodrome Lynn Lake MB
CKD5 Kipling Airport Kipling SK
CKD6 Thompson Water Aerodrome Thompson MB
CKD7 Roland (Graham Field) Airport Roland MB
CKD8 Kirkfield/Balsam Lake Aerodrome Kirkfield ON
CKD9 Slate Falls Airport Slate Falls ON
CKE2 Quill Lake Airport Quill Lake SK
CKE4 Pelican Narrows Water Aerodrome Pelican Narrows SK
CKE5 Sandy Lake Water Aerodrome Sandy Lake ON
CKE6 Thunder Bay Water Aerodrome Thunder Bay ON
CKE8 Unity Aerodrome Unity SK
CKE9 Nipigon (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport Nipigon ON
CKF2 Radville Airport Radville SK
CKF3 Atikokan (General Hospital) Heliport Atikokan ON
CKF4 Goodsoil Airport Goodsoil SK
CKF5 Kashabowie/Upper Shebandowan Lake Water Aerodrome Kashabowie ON
CKF6 MacGregor Airfield MacGregor MB
CKF7 Sioux Lookout Heliport Sioux Lookout ON
CKF9 De Lesseps Lake Airport De Lesseps Lake ON
CKG2 Riverton Airport Riverton MB
CKG4 Pickle Lake Water Aerodrome Pickle Lake ON
CKG5 Manitou Airport Manitou MB
CKG6 Uranium City Water Aerodrome Uranium City SK
CKG8 Kakabeka Falls Airport Kakabeka Falls ON
CKH3 Debden Airport Debden SK
CKH5 Killam (Health Centre) Heliport Killam AB
CKH6 Vermilion Bay Water Aerodrome Vermilion Bay ON
CKH8 Lumsden (Colhoun) Airport Lumsden SK
CKH9 Kelowna (General Hospital) Heliport Kelowna BC
CKJ2 Rosenort Airport Rosenort MB
CKJ3 McGavock Lake Water Aerodrome McGavock Lake MB
CKJ5 Silver Falls Water Aerodrome Silver Falls MB
CKJ7 Starbuck Airport Starbuck MB
CKJ8 Molson Lake Airport Molson Lake MB
CKJ9 Lemberg Airport Lemberg SK
CKK2 St. Brieux Airport St. Brieux SK
CKK3 Coronach/Scobey Border Station Airport Coronach/Scobey, Montana SKB
CKK7 Steinbach (South) Airport Steinbach MB
CKK8 Staunton Lake Water Aerodrome Staunton Lake ON
CKL2 Selkirk Airport Selkirk MB
CKL3 WNN Wunnumin Lake Airport Wunnumin Lake First Nation ON
CKL4 Kennisis Lake/Jenny's Landing Water Aerodrome Kennisis Lake ON
CKL5 Shoal Lake Airport Shoal Lake MB
CKL6 Little Bear Lake Airport Little Bear Lake SK
CKL8 Upsala Heliport Upsala ON
CKL9 Regina Beach Airport Regina Beach SK
CKM4 Jan Lake Airport Jan Lake SK
CKM5 Snow Lake Water Aerodrome Snow Lake MB
CKM6 Easterville Airport Easterville MB
CKM7 Thompson Heliport Thompson MB
CKM8 Opapimiskan Lake Airport Musselwhite mine ON
CKM9 Kentville (Camp Aldershot) Heliport Kentville NS
CKN2 Kingston Water Aerodrome Kingston ON
CKN5 Fillmore Airport Fillmore SK
CKN8 Nekweaga Bay Airport Nekweaga Bay SK
CKO2 Kashabowie Outposts (Eva Lake) Water Aerodrome Kashabowie ON
CKP2 Spring Valley (North) Airport Spring Valley SK
CKP3 Minaki/Pistol Lake Water Aerodrome Minaki ON
CKP4 Kirkfield (Palestine) Aerodrome Kirkfield ON
CKP5 Southend Water Aerodrome Southend SK
CKP6 Round Lake (Weagamow Lake) Water Aerodrome Round Lake ON
CKP7 Kapuskasing (Sensenbrenner Hospital) Heliport Kapuskasing ON
CKP8 Obre Lake/North of Sixty Water Aerodrome North of Sixty Fishing Camps NT
CKQ3 YNO North Spirit Lake Airport North Spirit Lake ON
CKQ4 Rainy River Water Aerodrome Rainy River ON
CKQ5 Lucky Lake Airport Lucky Lake SK
CKQ6 Erickson Municipal Airport Erickson MB
CKQ7 Vermilion Bay Airport Machin ON
CKQ8 McArthur River Airport McArthur River uranium mine SK
CKQ9 Pine Dock Airport Pine Dock MB
CKR4 Lundar Airport Lundar MB
CKR7 Virden (Gabrielle Farm) Airport Virden MB
CKR9 Outlook Airport Outlook SK
CKS2 Kennisis Lake/Francis Water Aerodrome Kennisis Lake ON
CKS4 Red Lake (Howey Bay) Water Aerodrome Red Lake ON
CKS7 Wadena Airport Wadena SK
CKS8 Cree Lake/Crystal Lodge (Midgett Field) Aerodrome Cree Lake SK
CKS9 Kincardine/Shepherd's Landing Airport Kincardine ON
CKT3 Nestor Falls Water Aerodrome Nestor Falls ON
CKT4 Red Sucker Lake Water Aerodrome Red Sucker Lake MB
CKT6 Saint-Remi-d'Amherst/Kanata Tremblant Resort Heliport Saint-Remi-d'Amherst QC
CKT7 Wakaw Airport Wakaw SK
CKT8 Pine Dock Water Aerodrome Pine Dock MB
CKU2 Treherne Airport Treherne MB
CKU6 Grenfell Airport Grenfell SK
CKU7 Watrous Airport Watrous SK
CKV2 Kelvington Airport Kelvington SK
CKV3 Dryden Best Western Heliport Dryden ON
CKV4 YDW Obre Lake/North of Sixty Airport North of Sixty Fishing Camps NT
CKV5 Stewart Lake Water Aerodrome Stewart Lake ON
CKV6 Churchbridge Airport Churchbridge SK
CKV8 Kentville (Valley Regional Hospital) Heliport Kentville NS
CKV9 Fort Vermilion/Country Gardens B&B Heliport Fort Vermilion AB
CKW3 Nestor Falls/Sabaskong Bay Water Aerodrome Nestor Falls ON
CKW5 Stony Rapids Water Aerodrome Stony Rapids SK
CKW7 Kirkfield/Balsam Lake Seaplane Base Kirkfield ON
CKW8 Knee Lake Water Aerodrome Knee Lake MB
CKX4 Fisher Branch Airport Fisher Branch MB
CKX5 Dinsmore Aerodrome Dinsmore SK
CKX8 Big River Airport Big River SK
CKY2 Whitewood Airport Whitewood SK
CKY3 Norway House Water Aerodrome Norway House MB
CKY4 Killarney (Killarney Mountain Lodge) Water Aerodrome Killarney ON
CKY8 Cochrane/Arkayla Springs Airport Cochrane AB
CKZ3 Elk Island Airport Elk Island MB
CKZ6 Crystal City-Pilot Mound/Louise Municipal Airport Crystal City MB
CKZ7 Winkler Aerodrome Winkler MB


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