List of Canadian airports by location indicator: CJ

This is a list of all Nav Canada certified and registered water and land airports, aerodromes and heliports in the provinces and territories of Canada sorted by location identifier.[1][2]

They are listed in the format:

  • Location indicator – IATA – Airport name (alternate name) – Airport location

CA – Canada- CAN

Also see airport category and list.

TC LID   IATA   Airport name   Community   Province or
CJA2 Selkirk Aerodrome Selkirk ON
CJA3 Morden Regional Aerodrome Morden MB
CJA5 Nestor Falls Airport Nestor Falls ON
CJA6 Minaki Aerodrome Minaki ON
CJA7 Arcola Airport Arcola SK
CJA9 Hudson Water Aerodrome Hudson ON
CJB2 Carman/Friendship Field Airport Carman MB
CJB3 Steinbach Airport Steinbach MB
CJB5 Moosomin/Marshall McLeod Field Airport Moosomin SK
CJB6 Gods Lake Airport Gods Lake MB
CJB7 Buffalo Narrows Water Aerodrome Buffalo Narrows SK
CJB8 Kyle Airport Kyle SK
CJC2 Craik Airport Craik SK
CJC3 Davidson Municipal Airport Davidson SK
CJC4 Central Butte Airport Central Butte SK
CJC5 Shaunavon Airport Shaunavon SK
CJC6 Hafford Airport Hafford SK
CJC7 Burditt Lake Water Aerodrome Burditt Lake ON
CJC8 Laurie River Airport Laurie River MB
CJD2 Cudworth Municipal Airport Cudworth SK
CJD3 Birch Hills Airport Birch Hills SK
CJD5 Leader Airport Leader SK
CJD6 Sand Point Lake Water Aerodrome Sand Point Lake ON
CJD7 Cambridge Bay Water Aerodrome Cambridge Bay NU
CJD8 Dryden Water Aerodrome Dryden ON
CJD9 Ignace Water Aerodrome Ignace ON
CJE2 Dore Lake Airport Dore Lake SK
CJE3 Weyburn Airport Weyburn SK
CJE4 Snow Lake Airport Snow Lake MB
CJE5 Glaslyn Airport Glaslyn SK
CJE7 Ashern Airport Ashern MB
CJE8 Ear Falls Water Aerodrome Ear Falls ON
CJF2 Carignan/Rivère l'Acadie Water Aerodrome Carignan QC
CJF3 Île-à-la-Crosse Airport Île-à-la-Crosse SK
CJF4 Buffalo (Jaques Farms) Aerodrome Buffalo AB
CJF6 Armstrong Water Aerodrome Armstrong ON
CJF8 Biggar Airport Biggar SK
CJG2 Eatonia (Elvie Smith) Municipal Airport Eatonia SK
CJG4 Wrong Lake Airport Wrong Lake MB
CJG6 Kenora (Lake of The Woods District Hospital) Heliport Kenora ON
CJH3 Maidstone Aerodrome Maidstone SK
CJH6 Atikokan Water Aerodrome Atikokan ON
CJH8 Leask Airport Leask SK
CJJ2 Glenboro Airport Glenboro MB
CJJ3 Wildwood/Loche Mist Farms Aerodrome Wildwood AB
CJJ4 Deloraine Airport Deloraine MB
CJJ5 Cabri Airport Cabri SK
CJJ7 Churchill Water Aerodrome Churchill MB
CJJ8 Macklin Airport Macklin SK
CJK2 Gunisao Lake Airport Gunisao Lake MB
CJK3 Beauval Airport Beauval SK
CJK4 Esterhazy Airport Esterhazy SK
CJK5 Gull Lake Airport Gull Lake SK
CJK6 Baker Lake Water Aerodrome Baker Lake NU
CJK8 Flin Flon/Channing Water Aerodrome Flin Flon MB
CJK9 Preeceville Airport Preeceville SK
CJL2 Hatchet Lake Airport Hatchet Lake SK
CJL4 La Loche Airport La Loche SK
CJL5 Winnipeg/Lyncrest Airport Lyncrest MB
CJL6 Altona Municipal Airport Altona MB
CJL7 Confederation Lake Water Aerodrome Confederation Lake ON
CJL8 Kasba Lake Airport Kasba Lake NT
CJL9 Radisson Airport Radisson SK
CJM2 Ituna Airport Ituna SK
CJM4 Gravelbourg Airport Gravelbourg SK
CJM5 Frontier Airport Frontier SK
CJM6 Arborfield Airport Arborfield SK
CJM8 Fort Frances Water Aerodrome Fort Frances ON
CJM9 Kenora Water Aerodrome Kenora ON
CJN2 Kamsack Airport Kamsack SK
CJN3 Ignace (MBCHC) Heliport Ignace ON
CJN4 Assiniboia Airport Assiniboia SK
CJN5 Saskatoon/Banga International Air Aerodrome Saskatoon SK
CJN7 Little Churchill River/Dunlop's Fly In Lodge Aerodrome Little Church River MB
CJN8 Fort Reliance Water Aerodrome Fort Reliance NT
CJO2 Joliette/Saint-Thomas Aerodrome Saint-Thomas QC
CJO3 Kars/Jenkins Cove Water Aerodrome Kars NB
CJP2 Kerrobert Airport Kerrobert SK
CJP3 Savant Lake (Sturgeon Lake) Water Aerodrome Savant Lake ON
CJP4 Saskatoon (Jim Pattison Children's Hospital) Heliport Saskatoon SK
CJP5 Kasba Lake Water Aerodrome Kasba Lake NT
CJP6 Camsell Portage Airport Camsell Portage SK
CJP7 Bird River (Lac du Bonnet) Airport Lac Du Bonnet MB
CJP8 Gillam Water Aerodrome Gillam MB
CJP9 Charlot River Airport Charlot River Power Station SK
CJQ2 Lampman Airport Lampman SK
CJQ3 Carlyle Airport Carlyle SK
CJQ4 Maple Creek Airport Maple Creek SK
CJQ6 JQ6 Tanquary Fiord Airport Tanquary Fiord NU
CJQ8 Maryfield Aerodrome Maryfield SK
CJQ9 Big Sand Lake Airport Big Sand Lake MB
CJR2 Luseland Airport Luseland SK
CJR3 The Pas/Grace Lake Airport The Pas MB
CJR4 Eston Airport Eston SK
CJR5 Gladstone Aerodrome Glandstone MB
CJR7 Canora Airport Canora SK
CJR8 McCreary Airport McCreary MB
CJS2 Malcolm Island Airport Malcolm Island SK
CJS4 Moose Jaw Municipal Airport Moose Jaw SK
CJS5 Killarney Municipal Airport Killarney MB
CJS6 Big Hook Wilderness Camp Water Aerodrome Opasquia Provincial Park ON
CJS7 Carman (South) Airport Carman MB
CJS9 Lac du Bonnet (North) Water Aerodrome Lac du Bonnet MB
CJT3 Knee Lake Airport Knee Lake MB
CJT4 Cumberland House Airport Cumberland House SK
CJT5 Melita Airport Melita MB
CJT8 Homewood Airport Homewood MB
CJT9 Leoville Airport Leoville SK
CJU3 Macdonald Airport MacDonald MB
CJU4 Humboldt Airport Humboldt SK
CJU5 Minnedosa Airport Minnedosa MB
CJU6 Arborg Airport Arborg MB
CJU7 Edam Airport Edam SK
CJU9 Lac La Croix Water Aerodrome Lac La Croix ON
CJV2 Neilburg Airport Neilburg SK
CJV5 Neepawa Airport Neepawa MB
CJV7 SUR Summer Beaver Airport Summer Beaver ON
CJV8 Grand Rapids Aerodrome Grand Rapids MB
CJV9 Melville Municipal Airport Melville SK
CJW2 Oxbow Airport Oxbow SK
CJW3 Loon Lake Airport Loon Lake SK
CJW4 Pelican Narrows Airport Pelican Narrows SK
CJW5 Russell Airport Russell MB
CJW7 Cigar Lake Airport Cigar Lake Mine SK
CJW8 Gunisao Lake Water Aerodrome Gunisao Lake MB
CJX3 La Ronge Heliport La Ronge SK
CJX4 Rosetown Airport Rosetown SK
CJX5 Souris Glenwood Industrial Air Park Souris MB
CJX6 Bird River Water Aerodrome Lac Du Bonnet MB
CJX8 Hatchet Lake Water Aerodrome Hatchet Lake SK
CJY3 YTT Tisdale Airport Tisdale SK
CJY4 Sandy Bay Airport Sandy Bay SK
CJY5 Strathclair Airport Strathclair MB
CJY6 Bissett Water Aerodrome Bissett MB
CJZ2 Portage la Prairie (North) Airport Portage la Prairie MB
CJZ3 Melfort (Miller Field) Aerodrome Melfort SK
CJZ4 Shellbrook Airport Shellbrook SK
CJZ6 Black Lake Water Aerodrome Camp Grayling SK
CJZ9 La Ronge Water Aerodrome La Ronge SK


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