List of airports in the Fort McMurray area

Fort McMurray is located in Alberta
Fort McMurray
Fort McMurray
Location in Alberta

The following active airports serve the area around Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada:[1]

Airport name ICAO/TC LID (IATA) Location Coordinates
Fort McMurray International Airport CYMM (YMM) Fort McMurray 56°39′12″N 111°13′24″W / 56.65333°N 111.22333°W / 56.65333; -111.22333 (Fort McMurray Airport)
Fort McMurray Water Aerodrome CES7 Fort McMurray 56°44′00″N 111°22′00″W / 56.73333°N 111.36667°W / 56.73333; -111.36667 (Fort McMurray Water Aerodrome)
Fort McMurray (Legend) Aerodrome CLG7 Athabasca oil sands 57°11′49″N 112°53′44″W / 57.19694°N 112.89556°W / 57.19694; -112.89556 (Fort McMurray (Legend) Aerodrome)
Fort McMurray/Mildred Lake Airport CER4 Fort McMurray 57°03′20″N 111°34′26″W / 57.05556°N 111.57389°W / 57.05556; -111.57389 (Fort McMurray/Mildred Lake Airport)
Fort McMurray (North Liege) Aerodrome CNL2 Athabasca oil sands 57°08′10″N 113°17′23″W / 57.13611°N 113.28972°W / 57.13611; -113.28972 (Fort McMurray (North Liege) Aerodrome)
Fort McMurray (South Liege) Aerodrome CLS3 Athabasca oil sands 56°49′46″N 113°05′55″W / 56.82944°N 113.09861°W / 56.82944; -113.09861 (Fort McMurray (South Liege) Aerodrome)
Anzac (Long Lake) Heliport CNZ2 Anzac 56°25′27″N 110°57′52″W / 56.42417°N 110.96444°W / 56.42417; -110.96444 (Anzac (Long Lake) Heliport)

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