List of airports in the Campbell River area

Campbell River is located in British Columbia
Campbell River
Campbell River
Location in British Columbia

This is a list of airports in the Campbell River area of British Columbia, Canada:[1][2]

Airport name   ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Campbell River Airport CYBL (YBL) Campbell River 49°57′03″N 125°16′15″W / 49.95083°N 125.27083°W / 49.95083; -125.27083 (Campbell River Airport)
Campbell River (Campbell River & District Hospital) Heliport CAT6 Campbell River 50°00′31″N 125°14′34″W / 50.00861°N 125.24278°W / 50.00861; -125.24278 (Campbell River (Campbell River & District Hospital) Heliport)
Campbell River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport CCR6 Campbell River 50°02′30″N 125°16′30″W / 50.04167°N 125.27500°W / 50.04167; -125.27500 (Campbell River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport)
Campbell River (Sealand Aviation) Heliport CSL4 Campbell River 49°57′03″N 125°15′51″W / 49.95083°N 125.26417°W / 49.95083; -125.26417 (Campbell River (Sealand Aviation) Heliport)
Campbell River Water Aerodrome (Campbell River Harbour Airport) CAE3 (YHH) Campbell River 50°03′00″N 125°15′00″W / 50.05000°N 125.25000°W / 50.05000; -125.25000 (Campbell River Water Aerodrome)

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