2007 Gibraltar general election

2007 Gibraltar general election

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All 17 seats in the Gibraltar Parliament
9 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Peter Caruana Joe Bossano
Party Social Democrats Alliance
Last election 51.45%, 8 seats 39.69%, 7 seats
Seats won 10 7
Seat change Increase 2 Steady
Popular vote 76,334 70,397
Percentage 49.33% 45.49%

Chief Minister before election

Peter Caruana
Social Democrats

Elected Chief Minister

Peter Caruana
Social Democrats

General elections were held in Gibraltar on 11 October 2007.[1] The incumbent Chief Minister Peter Caruana narrowly won a fourth term, but opposition leader Joe Bossano had a very strong showing.[2][3] Joe Bossano noted that this would be his last term as an MP,[4] and joked that he would not join the government, despite receiving a higher personal vote than some members of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD).

The GSD had ten candidates (all of whom were elected), Bossano's party the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party (GSLP) had seven candidates (four of whom were elected) and the Liberal Party of Gibraltar (LPG) led by Dr. Joseph Garcia had three candidates (all of whom were elected). The Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) fielded six candidates, five of whom obtained the fewest votes in the election after a lacklustre campaign. Two independents were unable to break through Gibraltar's party block vote system but did relatively well. They were the right wing lawyer Charles Gomez of New Gibraltar Democracy and Richard Martinez of the Parental Support Group.

An exit poll organised by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) gave victory to the GSLP/Liberal coalition, but as counting progressed this proved incorrect.

Party slogans and election logos

Party or alliance Slogan
GSD "You know you can trust the GSD"
GSLP/Libs Alliance "Looking after all our PEOPLE!"
Progressive Democratic Party "A Fresh Start"


Party or allianceVotes%Seats+/–
Gibraltar Social Democrats76,33449.3310+2
AllianceGibraltar Socialist Labour Party49,27731.844–1
Liberal Party of Gibraltar21,12013.653+1
Progressive Democratic Party5,7993.750New
New Gibraltar Democracy1,2100.780New
Total votes16,004
Registered voters/turnout19,66081.40
Source: Parliament, Parliament

By Candidates

Candidate Party Alliance Votes Notes
Peter Caruana GSD 8333 Elected
Fabian Vinet GSD 7810 Elected
James Netto GSD 7755 Elected
Ernest Britto GSD 7669 Elected
Joseph Holliday GSD 7666 Elected
Clive Beltran GSD 7642 Elected
Joseph Bossano GSLP GSLP-Liberal Alliance 7561 Elected
Yvette Del Agua GSD 7422 Elected
Daniel Feetham GSD 7419 Elected
Fabian Picardo GSLP GSLP-Liberal Alliance 7376 Elected
Luis Montiel GSD 7347 Elected
Edwin Reyes GSD 7271 Elected
Joseph Garcia LPG GSLP-Liberal Alliance 7225 Elected
Gilbert Licudi GSLP GSLP-Liberal Alliance 7149 Elected
Charles Bruzon GSLP GSLP-Liberal Alliance 7049 Elected
Neil Costa LPG GSLP-Liberal Alliance 6999 Elected
Steven Linares LPG GSLP-Liberal Alliance 6896 Elected
Paul Balban GSLP GSLP-Liberal Alliance 6782
Maribel Chellaram Hathiramani GSLP GSLP-Liberal Alliance 6688
Lucio Randall GSLP GSLP-Liberal Alliance 6672
Keith Azopardi PDP 2163
Charles Gomez NGD Independent Candidate 1210
Richard Martinez Independent Parents Support Group 1003
Nick Cruz PDP 908
Gavin Gafan PDP 711
Rosemarie Peach PDP 684
Moira Walsh PDP 674
Giselle Sene PDP 659


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