1988 Gibraltar general election

1988 Gibraltar general election

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15 seats in the House of Assembly
8 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Joe Bossano Adolfo Canepa
Party Socialist Labour AACR
Seats won 8 7
Popular vote 60,626 30,562
Percentage 58.22% 29.35%

Chief Minister before election

Adolfo Canepa

Elected Chief Minister

Joe Bossano
Socialist Labour

General elections were held in Gibraltar on 24 March 1988. The elections were a watershed in Gibraltar politics, as they saw the first win by the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party (GSLP), led by Joe Bossano, whose candidates took 58% of the popular vote and eight of the fifteen seats available in the Gibraltar House of Assembly. Bossano's party took control away from the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights (AACR), under outgoing Chief Minister Adolfo Canepa. The AACR had been the dominant political party in Gibraltar politics for over forty years and had won every election but one since 1945. After this, it was never to win another general election, while Bossano was to remain in office continuously for eight years, from 25 March 1988 to 17 May 1996.


Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party60,62658.228+1
Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights30,56229.357–1
Independent Democrats12,94712.430New
Total votes13,473
Registered voters/turnout17,53076.86
Source: Gibraltar Elections, Parliament

By candidate

The first fifteen candidates were elected to the House of Assembly.

Candidate Party Votes
Joe Bossano Socialist Labour Party 8,128
Joseph Ernest Pilcher Socialist Labour Party 7,673
Joseph Louis Baldachino Socialist Labour Party 7,568
Joseph Louis Moss Socialist Labour Party 7,510
Maria Isabel Montegriffo Socialist Labour Party 7,507
Michael Alfred Feetham Socialist Labour Party 7,505
Robert Mor Socialist Labour Party 7,496
Juan Carlos Perez Socialist Labour Party 7,239
Adolfo Canepa AACR 4,422
Peter Cecil Montegriffo AACR 4,356
Maurice Kenneth Featherstone AACR 3,706
George Mascarenhas AACR 3,698
Ernest Michael Britto AACR 3,640
Reggie Valarino AACR 3,626
Kenneth Bartlett Anthony AACR 3,595
Terry Cartwright AACR 3,519
Joseph Louis Pitaluga Independent Democrats 2,091
Marisa Desoiza Independent Democrats 1,842
Gladys Perez Independent Democrats 1,689
Joseph Bautista Independent Democrats 1,503
Richard Michael Desoiza Independent Democrats 1,497
James Dominic Rosado Independent Democrats 1,464
Richard B. Pitaluga Independent Democrats 1,443
Joseph Louis Olivero Independent Democrats 1,418
Source: Parliament of Gibraltar


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