2019 Gibraltar general election

2019 Gibraltar general election

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All 17 seats in the Gibraltar Parliament
9 seats needed for a majority
Turnout70.84% (Increase0.07pp)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Fabian Picardo Keith Azopardi Marlene Hassan-Nahon
Party Alliance Social Democrats Together Gibraltar
Last election 68.44%, 10 seats 31.56%, 7 seats
Seats won 10 6 1
Seat change Steady Decrease1 New
Popular vote 83,122 40,453 32,455
Percentage 52.50% 25.55% 20.50%
Swing Decrease15.94pp Decrease6.01pp New

Chief Minister before election

Fabian Picardo
Socialist Labour

Elected Chief Minister

Fabian Picardo
Socialist Labour

General elections were held in Gibraltar on 17 October 2019 to elect all 17 members to the fourth Gibraltar Parliament. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced the date of the election on Monday 16 September 2019.[1] On September 2019, it was announced that Libs MP and GSLP/Libs Minister, Neil Costa, would not seek re-election and had his candidacy and seat replaced by Vijay Daryanani of the same party.

The GSLP–Liberal Alliance won their third consecutive election, retaining their majority in the Parliament. Fabian Picardo was returned as Chief Minister of Gibraltar. However both the governing GSLP–Liberal Alliance and the opposition Gibraltar Social Democrats lost votes to new party Together Gibraltar, which won one seat from the GSD.[2]

Timing and procedure

Under section 38(2) of the Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006, the parliament must be dissolved four years after its first meeting following the last election (unless the Chief Minister advises the Governor of Gibraltar to dissolve parliament sooner). Under section 37 of the Constitution, writs for a general election must be issued within thirty days of the dissolution and the general election must then be held no later than three months after the issuing of a writ.[3][4] In September 2019, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo formally asked Governor Ed Davis to dissolve parliament and call an election for 17 October 2019.[1] Following the British tradition, elections in Gibraltar conventionally take place on a Thursday.

MPs were elected through limited voting.


The issue of Brexit (formerly due to take place exactly two weeks after election day) was a major theme in the election campaign, with incumbent Chief Minister Fabian Picardo stating that the territory is ready for a 'no deal' Brexit.[5]

Party slogans

Party or alliance Slogan
GSLP/Libs Alliance "All Our Generations in Our Hearts"
GSD "The Gibraltar You Deserve"
Together Gibraltar "Believe in a better way"
Robert Vasquez "Your Fearless and Independent Voice"
John Charles Pons "Vote for: The Planet, Humanity, Youths' Future, Greta Thunberg"


Party or allianceVotes%Seats+/–
AllianceGibraltar Socialist Labour Party58,57637.0070
Liberal Party of Gibraltar24,54615.5030
Gibraltar Social Democrats40,45325.556–1
Together Gibraltar32,45520.501+1
Valid votes16,76797.85
Invalid/blank votes3682.15
Total votes17,135100.00
Registered voters/turnout24,18970.84
Source: Parliament, Parliament

By candidate

Candidate Party Alliance Votes Notes
Fabian Picardo GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 9,961 Elected
Joseph Garcia LPG GSLP–Liberal Alliance 9,672 Elected
John Cortes GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 9,003 Elected
Albert Isola GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 8,502 Elected
Joseph Bossano GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 8,374 Elected
Gilbert Licudi GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 8,293 Elected
Steven Linares LPG GSLP–Liberal Alliance 7,718 Elected
Paul Balban GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 7,251 Elected
Samantha Sacramento GSLP GSLP–Liberal Alliance 7,192 Elected
Vijay Daryanani LPG GSLP–Liberal Alliance 7,156 Elected
Marlene Hassan-Nahon TG None 5,639 Elected
Damon Bossino GSD None 4,868 Elected
Daniel Feetham GSD None 4,842 Elected
Keith Azopardi GSD None 4,711 Elected
Roy Clinton GSD None 4,342 Elected
Elliott Phillips GSD None 4,165 Elected
Edwin Reyes GSD None 3,840 Elected
Craig Sacarello TG None 3,805
Alfred Ballester GSD None 3,681
Joelle Ladislaus GSD None 3,484
Trevor Hammond GSD None 3,451 Unseated
Siân Jones TG None 3,345
John Montegriffo TG None 3,158
Orlando Yeats GSD None 3,069
Kamlesh Khubchand Daswani TG None 3,035
Neil Samtani TG None 2,889
Daniel Ghio TG None 2,780
Erika Pozo TG None 2,640
Jackie Anderson TG None 2,619
Tamsin Suarez TG None 2,545
Robert Vasquez Independent None 1,460
John Charles Pons Independent None 838
Source: Parliament of Gibraltar, Together Gibraltar Candidates


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