2009 European Parliament election in Gibraltar

2009 European Parliament election in Gibraltar

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Contributes towards 6 seats to the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Leader David Cameron Gordon Brown Nick Clegg
Party Conservative Labour Liberal Democrats
Alliance Social Democrats Socialist Labour Liberal
Leader since 6 December 2005 24 June 2007 18 December 2007
Popular vote 3,721 1,328 1,269
Percentage 53.30% 19.02% 18.18%
Swing Decrease17.37pp Increase9.42pp Increase10.47pp

European Parliament elections were held in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar (which formed part of the European Parliament constituency of South West England and Gibraltar) on 4 June 2009, with the results announced on 7 June 2009. The Conservatives won with 51% of the votes.[1] Turnout was 35% in Gibraltar, below the 39% for the electoral region as a whole. The turnout in the territory was significantly lower than the percentage from 2004, which was 58%.[1]


Conservative Party3,72153.30
Labour Party1,32819.02
Liberal Democrats1,26918.18
Green Party2243.21
British National Party941.35
Christian Party701.00
Socialist Labour Party560.80
English Democrats370.53
Pensioners Party260.37
Independent – Katie Hopkins150.21
Mebyon Kernow80.11
Fair Pay Fair Trade80.11
Jury Team60.09
Wai D Your Decision40.06
Pro Democracy30.04
Valid votes6,98197.42
Invalid/blank votes1852.58
Total votes7,166100.00
Registered voters/turnout20,41335.11
Source: Gibraltar Chronicle, Parliament


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