1992 Gibraltar general election

1992 Gibraltar general election

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15 seats in the House of Assembly
8 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Joe Bossano Peter Caruana
Party Socialist Labour Social Democrats
Seats won 8 7
Popular vote 65,997 18,263
Percentage 73.07% 20.22%

Chief Minister before election

Joe Bossano
Socialist Labour

Elected Chief Minister

Joe Bossano
Socialist Labour

General elections were held in Gibraltar on 16 January 1992. They were won by the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party led by Joe Bossano, whose candidates took 73.1% of the popular vote and eight of the 15 contested seats, retaining control of the Gibraltar House of Assembly.



Party Slogan
Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party "Gibraltar 2000"
Gibraltar Social Democrats
Gibraltar National Party


Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party65,99773.0780
Gibraltar Social Democrats18,26320.227New
Gibraltar National Party4,2094.660New
Independent AACR1,8472.0500
Total votes12,244
Registered voters/turnout17,08771.66
Source: Gibraltar Elections, Parliament

By candidate

The first fifteen candidates were elected to the House of Assembly.

Candidate Party Votes
BOSSANO, Joseph John Socialist Labour Party 9,228
BALDACHINO, Joseph Louis Socialist Labour Party 8,527
PEREZ, Juan Carlos Socialist Labour Party 8,188
MOR, Robert Socialist Labour Party 8,135
FEETHAM, Michael Alfred Socialist Labour Party 8,107
MONTEGRIFFO, Maria Isabel Socialist Labour Party 8,089
MOSS, Joseph Louis Socialist Labour Party 7,986
PILCHER, Joseph Ernest Socialist Labour Party 7,737
CARUANA, Peter Richard Social Democrats 3,065
VASQUEZ, Freddie Social Democrats 2,354
CORBY, Hubert Alfred Social Democrats 2,323
BRITTO, Ernest Michael Social Democrats 2,306
CUMMING, Peter Social Democrats 2,187
FRANCIS, Lewis Henry Social Democrats 2,167
RAMAGGE, Maurice Social Democrats 1,945
OCANA, Louis Social Democrats 1,916
VALARINO, Reginald G. Independent AACR 1,847
GARCIA, Joe National Party 944
GARCIA, Joseph John National Party 771
AZOPARDI, Keith National Party 765
CULATTO, Charles James National Party 452
BORDA, Paul Christopher James National Party 443
ARMSTRONG-EMERY, Lyana Patricia National Party 423
FERRO, James National Party 411


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