1996 Gibraltar general election

1996 Gibraltar general election

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15 seats in the House of Assembly
8 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Peter Caruana Joe Bossano
Party Social Democrats Socialist Labour
Seats won 8 7
Popular vote 66,190 54,463
Percentage 52.20% 42.95%

Chief Minister before election

Joe Bossano
Socialist Labour

Elected Chief Minister

Peter Caruana
Social Democrats

General elections were held in Gibraltar in May 1996. They were won by Peter Caruana's Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD), who took over 50% of the popular vote and eight of the 15 contested seats, defeating incumbent Joe Bossano's Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party.

Party slogans and election logos

Party or alliance Slogan
GSD "A Vision For Our Future And For Our Children"
GSLP "Into The 21st Century With The GSLP"


Gibraltar Social Democrats66,19052.208+1
Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party54,46342.957–1
Gibraltar National Party5,9324.6800
Total votes16,169
Registered voters/turnout18,43787.70
Source: Elections Today, Parliament

By candidate

The first fifteen candidates were elected to the House of Assembly.

Peter MontegriffoGibraltar Social Democrats8,5656.75
Peter CaruanaGibraltar Social Democrats8,5616.75
Bernard LinaresGibraltar Social Democrats8,3426.58
Hurbert CorbyGibraltar Social Democrats8,2636.52
Keith AzopardiGibraltar Social Democrats8,2066.47
Joe HollidayGibraltar Social Democrats8,0946.38
Ernest BrittoGibraltar Social Democrats8,0936.38
James NettoGibraltar Social Democrats8,0666.36
Joe BossanoGibraltar Socialist Labour Party7,3965.83
Joseph BaldachinoGibraltar Socialist Labour Party6,9405.47
Maria MontegriffoGibraltar Socialist Labour Party6,8765.42
Albert IsolaGibraltar Socialist Labour Party6,7685.34
Joshua GabayGibraltar Socialist Labour Party6,7425.32
Robert MorGibraltar Socialist Labour Party6,6615.25
Juan Carlos PerezGibraltar Socialist Labour Party6,5975.20
Clive Peter GoltGibraltar Socialist Labour Party6,4835.11
Joseph GarciaGibraltar National Party1,6791.32
Steven LinaresGibraltar National Party8090.64
Damon BossinoGibraltar National Party7940.63
Paul Christopher James BordaGibraltar National Party5520.44
Elio VictorGibraltar National Party5480.43
Lyana Patricia Armstrong-EmeryGibraltar National Party5430.43
Anthony Albert BalloquiGibraltar National Party5070.40
Annette TunbridgeGibraltar National Party5000.39
Peter Andrew CummingIndependent2140.17
Source: Gibraltar Elections


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