Speaker of the Gibraltar Parliament

Speaker of the
Gibraltar Parliament
Coat of arms of Gibraltar1.svg
Coat of arms of Gibraltar
Melvyn Farrell
since 19 November 2019
StyleMr. Speaker
(within Parliament)
The Right Honourable
ResidenceParliament House
AppointerGibraltar Parliament
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure (elected by the Commons at the start of each Parliament, and upon a vacancy)
Inaugural holderWilliam Thompson

The speaker of the Gibraltar Parliament is the presiding officer of the Gibraltar Parliament, the legislature of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. The current Speaker is Melvyn Farrell, who succeeded Adolfo Canepa on 19 November 2019


Below is a list of speakers of the Gibraltar Parliament:[1]

A Legislative Council, the predecessor of the parliament, was inaugurated on 23 November 1950. A Speaker was appointed in 1958.

Name Period
Presidents (The Governor of Gibraltar): 1950–1958
General Sir Kenneth Anderson, KCB, MC 1950–1952
General Sir Gordon MacMillan, KCB, CBE, DSO, MC 1952–1955
Lieutenant General Sir Harold Redman, KCB, CBE 1955–1958
Speakers 1958–1969
Major Joseph Patron OBE, MC, JP 1958–1964
William Thompson, OBE, JP 1964–1969
Legislature Began–ended Image Name Period
1st House of Assembly 1969–1972 The Hon. William Thompson, OBE, JP
The Hon. Alfred J. Vasquez, MA
2nd House of Assembly 1972–1976 The Hon. Alfred J. Vasquez, MA 1972–1976
3rd House of Assembly 1976–1980 The Hon. Alfred J. Vasquez, CBE, MA 1976–1980
4th House of Assembly 1980–1984 The Hon. Alfred J. Vasquez, CBE, MA 1980–1984
5th House of Assembly 1984–1988 The Hon. Alfred J. Vasquez, CBE, MA 1984–1988
6th House of Assembly 1988–1992 The Hon. Alfred J. Vasquez, CBE, QC, MA 1988–1992
7th House of Assembly 1992–1996 The Hon. Major Robert Peliza The Hon. Major Robert Peliza, OBE, ED 1992–1996
8th House of Assembly 1996–2000 The Hon. Judge John E. Alcantara, OBE 1996–2000
9th House of Assembly 23 February 2000 – 27 November 2003 The Hon. Judge John E. Alcantara, CBE 2000–2003
10th House of Assembly 18 December 2003 – 1 January 2007 The Hon. Judge John E. Alcantara, CBE
2003 – 2 July 2004
1st Parliament 11 October 2007 – 9 December 2011 The Hon. Haresh K. Budhrani, QC 2007–2011
2nd Parliament

3rd Parliament

21 December 2011 – 19 November 2019 The Hon. Adolfo Canepa The Hon. Adolfo Canepa, GMH, OBE, MP 2011–2019
4th Parliament 19 November 2019 – present The Hon. Melvyn Farrell 2019–


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