Government of Gibraltar

His Majesty's Government
of Gibraltar
Central Government
Country Gibraltar
The Crown
Head of stateKing Charles III
LegislatureParliament of Gibraltar
Head of governmentFabian Picardo
Headquarters6 Convent Place,
Main organCabinet of Gibraltar
CourtSupreme Court of Gibraltar

His Majesty's Government of Gibraltar is the democratically elected government of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. The head of state is King Charles III who is represented by the Governor. Elections in Gibraltar are held every four years, with a unicameral parliament of 18 members of which 17 members are elected by popular vote and one, the Speaker, appointed by Parliament.

The executive

The leader of the majority party (or majority coalition) is formally appointed by the governor as the Chief Minister (head of government).[1]

The legislature

The Cabinet (Council of Ministers) is generally formed by 9-10 of the 17 elected Members of Parliament, through choice made by the Chief Minister with the approval of the Governor.[2] The seven remaining members constitute the Opposition (Shadow Cabinet).[1]

The last general election was held on 12 October 2023.


The Cabinet (elected as from December 2011) and after the reshuffle, as announced by the Chief Minister after the 2023 general election.

Party Name Portfolio
GSLP Fabian Picardo MP KC
  • Chief Minister of Gibraltar
  • Responsibility for the Economy, Public Finance, Financial Stability, Digital Services and IT & Logistics Department
LPG Joseph Garcia MP
  • Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar
GSLP John Cortes MP MBE
  • Minister for Education, the Environment & Climate Change, Heritage, Transport & Traffic and Technical Services
  • Constituency MP for Alameda Estate and the South District
GSLP Christian Santos MP
  • Minister for Equality, Employment, Culture and Tourism
  • Constituency MP for Varyl Begg Estate, Sir William Jackson Grove and Mid Harbours
GSLP Nigel Feetham MP
  • Minister for Financial Services & Gaming and Justice
  • Constituency MP for Glacis Estate, Laguna Estate, Ocean Village and Bayside
GSLP Sir Joseph Bossano MP KCMG
  • Minister for Economic Development
  • Constituency MP with Special Responsibility for Senior Citizens
LPG Leslie Bruzon MP
  • Minister for Sports, Industrial Relations and Civil Contingencies
  • Constituency MP for the Eastside and Catalan Bay
GSLP Patricia Orfila MP
  • Minister for Housing
  • Constituency MP for Bayview area, Cumberland, Nelson's View, The Anchorage, Rosia Plaza, Rosia Dale and Europa Point
GSLP Gemma Arias-Vasquez MP KC
  • Minister for Health, Business, the Port, Town Planning and Public Utilities
  • Constituency MP for the Westside Area

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