Sangi Takht District

سنگ تخت
Sang-e-Takht is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan [1]
Coordinates: 34°11′24″N 65°54′36″E / 34.19000°N 65.91000°E / 34.19000; 65.91000
2,450 m (8,040 ft)

Sangi Takht or Sang‐e‐Takht (Dari: سنگ تخت), is a district in Daykundi Province in central Afghanistan.[2] It was created in 2005 from Daykundi district.

The Sangtakht-Bandar District has 290 villages. It has an area of 1,095 square kilometres (423 sq mi) and a population of 78,900. This district is limited by the Ghor Province and the Ashtarlay District of Daikundi.

The people of Sangtakht-Bandar District are typically farmers. This district lacks an asphalt road[citation needed] and its government office does not have the building.

A few villages in the district are Santakht, Bandar, Seyahchob, and Dorob.


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