Nirkh District

Country Afghanistan
ProvinceWardak Province
Control Taliban

Nirkh or Narkh is a district of about 480 square kilometres (185 sq. mi.) in the east of Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Its population was estimated at 57,000 in 2002, consisting of about 99% Pashtuns, % Tajiks and 1% Hazara. The district centre is Kane Ezzat.

During the presidency of Mohammed Daoud Khan in the 1970s, Nirkh District was planted with many fruit trees; however, these have since dried up in droughts.

Security and Politics

It was reported on 17 November 2009 that Afghan and NATO forces killed one farmer and a militant during an operation.[1]

It was reported on 20 November that a suspected militant was detained when several compounds used by the Taliban for IED and small arms attacks were searched. The incident occurred in Darmandyan.[2]

On 12 May 2021 it was captured by Taliban.[3]


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