Andkhoy District

Andkhoy District
Andkhoy District is located in Afghanistan
Andkhoy District
Andkhoy District
Location of the district center.
Coordinates: 36°57′N 65°07′E / 36.950°N 65.117°E / 36.950; 65.117Coordinates: 36°57′N 65°07′E / 36.950°N 65.117°E / 36.950; 65.117
Country Afghanistan
District CenterAndkhoy
 • ChiefSultan Mohammad Sanjer[1]
 • Taliban Shadow JudgeMaulawi Aref
 • Total381 km2 (147 sq mi)
 • Total44,715
 • Density120/km2 (300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4:30 (Afghanistan Standard Time)

Andkhoy District is a district in Faryab Province, Afghanistan. The district center is Andkhoy, and there are a total of 81 villages in the district.[2] Most people farm or raise livestock in the district. The district is considered to be government-influenced, as opposed to the Taliban.[4]


AH76 connects this district to the provincial capital of Maymana and the capital of Jowzjan province, Sheberghan, among other places.[5] However, the road from Maymana to Andkhoy is currently contested by an armed group, affecting the people.[6] The road is considered one of the worst in Afghanistan. The Shirin Tagab River flows through the district.[7]


The district is surrounded by five other districts: Khani Chahar Bagh, Khwaja Du Koh, Dawlatabad, Qaramqol, and Qurghan. Khwaja Du Koh is located in Jowzjan Province.[8] The district used to border Turkmenistan.


Most people are engaged in agriculture and livestock activities. The main crops are wheat, barley, maize and potatoes. There is a lack of irrigation systems, fertilizers, pesticides, and a trade center.

There is also a rug-and-carpet industry, leather factories, tailoring, and embroidery.[2]

Education, Healthcare, and Government

There are 11 schools in the district, but they are underfunded, underskilled, understaffed, and undersupplied.

The district has health centers, pharmacies, and a 20-bed hospital, but there is a lack of ambulances and trained doctors.

The Afghan Government has strong control over the area, so most people use that judicial system. However, the Taliban still appointed a shadow judge.[9] There is also widespread corruption among government officials in Andkhoy.[2]


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