Bakwa District

Bakwa is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 32°15′05″N 62°57′27″E / 32.25139°N 62.95750°E / 32.25139; 62.95750
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceFarah Province
 • Total79,529
ControlAfghanistan Taliban
Bakwa District Center Bazaar on Route 515

Bakwa is a district in Farah Province, Afghanistan. Its population, which is majority Pashtun with a Tajik minority, was estimated at 79,529 in November 2004. The district center is Sultani Bakwa. It is situated at an altitude of 726 m.

War in Afghanistan

According to the Afghan government, airstrikes in 2019 against the Taliban in the district destroyed 68 drug labs and killed 150 insurgents. Governor Abdul Ghafoor Mujahid claimed 45 civilians were killed in the strikes, which Defense spokesman Qais Mangal denied.[1]

In 2021, the Taliban captured the district as part of the 2021 Taliban offensive.



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