Nili District

Nili is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan [1]
Coordinates: 33°45′36″N 66°04′48″E / 33.76000°N 66.08000°E / 33.76000; 66.08000Coordinates: 33°45′36″N 66°04′48″E / 33.76000°N 66.08000°E / 33.76000; 66.08000
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceDaykundi Province
CapitalNili city
 • Total445 km2 (172 sq mi)
2,022 m (6,634 ft)
 • Total30,058

Nili (Dari: نیلی) is a district in Daykundi Province, Afghanistan.[2] The main town in the district, also called Nili, serves as the capital of Daykundi Province. The town of Nili has a small airport (heliport) with a gravel runway and a commercial radio station. The weather conditions in the winter are severe and the roads are difficult.

Nili district shares borders with volatile Gizab District, which was reported to have many Taliban insurgents roaming around. Beyond the provincial seat of Nili town, the other villages of Nili district are: Dasht, Sari Nili, Pai Nili, Ghudar, Qol Qadir, Qom Ahmad Baeg, Ijdi, Shish, Kohna Deyh and Sangmom.

Due to Nili's geographical inaccessibility and acute security problems, it was not until April 2007 that the United Nations opened an office in Nili of UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan).[3]


District profile:[4]

Notable people

Azra Jafari speaking during a high peace council in April 2012 is the mayor of Nili District, thus becoming Afghanistan's first female mayor.

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