Shahidi Hassas District

شهید حساس
Shahid-e-Hassas is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 32°55′12″N 65°28′48″E / 32.92000°N 65.48000°E / 32.92000; 65.48000Coordinates: 32°55′12″N 65°28′48″E / 32.92000°N 65.48000°E / 32.92000; 65.48000
Country Afghanistan

Shahidi Hassas District (also called Caher Cineh - pronounced char chineh) is a district of Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.[1]


Since 2006 government presence has gradually been reduced to a radius of five km around the district centre. In the Tagab area there has been no government presence at all since 2006.[2]


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