Districts of Turkmenistan

Districts of Turkmenistan

The districts of Turkmenistan (Turkmen: etraplar, sing. etrap) are territorial entities below the provinces of Turkmenistan (Turkmen: welaýatlar, sing. welaýat). They may be counties, cities, or boroughs of cities. The heads of the districts (Turkmen: häkim, translated as "governor" for districts of a welaýat and "mayor" for cities or boroughs of a city) are appointed by the President of Turkmenistan (Constitution of Turkmenistan, Articles 80-81).

Regarding cities "with district status" (Turkmen: etrap hukukly), by Turkmen law, "...such cities must have population over 30,000 and be the administrative center of a province (welaýat); headed by a presidentially appointed häkim." Though this officially limits the possible number of such cities to five (the number of provinces), in reality other cities are periodically accorded the status of a district. As of 5 January 2018, 11 cities in Turkmenistan enjoyed the status of districts, including four of the five provincial (welaýat) centers. One city, the capital city of Ashgabat, enjoys the status of a province.[1]

Two cities in Turkmenistan feature subordinate districts headed by mayors. Such districts are best rendered into English as "boroughs" to distinguish them from municipal districts without their own governments, which are also called etraplar in Turkmen (but are called микрорайоны in Russian). Ashgabat has four boroughs and Turkmenbashy has two.

List of districts by first-level entity

Aşgabat City

See also Map of the Boroughs of Ashgabat

As of January 5, 2018, Ashgabat includes four boroughs (uly etraplar):[2][3][4][5][6][7]

  1. Bagtyýarlyk etraby (formerly President Niyazov, Lenin District, expanded to include former Ruhabat District plus new territory)
  2. Berkararlyk etraby (formerly Azatlyk, Sovetskiy District)
  3. Büzmeýin etraby (formerly Abadan District, expanded to include former Arçabil and Çandybil Districts)
  4. Köpetdag etraby (formerly Proletarskiy District)

This number is a reduction from the previous number of boroughs.

Ahal Province

  1. Ak bugdaý (formerly Gäwers)
  2. Babadaýhan
  3. Bäherden (formerly Baharly)
  4. Gökdepe
  5. Kaka
  6. Sarahs
  7. Tejen[8][9]

Balkan Province

  • County Districts:
  1. Bereket (previously Gazanjik)
  2. Esenguly
  3. Etrek (previously Gyzyletrek)
  4. Magtymguly (previously Garry Gala)
  5. Serdar (previously Gyzylarvat)
  6. Türkmenbaşy
  1. Awaza etraby
  2. Kenar etraby[9][10][11][12][13][14]

Daşoguz Province

See also Map of Districts (Etraplar) of Dashoguz Province

  1. Akdepe
  2. Boldumsaz
  3. Görogly (formerly Tagta)
  4. Gubadag
  5. Gurbansoltan Eje (formerly Ýylanly)
  6. Köneurgenç
  7. Ruhubelent
  8. S.A. Nyýazow (formerly Dashoguz/Dashowuz)
  9. Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy[9][15][16]

Lebap Province

  1. Çärjew (formerly Türkmenabat/Serdarabat)
  2. Dänew (formerly Galkynyş)
  3. Darganata (formerly Birata)
  4. Döwletli (territory of former Beýik Türkmenbaşy adyndaky etrap was included in November 2017)
  5. Farap
  6. Halaç
  7. Hojambaz
  8. Kerki (formerly Atamyrat)
  9. Köýtendag (formerly Çarşaňňy)
  10. Saýat[9][17]

Mary Province

  1. Baýramaly
  2. Garagum
  3. Mary
  4. Murgap
  5. Oguzhan (formerly Nyýazow)
  6. Sakarçäge
  7. Serhetabat (formerly Gushgy)
  8. Tagtabazar
  9. Türkmengala
  10. Wekilbazar
  11. Ýolöten[9][18]

Cities with "district status"

Under Turkmen law, some cities are granted "district status" (Turkmen: etrap hukukly), meaning they are headed by a presidentially appointed mayor (Turkmen: häkim) and control their own budgets. Cities without this status (cities "in a district", Turkmen: etrapdaky) are headed by a council (Turkmen: geňeş) chaired by an arçyn rather than a mayor. Cities in Turkmenistan with district status are:[1]

Ahal Province
Tejen şäheri
Balkan Province
Balkanabat şäheri
Gumdag şäheri
Hazar şäheri
Serdar şäheri
Türkmenbaşy şäheri
Daşoguz Province
Daşoguz şäheri
Köneürgenç şäheri
Lebap Province
Türkmenabat şäheri
Mary Province
Baýramaly şäheri
Mary şäheri

Abolished districts

These districts no longer exist.

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