Bereket District

Bereket District
Bereket etraby
Gazanjyk District
Coordinates: 39°14′35″N 55°31′01″E / 39.24306°N 55.51694°E / 39.24306; 55.51694
Country Turkmenistan
RegionBalkan Region
Time zoneUTC+5 (+5)

Bereket District (Turkmen: Bereket etraby) (formerly Gazanjyk District) is a district of Balkan Region in Turkmenistan. The administrative center of the district is the city of Bereket.


Founded in January 1925 as a district of Kazandjik Kazandzhiksky Poltoratsky District Turkmen SSR centered on Cazangic station.

  • In August 1926 was abolished Poltoratsky County and Kazandzhiksky District passed under the direct supervision of the Turkmen SSR.
  • In November 1939 Kazandzhiksky District went to the newly formed Krasnovodsk Oblast.
  • In January 1947 Krasnovodsk Oblast was abolished and the area was transferred to the Ashgabat Oblast.
  • In April 1952 Krasnovodsk Oblast has been restored and re-entered the Kazandzhiksky District in its composition.
  • In December 1955 Krasnovodsk Oblast was again abolished and the area again became a part of the Ashkhabad Oblast.
  • In May 1959, Ashgabat Oblast was abolished and the region was under the direct supervision of the Turkmen SSR.
  • In December 1973 the district was transferred to rebuilt Krasnovodsk Oblast.
  • In 1988 Krasnovodsk Oblast again was abolished and the region was under the direct supervision of the Turkmen SSR.
  • In 1991 Kazandzhiksky District became part of the Balkan Region was renamed in Gazandzhyksky Etrap first, and then in Bereket district.

Populated places in Bereket District

  • Akjadepe - railway station, pop. 23.
  • Akjaguýma, Turkmenistan - railway station, pop. 120.
  • Däneata - railway station, pop. 100.
  • Dövletýar - railway station, pop. 40.
  • Bugdaýly - railway station, pop. 33.
  • Balguýi - railway station, pop. 30.
  • Ejeri - mineral springs, pop. 2–3.
  • Iskender, Turkmenistan - railway station, pop. 255.
  • Madaw - railway station, pop. 152.
  • Oboý - railway station, pop. 725.
  • Uzyn-suw - railway station, pop. 350.
  • Arkaç - railway station, pop. 35.
  • Aýdyn - railway station, pop. 35.
  • Bala-Işem - railway station, pop. 730.[1]


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