Sacred Heart Cathedral, Tashkent

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Toshkent christian church.jpg
The Sacred Heart Cathedral
DenominationRoman Catholic Church
Foundedtwentieth century

The Sacred Heart Cathedral (formally the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, sometimes also known as the Polish Church[1]) is a religious building belonging to the Roman Catholic Church and is located in the street Sadiq Asimov, Tashkent, east of Uzbekistan.

This is a relatively new structure that was built in the early twentieth century. It is decorated with stained glass windows, small towers on the roof and an arched doorway . It has a living room and a library, named in honor of Pope John Paul II .[2]

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Coordinates: 41°18′20″N 69°17′45″E / 41.3056°N 69.2958°E / 41.3056; 69.2958

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