Tavka Kurgan

Tavka Kurgan
Tavka Kurgan
Fortress of Tavka Kurgan, near Shirabad, Termez. 5th-6th century CE
Tavka Kurgan is located in West and Central Asia
Tavka Kurgan
Shown within West and Central Asia
Tavka Kurgan is located in Uzbekistan
Tavka Kurgan
Tavka Kurgan (Uzbekistan)
Tavka Kurgan is located in Bactria
Tavka Kurgan
Tavka Kurgan (Bactria)
Alternative nameTavka Kurgan
Coordinates37°43′01.9″N 66°59′47.6″E / 37.717194°N 66.996556°E / 37.717194; 66.996556
Site notes

Tavka Kurgan is an ancient fortress and archaeological site near Shirabad, Uzbekistan. It is especially famous for some frescoes dated to the 5th-6th century CE, several of them located in the Archaeological Museum of Termez.[1][2] One of these paintings, the so-called "Princess of Tokharistan", is actually thought to represent a hunter.[3]

The paintings of Tavka Kurgan were excavated by the Uzek archaeologist Šojmardon Raxmanov.[4] They are of very high quality, and are closely related to other paintings of the Tokharistan school such as Balalyk tepe, Adžina-tepe and Kala-i Kafirnigan, in the depiction of clothes, and especially in the treatment of the faces.[4]

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