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A mural from Akchakhan-Kala
Akchakhan-Kala is located in West and Central Asia
Shown within West and Central Asia
Akchakhan-Kala is located in Uzbekistan
Akchakhan-Kala (Uzbekistan)
Alternative nameAkchakhan-Kala
LocationKarakalpakstan, Uzbekistan
Coordinates41°49′41.17″N 60°43′8.67″E / 41.8281028°N 60.7190750°E / 41.8281028; 60.7190750[1]
PeriodsParthian, Sasanian
Site notes

Akchakhan-Kala, or Akcha-khan Kala, also named after the locality Kazakly-Yatkan/ Kazakl'i-Yatkan, in modern Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, was an ancient fortress in Chorasmia built in the 4th/ 3rd century BCE and occupied until it was despoiled in the 2nd century CE.[2][3] It is part of the "Fifty fortresses oasis" in modern-day Uzbekistan.[4] The abandonment of Akchakhan-Kala was apparently followed by the establishment of the new capital of Toprak-Kala, 14 km to the northeast.[5]


Akcha-khan Kala has been the object of numerous excavations, still ongoing. A ceremonial complex with a hypostyle hall was discovered.[5]


Many decorations have been found, belonging to the period from the 1st century BCE to the 2nd century CE: a large quantity of frescoes, unbaked-clay modelled sculptures including fragments of a Ketos in Hellenistic style, and a Zoroastrian fire altar with paintings of colossal Avestan gods.[5] Parthian artistic influences have also been described.[6]


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