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Tashkent (/tæʃˈkɛnt/, Uzbek: Toshkent, Тошкент / تاشکند, US also /tɑːʃ-/, from Russian: Ташкент) or Toshkent (/tɒʃˈkɛnt/; IPA: [tɒʃˈkent]), historically known as Chach, is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan. It is the most populous city in Central Asia, with a population of 2,909,500 (2022). It is in northeastern Uzbekistan, near the border with Kazakhstan. Tashkent comes from the Turkic tash and kent, literally translated as "Stone City" or "City of Stones".

Before Islamic influence started in the mid-8th century AD, Tashkent was influenced by the Sogdian and Turkic cultures. After Genghis Khan destroyed it in 1219, it was rebuilt and profited from the Silk Road. From the 18th to the 19th century, the city became an independent city-state, before being re-conquered by the Khanate of Kokand. In 1865, Tashkent fell to the Russian Empire; it became the capital of Russian Turkestan. In Soviet times, it witnessed major growth and demographic changes due to forced deportations from throughout the Soviet Union. Much of Tashkent was destroyed in the 1966 Tashkent earthquake, but it was rebuilt as a model Soviet city. It was the fourth-largest city in the Soviet Union at the time, after Moscow, Leningrad and Kyiv. (Full article...)

Chirchik River in Khodzhikent.jpg
The Chirchiq River in Khodzhikent

Tashkent Region (Uzbek: Toshkent viloyati, Тошкент вилояти, Russian: Ташкентская область) is a viloyat (region) of Uzbekistan, located in the northeastern part of the country, between the Syr Darya River and the Tien Shan Mountains. It borders with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Sirdaryo Region and Namangan Region, as well as the city of Tashkent which is a region in its own right, forming an enclave entirely encircled by the territory of Tashkent Region. It covers an area of 15,250 km². The population is estimated 2,975,900 (2021). Its capital is the city Nurafshon. Other cities are Angren, Olmaliq, Ohangaron, Bekabad, Chirchiq, Gʻazalkent, Keles, Parkent, Yangiabad, and Yangiyoʻl. (Full article...)

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