Ede-Wageningen railway station

General information
Coordinates52°01′40″N 5°40′19″E / 52.02778°N 5.67194°E / 52.02778; 5.67194Coordinates: 52°01′40″N 5°40′19″E / 52.02778°N 5.67194°E / 52.02778; 5.67194
Line(s)Amsterdam–Arnhem railway
Nijkerk–Ede-Wageningen railway
Preceding station Nederlandse Spoorwegen Following station
Veenendaal-De Klomp
towards Den Helder
NS Intercity 3000 Arnhem Centraal
towards Nijmegen
Driebergen-Zeist NS Intercity 3100
Terminus NS Sprinter 7500 Wolfheze
Preceding station Valleilijn Following station
Ede Centrum
towards Amersfoort
Stoptrein 31300 Terminus
Ede-Wageningen is located in Netherlands
Location within the Dutch railway network

Ede-Wageningen is a railway station located in Ede, Netherlands. It is situated on the Amsterdam–Arnhem railway and the Nijkerk–Ede-Wageningen railway. The station is the main Intercity station, but is not in the centre of the town. The station also serves Wageningen, a city 8 km to the south of Ede.


The station opened on 16 May 1845 on the Amsterdam–Arnhem railway as the Ede-Rhijnspoor station. The railway was originally planned to run via Wageningen instead of Ede, but this did not go ahead. Until 1937 there was a tram service from Ede to Wageningen, but this was replaced at that time by a bus service. This is when the station changed to Ede-Wageningen.

In 2022 major construction started on completely replacing the outdated building with a much more modern, useful and friendly train station.[1] The new station is expected to be finished in 2024, with the area around the station following a year later.[2]

Train services

As of 11 December 2016, the following local train services call at this station:

  • Express services:
    • Intercity: Den Helder - Amsterdam - Utrecht - Nijmegen
    • Intercity: Schiphol - Utrecht - Nijmegen
  • Local services
    • Sprinter: Ede-Wageningen - Arnhem
    • Stoptrein: Amersfoort - Ede-Wageningen[3]


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