Arnhem Presikhaaf railway station

Arnhem Presikhaaf
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General information
Coordinates51°59′15″N 5°56′35″E / 51.98750°N 5.94306°E / 51.98750; 5.94306Coordinates: 51°59′15″N 5°56′35″E / 51.98750°N 5.94306°E / 51.98750; 5.94306
Line(s)Arnhem–Leeuwarden railway
Other information
Station codeAhpr
Opened28 September 1969
Preceding station Nederlandse Spoorwegen Following station
Arnhem Velperpoort
towards Nijmegen
NS Sprinter 7600 Velp
towards Zutphen
Arnhem Presikhaaf is located in Netherlands
Arnhem Presikhaaf
Arnhem Presikhaaf
Location within Netherlands

Arnhem Presikhaaf is a railway station located in the neighborhood Presikhaaf of Arnhem, Netherlands. The station was opened on 28 September 1969 and is located on the Arnhem–Leeuwarden railway.[1] The train services at this station are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen. The station is the easternmost station in Arnhem. A previous station called Plattenburg was very closely located to the location of the current station (from 1882-1905).[2][3]

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
(Wijchen -) Nijmegen - Arnhem - Zutphen Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour - 1x per hour after 22:00 and on Sundays.

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
26 (Arnhem CS - Arnhem Velperpoort - Arnhem Presikhaaf - Velp Zuid - Lathum - Giesbeek - Angerlo -) Doesburg - Dieren Breng Mon-Fri: 2x per hour between Doesburg, Kraakselaan and Dieren, but only 1x per hour between Arnhem and Doesburg, Kraakselaan. On evenings and weekends, this bus only operates between Doesburg, Kraakselaan and Dieren.
27 Arnhem Centraal - Arnhem Velperpoort - Arnhem Presikhaaf - Velp Zuid - Lathum - Giesbeek - Angerlo - Doesburg - Drempt - Hoog-Keppel - Laag-Keppel - Doetinchem Arriva, Breng, TCR (only a couple of runs)
331 Velp Zuid - Arnhem Presikhaaf - Arnhem Velperpoort - Arnhem CS - Arnhem Kronenburg - Elst - Oosterhout - Lent - Nijmegen CS - Nijmegen Dukenburg - Nijmegen Weezenhof Breng Durings rush hours and on Saturdays, extra buses operate within Nijmegen only. On evenings and weekends, this bus does not operate between Velp Zuid and Arnhem CS. This bus is a Breng Direct service, which means it's an express bus.
843 Arnhem Willemsplein → Arnhem Velperpoort → Arnhem Presikhaaf → Velp → Rheden → De Steeg → Ellecom → Dieren → Doesburg Breng Only two runs during Saturday late nights. A special tariff applies.

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