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General information
Coordinates51°55′00″N 5°51′18″E / 51.91667°N 5.85500°E / 51.91667; 5.85500Coordinates: 51°55′00″N 5°51′18″E / 51.91667°N 5.85500°E / 51.91667; 5.85500
Line(s)Arnhem–Nijmegen railway
Elst–Dordrecht railway
Preceding station Nederlandse Spoorwegen Following station
Nijmegen Lent NS Sprinter 4400 Arnhem Zuid
Nijmegen Lent
towards Nijmegen
NS Sprinter 7600 Arnhem Zuid
towards Zutphen
Preceding station Arriva Following station
towards Tiel
Stoptrein 31100 Arnhem Centraal
Elst is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

Elst is a railway station located in Elst, Netherlands. The station was opened on 15 June 1879 and is located on the Arnhem–Nijmegen railway. The station is operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen, with the service towards Tiel operated by Arriva. Just south of the station the Elst–Dordrecht railway branches off towards Tiel.

The station has 3 platforms, a waiting area with multiple covered waiting areas. There is a bus stop located at the west side of the station, a parking garage on the east side, and bicycle sheds on both sides

At the time when the Elst–Dordrecht railway had an important significance for freight transport, was there a shunting yard (without a shunting hump) located east of the station. The tracks were broken up in the 1980s, and the location is no longer visible since the car and bicycle tunnels were built. At this moment is an outpatient clinic is being built on the location of the shunting yard.

The trains from the Elst–Dordrecht railway have to cross the track in the direction of Nijmegen before entering Elst. Because the Arnhem–Nijmegen railway is quite busy, it was decided to give the trains from the Elst–Dordrecht railway their own departure track with a platform in Elst. This is a terminal track so that the trains to the Elst–Dordrecht railway no longer depart from Arnhem but from Elst. Construction of the third track started in early 2014. Since the end of 2014, the third track can be used. The end track has been put into use from the 2017 timetable, with Elst being the terminus of the Arnhem Centraal - Tiel train service once an hour during off-peak hours.

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
Zutphen - Arnhem - Nijmegen - Wijchen Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour. After 20:00 and on Sundays, this train does not operate between Nijmegen and Wijchen.
Arnhem - Nijmegen - 's-Hertogenbosch - Tilburg - Breda - Dordrecht Local ("Sprinter") NS 2x per hour. After 20:00, this train does not operate between Arnhem and Nijmegen. On Sundays, this train only operates 1x per hour until 16:30 and only between 's-Hertogenbosch and Arnhem Centraal.
Elst - Arnhem Centraal Local ("Stoptrein") Arriva 2x per hour: 1x per hour to Elst and 1x per hour to Arnhem - Evenings and weekends 1x per hour to Arnhem. Does not stop at Arnhem Zuid.
Utrecht - Ede-Wageningen - Arnhem - Nijmegen Express ("Intercity") NS This train only operates on Friday and Saturday late nights (between midnight and 5:00). 3 runs per night.

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
35 Bemmel - Elst - Valburg - Herveld - Andelst - Zetten Breng and TCR Mon-Fri during daytime hours only.
331 Velp Zuid - Arnhem Presikhaaf - Arnhem Velperpoort - Arnhem CS - Arnhem Kronenburg - Elst - Oosterhout - Lent - Nijmegen CS - Nijmegen Dukenburg - Nijmegen Weezenhof Breng Durings rush hours and on Saturdays, extra buses operate within Nijmegen only. On evenings and weekends, this bus does not operate between Velp Zuid and Arnhem CS. This bus is a Breng Direct service, which means it's an express bus.
831 Nijmegen CS → Lent → Oosterhout → Elst → Arnhem De Laar West → Arnhem CS Breng This bus only operates on Saturday late nights (between midnight and 5:00). Boarding is only possible from within Nijmegen.
831 Arnhem Willemsplein → Arnhem De Laar West → Elst → Oosterhout → Lent → Nijmegen CS Breng This bus only operates on Saturday late nights (between midnight and 5:00). Boarding is only possible from Arnhem Willemsplein.


The singer and composer Pierre Kartner was born in a house near the railway station, where his father worked as a station master.

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