Westervoort railway station

Westervoort railway station in 1920
General information
LocationWestervoort, Gelderland,  Netherlands
Coordinates51°57′44″N 5°58′13″E / 51.96222°N 5.97028°E / 51.96222; 5.97028
Line(s)Oberhausen–Arnhem railway
Opened15 February 1856, 11 December 2011
Closed4 October 1936
Preceding station Breng Following station
Arnhem Velperpoort Breng Stoptrein 30700 Duiven
towards Doetinchem
Preceding station Arriva Following station
Arnhem Velperpoort Stoptrein 30900 Duiven
towards Winterswijk

Westervoort is a railway station in the eastern Netherlands, in the town of Westervoort. The station is situated on the Oberhausen–Arnhem railway. Train services are operated by Arriva and Breng. The original station was opened in 1856 and closed in 1936. The new station opened on 11 December 2011. There used to be another station in Westervoort called Fort Westervoort (from 1890 to 1918).[1] The station ran directly through the middle area of the fort ("castle"). Not much of the castle remains. There was also a station on the other side of the bridge called Oostzijde Brug.[2]

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
Arnhem - Doetinchem - Winterswijk Local ("Sprinter") Arriva 2x per hour (only 1x per hour after 20:00, on Saturday mornings and Sundays)
Arnhem - Doetinchem Local ("Sprinter") Breng 2x per hour - Mon-Fri only. Not on evenings.
Arnhem - Emmerich - Wesel - Oberhausen - Duisburg - Düsseldorf (Germany) Regional Express (RE 19) Abellio Deutschland 1x per hour - one morning train and one evening train don't halt at Friedrichsfeld and Oberhausen-Holten

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
60 Arnhem CS - Westervoort - Duiven - Zevenaar - Babberich - Herwen - Lobith - Tolkamer Breng, TCR (only a couple of runs) On evenings, this bus does not operate between Zevenaar and Tolkamer. On Sundays, this bus only operates between Arnhem and Duiven.
61 Westervoort - Duiven Nieuwgraaf - Duiven Centerpoort Noord Breng, TCR (only a couple of runs) Mon-Fri during daytime hours only. During the morning (until 9:30), this bus skips most stops between Duiven and Westervoort (but does serve them in the other direction). During the afternoon rush hour, the same applies, but vice versa.
62 Arnhem CS - Westervoort - Duiven Station - Duiven Centerpoort Noord Breng, TCR (only a couple of runs) On evenings and weekends, this bus does not operate between Duiven Station and Centerpoort Noord.
66 Westervoort → Duiven Nieuwgraaf → Westervoort Breng, TCR (only a couple of runs) Rush hours only.
862 Arnhem Willemsplein → Westervoort → Duiven Station → Duiven Noord Breng Only two runs on Saturday late nights. A special tariff applies.


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