Ruhyýet Palace

Rukhyet Palace
Ruhyýet köşgi/Рухыет көшги
Ruhyýet Palace
General information
TypeCultural building
LocationAshgabat, Turkmenistan
Construction started1995
Design and construction

Rukhiyet Palace (Turkmen: Ruhyýet köşgi/Рухыет көшги) is a palace in the capital city of Asgabat in Turkmenistan. The palace holds official state events, forums, meetings, and inaugurations.[1] The palace was built by the French company Bouygues.[citation needed]

10000 manat


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Coordinates: 37°55′57″N 58°22′40″E / 37.9325°N 58.3778°E / 37.9325; 58.3778

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