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About me

Hi, I'm Owen, a queer British guy based just outside of London.

I've been a Wikimedian since 2004, editing mainly on the English Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons. Off-wiki, I've been involved in mySociety and Open Rights Group, including membership of WMF's European Public Policy panel, and as a Climate activist; a technologist at a consulting firm for the public sector.

In 2021, I took on some responsibilities within the Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group, including helping organise the Queering Wikipedia 2021 Working Days and Queering Wikipedia 2022.

Last updated: 15:07, 22 October 2022 (UTC)

Contact me

Veuillez ne pas hésiter à m’écrire en français si vous préférez.

  • E-mail me
  • @owenblacker — Twitter (Q918)
  • @[email protected] — Mastodon (Q27986619)
  • @owenblacker — Instagram (Q209330)
  • Owen Blacker — LinkedIn (Q213660)
  • @owenblacker — Telegram (Q15616276)
  • Cwtch: 76o2xjdgi3c7ggaj42z5xmw3lzjepcc2hetqujqvqscqqzummngcqdid

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