Postal codes in Thailand

Postal code of a given location can be found on the side of Thai postal box there. In the picture, this is 82220.

Postal codes in Thailand are five digit numbers. The first two digits of the postal code denote the province or special administrative area (e.g., 43120 Phon Phisai, Nong Khai), while the last 3 digits represent the post office within the province.[1] There are exceptions, for example, Bangkok and Samut Prakan province shared the first two digits 10xxx. It's typical to use postal code ended with zero 0 because they are assigned to post office that are responsible for delivering mail to the district (amphoe or khet).[2] For example, mails to Dusit district destinations uses postal code 10300 except within Chitralada Palace where postal code 10303 is used.[3] 10300 is postal code of Dusit Post Office which handles the delivery throughout Dusit district while 10303 is postal code of Chitralada Palace Post Office which does not deliver mails outside the palace.[4] Other post offices in Dusit district exist, such as Bang Krabu Post Office with postal code 10301, the code used for mails to be delivered to P.O. Box in the post office.

Postcodes in Thailand were introduced in February 1982.[2] They are issued by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES).

Province (Changwat) District (Amphoe)
Not in the postcode in Thailand

Postal zones in Thailand

Postal zone is the first digit of postal code. It is numbered from 1 to 9. Nong Bua Lamphu province and Bueng Kan province have to use postal zone 3 despite its location because at the time of their establishment, postal zone 4 was fully used.[2]

Postal zones
Postcode Zone
10xxx - 18xxx 1: Central zone
20xxx - 27xxx 2: Eastern zone
30xxx - 39xxx 3: Northeastern part 1
40xxx - 49xxx 4: Northeastern part 2
50xxx - 58xxx 5: Upper Northern zone
60xxx - 67xxx 6: Lower Northern zone
70xxx - 77xxx 7: Lower Central zone
80xxx - 86xxx 8: Southern zone
90xxx - 96xxx 9: Southern border zone

Province and special administrative area

Listed below are the first 2 digits of codes assigned to each province or special administrative area.[5]

Special Governed Districts (Khet Phiset)

Province codes

1: Central zone
Province Postcode
Bangkok 10xxx
Samut Prakan 10xxx
Nonthaburi 11xxx
Pathum Thani 12xxx
Ayutthaya 13xxx
Ang Thong 14xxx
Lopburi 15xxx
Sing Buri 16xxx
Chai Nat 17xxx
Saraburi 18xxx
2: Eastern zone
Province Postcode
Chonburi 20xxx
Rayong 21xxx
Chanthaburi 22xxx
Trat 23xxx
Chachoengsao 24xxx
Prachinburi 25xxx
Nakhon Nayok 26xxx
Sa Kaeo 27xxx
3: Northeastern part 1
Province Postcode
Nakhon Ratchasima 30xxx
Buriram 31xxx
Surin 32xxx
Sisaket 33xxx
Ubon Ratchathani 34xxx
Yasothon 35xxx
Chaiyaphum 36xxx
Amnat Charoen 37xxx
Bueng Kan 38xxx
Nong Bua Lamphu 39xxx
4: Northeastern part 2
Province Postcode
Khon Kaen 40xxx
Udon Thani 41xxx
Loei 42xxx
Nong Khai 43xxx
Maha Sarakham 44xxx
Roi Et 45xxx
Kalasin 46xxx
Sakon Nakhon 47xxx
Nakhon Phanom 48xxx
Mukdahan 49xxx
5: Upper Northern zone
Province Postcode
Chiang Mai 50xxx
Lamphun 51xxx
Lampang 52xxx
Uttaradit 53xxx
Phrae 54xxx
Nan 55xxx
Phayao 56xxx
Chiang Rai 57xxx
Mae Hong Son 58xxx
6: Lower Northern zone
Province Postcode
Nakhon Sawan 60xxx
Uthai Thani 61xxx
Kamphaeng Phet 62xxx
Tak 63xxx
Sukhothai 64xxx
Phitsanulok 65xxx
Phichit 66xxx
Phetchabun 67xxx
7: Lower Central zone
Province Postcode
Ratchaburi 70xxx
Kanchanaburi 71xxx
Suphan Buri 72xxx
Nakhon Pathom 73xxx
Samut Sakhon 74xxx
Samut Songkhram 75xxx
Phetchaburi 76xxx
Prachuap Khiri Khan 77xxx
8: Southern zone
Province Postcode
Nakhon Si Thammarat 80xxx
Krabi 81xxx
Phang Nga 82xxx
Phuket 83xxx
Surat Thani 84xxx
Ranong 85xxx
Chumphon 86xxx
9: Southern border zone
Province Postcode
Songkhla 90xxx
Satun 91xxx
Trang 92xxx
Phatthalung 93xxx
Pattani 94xxx
Yala 95xxx
Narathiwat 96xxx

Numbering within the province

The third and fourth digit is used to distinguish different area within the province while the last digit is zero for the main post office handling the mail delivery while other post offices in the area have other numbers.

Outside of Bangkok and Samut Prakan, the postal code xx000 is the postal code for the main post office of Amphoe mueang of each province.[2] The remaining area number runs in the sequence xx110, xx120, xx130, ..., xx190, xx210, ...

Bangkok number system replaces the previous mail addressing system of Bangkok 1, Bangkok 2, etc. Bangkok 1 area becomes 10100, Bangkok 2 becomes 10200, etc. There is special case that Bangkok 10 becomes 10310, while Bangkok 11, 12, etc. becomes 10110, 10120, etc. There is no postal area 10000 while the number is assigned to Bangkok Mail Center.[6]

Mail facilities

In 2018 Thailand Post allocated 10 billion baht to construct two new "automated sorting" centers, one in Chonburi Province and the other in Wang Noi District, Ayutthaya Province. Its goal is to fully automate postal and delivery operations as well back office procedures in 2021.[7]


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