Postal codes in Iraq

In 2004 a new postal code system was introduced in Iraq.

Iraqi Post has developed a comprehensive Postal Code numbering system that will ensure more efficient mail sorting and accuracy of delivery of your correspondence. The new postal system was rededicated in 2004. The system is numeric and utilizes five digits that correspond to the Region, governorate as well as the post office within that governorate.

Mail Address Format: Examples:

Recipients Name

Company Name (if any)

PO Box # or Street Address

City*, Province

Postal Code

Codes by governorates

2-digit postcode areas Iraq(defined through the first two postcode digits)
governorate code range
Al Anbar Governorate 31
Al Basrah Governorate 61
Al Muthanna Governorate 66
Al Najaf Governorate 54
Al Quadisiya Governorate 58
Al Sulaymaniah Governorate 46
Al Ta'amim Governorate 36
Erbil Governorate 44
Babil Governorate 51
Baghdad Governorate 10
Dahouk Governorate 42
Deyala Governorate 32
Karbala Governorate 56
Maysan Governorate 62
Mosul Governorate / Nainawa Governorate 41
Salah Al Deen Governorate 34
Thi Qar Governorate 64
Wasit Governorate 52

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