Echarate District

Country Peru
ProvinceLa Convención
FoundedJanuary 2, 1857
CapitalEcharate or Ercharti
 • Total10,576 km2 (4,083 sq mi)
1,162 m (3,812 ft)
 (2017 census)
 • Total23,214
 • Density2.2/km2 (5.7/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (PET)

Echarate District (or Echarati) is one of fourteen districts of the province La Convención in Peru. The town of Echarte, near the Urubamba River, is the capital of the district. In 2016, part of Echarte district was incorporated into the newly-created Megantoni District.[1]

Vilcabamba, the capital of the Neo-Inca State from 1539 to 1572, is in Echarate District. The Neo-Inca State was the last refuge of the Inca Empire until it fell to the Spaniards and their indigenous allies in 1572, signaling the end of Inca resistance to Spanish rule. Subsequently, Vilcabamba was abandoned and its location forgotten. In 1911 explorer Hiram Bingham mistakenly identified the abandoned ruin of Machu Picchu as Vilcabamba, but he also visited a ruin called Espiritu Pampa by local Peruvians. In 1964, Gene Savoy identified Espiritu Pampa as the fabled Vilcabamba, a designation widely accepted by archaeologists and historians.[2]

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