Tarnak River

The Tarnak River is a river of Ghazni, Zabul and Kandahar provinces of Afghanistan. It rises in Hazarajat, near 33°7′N 67°56′E / 33.117°N 67.933°E / 33.117; 67.933, south of the Lomar Pass. It flows towards the south-west for some 350 km before it joins the Dori River some 30 km downstream of the Dori-Arghastan confluence, and some 30 km upstream of the Dori-Arghandab confluence, at 31°24′N 65°33′E / 31.400°N 65.550°E / 31.400; 65.550. The combined waters of these rivers join the Helmand at 31°27′N 64°23′E / 31.450°N 64.383°E / 31.450; 64.383, near Lashkargah.

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