Tamaki, Afghanistan

Tamaki is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 33°11′18″N 67°46′36″E / 33.1883°N 67.7767°E / 33.1883; 67.7767Coordinates: 33°11′18″N 67°46′36″E / 33.1883°N 67.7767°E / 33.1883; 67.7767
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceGhazni Province
DistrictQarabagh District

Tamaki (Dari: تمکی) is a village in the Qarabagh District of Ghazni Province in Afghanistan, very close to Jaghori District. Tamaki is populated by Hazara people. The 10,000 to 15,000 people in Tamaki speak either Hazaragi or Dari and their religion is Shia Islam. Tamaki village has places called Taqchin, Qol, warqa, Nala, Blandqash and Qani and the center place is called Deh Raazi which is in Qani place. More than 1500 students are studying in four high schools in Tamaki village, two schools for boys and two schools for girls as called Tawhid Tamaki, and Mostalat Taqchin Tamaki.

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