A street in Anguri, 2006
A street in Anguri, 2006
Anguri is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 32°58′06″N 67°32′53″E / 32.96833°N 67.54806°E / 32.96833; 67.54806Coordinates: 32°58′06″N 67°32′53″E / 32.96833°N 67.54806°E / 32.96833; 67.54806
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceGhazni Province
DistrictJaghori District
Time zone+ 4.30

Anguri (Persian: انگورى) also spelled as Angoori or Angori is a settlement in Jaghori district of Ghazni province in Afghanistan.


In the 1980s-1990s, Anguri was a flashpoint for ethnic violence between Hazara and Pashtun communities.[2] Due to the area's large Hazara population it has been neglected by the predominantly Pashtun central government in Kabul and targeted by Taliban attacks during the War in Afghanistan.


Bazar Anguri is a market town for people in the Jaghori District. Anguri's bazar has developed in the last decade and has many new markets, shops and stores.


Anguri shares borders with Sang-e-Shanda and Baderzar to the north, and Dawod Zeerak to the north east and Bilaw to the east. Hutqol is located west of Anguri and there is bal na koh mountains in north-west of anguri. The alghizar valley is in the south which reaches down to Gelan province.


There are three state high school in Anguri (Hootqul-Anguri High-school ليسه حتقول و انگوري, Anguri Girls high-school لیسه نسوان انگوری, Ustad Fazil high-school لیسه استاد فاضل), one private high-school (Keyan Private high-school لیسه خصوصی کیان) and Nigina educational center. The high school was established in 1956.[citation needed]. There hundreds of girls and boys graduating from high-schools and joining universities for tertiary education in Kabul and other provinces. Many of these students coming back after graduation from university and begin teaching in high-schools.

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Education in Anguri, there are three state high-schools (Hotqul-Anguri Highschool لیسه عالی حوتقول انگوریو, Anguri Girls highschool لیسه نسوان انگوری, Oustad Fazil High-school لیسه استاد فاضل), one private high-school (Keyan Private high-school لیسه خصوصی کیانو, and Negina institute. hundreds girls and boys graduate from high-schools each year and continuing tertiary education in universities. Many girls and boys are coming back after graduation from universities and teaching in high-schools.


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