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General information
Coordinates52°30′34″N 6°25′01″E / 52.50944°N 6.41694°E / 52.50944; 6.41694Coordinates: 52°30′34″N 6°25′01″E / 52.50944°N 6.41694°E / 52.50944; 6.41694
Line(s)Zwolle–Emmen railway
Preceding station Arriva Following station
towards Zwolle
Sneltrein 3800 Mariënberg
towards Emmen
Sneltrein 13800 Hardenberg
towards Coevorden
Stoptrein 8000 Mariënberg
towards Emmen
Ommen is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

Ommen is a railway station at Ommen, Netherlands. The station is located 1 km south of the town center. The station was opened on 15 January 1903 and is located on the Zwolle–Emmen railway. Train services are operated by Arriva.

Previously, it was also the terminus of the Deventer-Ommen railway (1910–1935).[1]

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
Zwolle - Ommen - Mariënberg - Hardenberg - Coevorden - Emmen Local ("Stoptrein") Arriva 1x per hour
Zwolle - Ommen - Mariënberg - Hardenberg - Coevorden - Emmen Express ("Sneltrein") Arriva 1x per hour
Zwolle - Hardenberg - Coevorden Express ("Sneltrein") Arriva 1x per hour - rush hours only. Skips Mariënberg, even though it is an express station.

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
31 Ommen - Witharen - Balkbrug - Linde - Zuidwolde - Ter Arlo - Hoogeveen Qbuzz On evenings and Sundays, this bus only operates between Zuidwolde and Hoogeveen.
81 Ommen - Eerde - Den Ham - Vroomshoop - Westerhaar Twents No service after 22:00 and on Sundays.
267 Zwolle - Dalfsen - Ankum - Oudleusen - Varsen - Ommen Syntus Overijssel Only 3 runs during morning rush hour and 4 during the afternoon rush hour. During school breaks, there's only 1 run during both rush hours.
568 Dalfsen - Rechteren - Hessum - Vilsteren - Dalmsholte - Lemele - Nieuwe Brug - Ommen Syntus Overijssel Mon-Fri during daytime hours only, 1x per 90 min.


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