Nijverdal railway station

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Coordinates52°21′56″N 6°28′13″E / 52.36556°N 6.47028°E / 52.36556; 6.47028Coordinates: 52°21′56″N 6°28′13″E / 52.36556°N 6.47028°E / 52.36556; 6.47028
Line(s)Zwolle–Almelo railway
Preceding station Keolis Nederland Following station
towards Zwolle
Stoptrein 7900 Wierden
towards Enschede
Nijverdal is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

Nijverdal is a railway station located in Nijverdal, the Netherlands. The station opened on 1 January 1881 and is located on the Zwolle–Almelo railway. Train services are operated by Keolis Nederland. Previously, this station was called Hellendoorn-Nijverdal(1881-1925) and Nijverdal Noord (1925-1935),[1] to differentiate it from the then main Nijverdal station, located on the former Neede-Hellendoorn railway (1910-1935).[2]

In recent years, works have been carried out around Nijverdal station in order to improve road and rail routes between Almelo and Zwolle. Between December 2009 and March 2013, direct services between Zwolle and Almelo were interrupted. Coming from Zwolle, trains terminated at a temporary station Nijverdal West. Shuttle buses transported passengers to Nijverdal station, from where a service to Almelo and Enschede operated.[3]

Meanwhile, a new Nijverdal station was constructed. Continuous rail traffic was reinstated on 1 April 2013, serving the new station. The old Nijverdal station was closed, and the temporary station demolished.[4]

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
Zwolle - Almelo - Hengelo - Enschede Local ("Sprinter") Keolis Nederland 2x per hour
Zwolle - Almelo - Hengelo - Enschede Express ("Intercity") Keolis Nederland 1x per hour (weekdays only; not after 19:30)

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
96 Rijssen - Zuna - Nijverdal Twents No service after 22:00 (weekdays), Saturday evenings and on Sundays.
513 Nijverdal - Haarle - Raalte Twents 1x 1,5 hour - no service on evenings and weekends.
594 Den Ham/Daarlerveen - Daarle - Hellendoorn - Hulsen - Nijverdal Twents No service on evenings and Sundays.
597 Nijverdal - Hulsen - Hellendoorn Twents No service on evenings and Sundays.


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