Oldenzaal railway station

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General information
LocationOldenzaal, Netherlands
Coordinates52°18′22″N 6°56′01″E / 52.30611°N 6.93361°E / 52.30611; 6.93361Coordinates: 52°18′22″N 6°56′01″E / 52.30611°N 6.93361°E / 52.30611; 6.93361
Line(s)Almelo–Salzbergen railway
Opened18 October 1965
Preceding station Syntus Following station
Hengelo Oost
towards Zutphen
Stoptrein 31200 Terminus
Preceding station Eurobahn Following station
Bad Bentheim
Oldenzaal is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

Oldenzaal is a railway station located in the centre of Oldenzaal, Overijssel, Netherlands. The station was opened on 18 October 1865 and is located on the Almelo–Salzbergen railway. Train services are operated by Syntus. From December 2010-December 2013, Syntus operated a cross-border local train between Hengelo, Oldenzaal and Bad Bentheim with the name "Grensland Express". Service was suspended due to a lack of passengers. On 14 January 2018, this route was reinstated when Keolis Deutschland extended its service from Bad Bentheim to Hengelo.[1]

There was another station, close to the main Oldenzaal station, called Oldenzaal EO for train services to Boekelo (1890-1934).[2][3] There was also a tram line to Denekamp (1903-1936).[4]

Train services

Route Service type Operator Notes
Oldenzaal - Hengelo (- Zutphen) Local ("Stoptrein") Syntus 2x per hour
Hengelo - Bad Bentheim (Germany) - Osnabrück Hbf (Germany) - Bünde (Germany) - Bielefeld Hbf (Germany) RegionalBahn Keolis Deutschland 1x per hour - does not stop at Hengelo Oost.

Bus services

Line Route Operator Notes
60 Enschede - Lonneker - Oldenzaal Station - Oldenzaal De Thij Twents Mon-Fri during daytime hours only. During vacations, service is limited to two rush hour (morning and afternoon) runs in both directions only.
62 Borculo - Neede - Rietmolen - Brammelo - Haaksbergen - Usselo - Enschede - Lonneker - Oldenzaal - Beuningen - Denekamp Twents
64 Almelo - Harbrinkhoek - Geesteren - Tubbergen - Vasse - Ootmarsum - Rossum - Oldenzaal - Losser - Overdinkel Twents Does not run after 22:00. On Sundays, this bus only operates between Almelo and Oldenzaal.
65 Station - Centrum (town centre) - Graven Es - De Thij Twents No service on Sundays.
66 (Neede - Markvelde - Hengevelde - Bentelo -) Delden - Bornerbroek - Almelo - Albergen - Fleringen - Weerselo - Lemselo - Oldenzaal Twents Outside of rush hours, this bus only operates between Delden and Oldenzaal. No service on Sundays.
593 Oldenzaal - De Lutte Twents No service after 20:00 and on Sundays.


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