List of bridges in Kunar Province

As of the opening of the Guryak Truck Bridge in February 2009 there were three bridges crossing the Kunar River in Kunar Province.[1][2][3] The Konar Provincial Reconstruction Team is working on four additional new bridges. The bridges are designed to last sixty years. According to Lieutenant Neil Myers USN, of the Kunar Provincial Reconstruction Team the popularity of the bridges stopped insurgents from attacking the bridges.

Bridges in Konar Province
completed name location notes
Nawabad Bridge Nawabad
  • Built prior to the 2001 invasion.
  • Crosses the Kunar River.
  • Road approaches paved in 2009.[4]
Senji Bridge[6]
2006-09-18 Pesh Bridge FOB Ghazni
  • Completed in just one month.[7]
2008-02-00 Matin Bridge Pesh valley
  • Old bridge was washed away in a flood in 2007.[8]
2009-02-17 Guryak Truck Bridge Chapadara district
2009-x-x Khas Konar Truck Bridge Khas Konar
2009-x-x Marawara Truck Bridge Marawara District
2009-x-x Bar Sholtan Truck Bridge Shigal District
2009-x-x Saw Truck Bridge Gaziabad District


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