Chapa Dara

Chapa Dara
چپه دره
Chapa Dara is located in Afghanistan
Chapa Dara
Chapa Dara
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°58′58″N 70°45′58″E / 34.98278°N 70.76611°E / 34.98278; 70.76611Coordinates: 34°58′58″N 70°45′58″E / 34.98278°N 70.76611°E / 34.98278; 70.76611
Country Afghanistan
DistrictChapa Dara
Time zoneUTC+4:30

Chapa Dara (Pashto: چپه دره) is the capital of Chapa Dara District in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.[1]


In April 2019, it was reported that Chapa Dara had become a refuge for 2,549 families fleeing an advance of the local chapter of the self-styled Islamic State. These families became dependent on aid by the World Food Programme and the United States Agency for International Development.[2]


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