Fairfield Monument 1846 Rte de l'Église, Guernsey GY5, Guernsey, Guernsey

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1846 Rte de l'Église, Guernsey GY5, Guernsey, Guernsey
Latitude: 49.45850640
Longitude: -2.57714120

Nearby places Fairfield Monument

Fairfield Monument

1846 Route de l'Église

Coordinate: 49.45850640,-2.57714120

category: Park

distance: 0.00 km.


Rue de la Foire

Coordinate: 49.45939110,-2.57800510

category: Drugstore

distance: 0.12 km.

Thompson Limited

Route de l'Église

Coordinate: 49.45832820,-2.57480010

category: Car Repair

distance: 0.17 km.

Castel Church

Rue de Presbytere, Castel, Guernsey

Coordinate: 49.45876800,-2.57309600

category: Church

distance: 0.29 km.

Ultimate Emall

Testa Rosa, Le Preel, Castel

Coordinate: 49.45817130,-2.58155310

category: Shopping Mall

distance: 0.32 km.

Castel Hospital

La Neuve Rue

Coordinate: 49.46259760,-2.57592410

category: Hospital

distance: 0.46 km.

Retreat Nails and Beauty

Route de Saint-Andrew, Guernsey

Coordinate: 49.45440000,-2.57526300

category: Beauty Salon

distance: 0.48 km.

King Edward VII Hospital

La Rue De La Perruque, Guernsey

Coordinate: 49.46288220,-2.57984540

category: Hospital

distance: 0.52 km.

The Floatroom Ltd

Le petit Amarreur

Coordinate: 49.46535450,-2.57486120

category: Spa

distance: 0.78 km.


L'Aumone Surgery Castel

Coordinate: 49.46544100,-2.57409800

category: Pharmacy

distance: 0.80 km.

L'Aumone Medical Practice

Le Villocq, Castel

Coordinate: 49.46544600,-2.57410500

category: Hospital

distance: 0.80 km.

Co-op En Route L'Aumone


Coordinate: 49.46539790,-2.57289300

category: Supermarket

distance: 0.83 km.

AJ Removals

Elsby, Rue Du Friquet

Coordinate: 49.46524820,-2.57102770

category: Storage

distance: 0.87 km.


The Golf Club, Rohais de Haut

Coordinate: 49.45948410,-2.56486100

category: School

distance: 0.89 km.

Nineteen Bar & Grill

Rohais de Haut

Coordinate: 49.45943450,-2.56474230

category: Bar

distance: 0.90 km.

Ron Short Walk (National Trust of Guernsey)

Route des Talbots

Coordinate: 49.45397490,-2.58807690

category: Park

distance: 0.94 km.

Rohais Methodist Church

Rohais de Bas

Coordinate: 49.46057240,-2.56430450

category: Church

distance: 0.96 km.

Les Beaucamps High School

Ruette des Deslisles Castel Guernsey GG

Coordinate: 49.46195110,-2.58940510

category: Secondary School

distance: 0.97 km.

Les Eturs Veterinary Clinic


Coordinate: 49.45990780,-2.59049150

category: Veterinary Care

distance: 0.98 km.


Near The Little Chapel, With Nice Views, St Andrew

Coordinate: 49.45118500,-2.56959600

category: Electronics Store

distance: 0.98 km.



Coordinate: 49.46569100,-2.58527800

category: Park

distance: 0.99 km.

Mandir Shri thakur ji niwas


Coordinate: 49.46569100,-2.58527800

category: Museum

distance: 0.99 km.

Talbot Valley


Coordinate: 49.45401150,-2.58903170

category: Park

distance: 0.99 km.

Gary Wilson Flat Roofing & uPVC Specialists

2 La Cache Es Castoginers, Route de Côbo

Coordinate: 49.46745810,-2.57853970

category: Roofing Contractor

distance: 1.00 km.

Le Friquet Garden Centre

Rue de Friquet, Castel, Guernsey

Coordinate: 49.46570100,-2.56749400

category: Store

distance: 1.06 km.

General Builders

Le Ruisselet, Le Villocq Lane, Castel

Coordinate: 49.46833530,-2.57553490

category: Roofing Contractor

distance: 1.10 km.

Guernsey Motors & Car Sales

Le Ruisselet, Le Villoq Lane, Castel

Coordinate: 49.46835400,-2.57573600

category: Car Dealer

distance: 1.10 km.

Shopping in Guernsey

Le Ruisselet, Le Villocq Lane, Castel

Coordinate: 49.46837500,-2.57565000

category: Store

distance: 1.10 km.

Hair, Beauty, Health & Fitness

Le Ruisselet, Le Vilocq Lane, Castel

Coordinate: 49.46838200,-2.57571400

category: Gym

distance: 1.10 km.

St Pierre Park Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort


Coordinate: 49.45965620,-2.56146440

category: Spa

distance: 1.14 km.

Go Podiatry & Chiropody Foot Clinic

Ruette de Villocq, Auray

Coordinate: 49.46880160,-2.57601620

category: Doctor

distance: 1.15 km.

Castle Coutanche

Le Foulon

Coordinate: 49.45703630,-2.56130690

category: Night Club

distance: 1.16 km.


Bailiffs cross, road

Coordinate: 49.45152560,-2.56481730

category: Roofing Contractor

distance: 1.18 km.

Le Friquet Country Hotel & Apartments

Le Friquet

Coordinate: 49.46794200,-2.56921200

category: Restaurant

distance: 1.20 km.

Rohais Health Centre

Rohais, Saint-Pierre-Port

Coordinate: 49.46034000,-2.56013840

category: Hospital

distance: 1.25 km.

Rohais Pharmacy


Coordinate: 49.46052020,-2.56010330

category: Pharmacy

distance: 1.25 km.

Guernsey Post Office

Rohais sub Post Office/Rohais Rd, Guernsey

Coordinate: 49.46013320,-2.55968400

category: Post Office

distance: 1.27 km.

Waitrose & Partners Rohais

Rohais Road

Coordinate: 49.46085510,-2.55942570

category: Bakery

distance: 1.31 km.

Alex Picot Guernsey Ltd

Le Foulon Business Centre, Le Foulon Road, St Peter Port

Coordinate: 49.45730100,-2.55914900

category: Accounting

distance: 1.31 km.

Fauxquets Valley Campsite

Rue du Candie, Guernsey

Coordinate: 49.45161400,-2.59182990

category: Park

distance: 1.31 km.

Castle Cashin

Coordinate: 49.44784020,-2.56921380

category: Museum

distance: 1.32 km.

Guernsey Laser & Aesthetics Clinic

Business Centre, Le Foulon, Road

Coordinate: 49.45820550,-2.55855620

category: Beauty Salon

distance: 1.34 km.

Offshore Group

Offshore Group Fairbairn House, Rohais

Coordinate: 49.46017700,-2.55866240

category: Accounting

distance: 1.35 km.

Les Voies School

Collings Road, St Peter Port

Coordinate: 49.46276850,-2.55927510

category: Secondary School

distance: 1.38 km.



Coordinate: 49.44975450,-2.59060430

category: Museum

distance: 1.38 km.

Castel School Guernsey

Castel Primary School La Route de St Germain Castel, Guernsey

Coordinate: 49.46775610,-2.59023170

category: Primary School

distance: 1.40 km.

Spa St Andrews

St Andrews, United Kingdom, St Andrews

Coordinate: 49.44598000,-2.57488380

category: Spa

distance: 1.40 km.