Vikinghøgda Formation

Vikinghøgda Formation
Stratigraphic range: Induan-Olenekian (Griesbachian-Smithian)
~252–247.2 Ma
Unit ofSassendalen Group
PrimaryMudstone, siltstone
OtherShale, sandstone
Coordinates78°00′N 23°00′E / 78.0°N 23.0°E / 78.0; 23.0Coordinates: 78°00′N 23°00′E / 78.0°N 23.0°E / 78.0; 23.0
Approximate paleocoordinates42°12′N 10°24′E / 42.2°N 10.4°E / 42.2; 10.4
Country Norway
Vikinghøgda Formation is located in Svalbard
Vikinghøgda Formation
Vikinghøgda Formation (Svalbard)

The Vikinghøgda Formation is a geologic formation in Svalbard, Norway. It preserves fossils dating back to the Early Triassic (Griesbachian-Smithian) period.[1]

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