List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Norway

Group or Formation Period Notes
Hordaland Formation Paleogene
Helvetiafjellet Formation - Festningen Sandstone Barremian Ichnofossiliferous[1]
Adventdalen Group/Agardhfjellet Formation Oxfordian (stage)-Berriasian Lagerstätte
Heather Formation Mid-Late Jurassic
Ramså Formation Jurassic
Lunde Formation Rhaetian [2]
Wilhelmøya Formation Rhaetian
Upper Saurian Niveau Formation Triassic
Twillingodden Formation Smithian
Vardebukta Formation Induan-Olenekian
Sassendalen Group - Vikinghøgda Formation Induan-Olenekian
Tempelfjorden Group - Kapp Starostin Formation Permian
Tempelfjorden Group - Miseryfjellet Formation Permian
Kapp Starostin Formation Permian
Gippsdalen Group - Hambergfjellet Formation Permian
Treskelodden Formation Gzhelian-Artinskian
Kapp Duner Formation Carboniferous
Kapp Hanna Formation Carboniferous
Kapp Kare Formation Carboniferous
Wordiekammen Limestone Carboniferous
Wijde Bay Formation Givetian
Wood Bay Formation Pragian-Emsian
Fraenkelryggen Formation Lochkovian
Lerbekk Formation Devonian
Sundvollen Formation Gorstian-Ludfordian
Steinsfjorden Formation Silurian
Braksøya Formation Sheinwoodian
Bruflat Formation Telychian
Rytteraker Formation Silurian
Saelabonn Formation Silurian
Sjorvoll Formation Silurian
Solvik Formation Silurian
Vik Formation Silurian
Alum Shale Ordovician
Arnestad Formation Ordovician
Bjørkasholmen Formation Ordovician
Bønsnes Formation Ordovician
Elnes Formation Ordovician
Frognerkilen Formation Ordovician
Furuberget Formation Ordovician
Grimsøya Formation Ordovician
Hovinsholm Formation Ordovician
Huk Formation Ordovician
Husbergøya Formation Ordovician
Kalvsjøen Formation Ordovician
Kirtonryggen Formation Ordovician
Kullsberg Limestone Ordovician
Langara Formation Ordovician
Langøyene Formation Ordovician
Mjösa Limestone Ordovician
Myren Formation Ordovician
Nakholmen Formation Ordovician
Smoelan Formation Ordovician
Solvang Formation Ordovician
Steinvika Limestone Ordovician
Tetradium Limestone Ordovician
Tommarp Formation Ordovician
Toyen Formation Ordovician
Ullerntangen Formation Ordovician
Upper Chasmops Formation Ordovician
Upper Furnberg Formation Ordovician
Upper Horvin Group - Hovin Sandstone Ordovician
Upper Horvin Group - Kalstad Limestone Ordovician
Valhallfonna Formation Ordovician
Venstøp Formation Ordovician
Vollen Formation Ordovician
1c ß Formation Cambrian
Duolbasgaissa Formation Cambrian
Sparagmite Formation Cambrian Stage 3
Tokammane Formation Cambrian
Breivik Formation Cambrian, Ediacaran
Dracoisen Formation Ediacaran
Stappogiedde Formation Ediacaran
Hedmark Group
Biskopåsen Formation (Biskopas Conglomerate)

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