Mount Mahawu

Mount Mahawu
Highest point
Elevation1,324 m (4,344 ft)[1]
Coordinates1°21′29″N 124°51′29″E / 1.358°N 124.858°E / 1.358; 124.858Coordinates: 1°21′29″N 124°51′29″E / 1.358°N 124.858°E / 1.358; 124.858[1]
Mount Mahawu is located in Sulawesi
Mount Mahawu
Mount Mahawu
Sulawesi, Indonesia
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionNovember 1977

Mount Mahawu is a stratovolcano located immediately east from Lokon-Empung volcano in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The volcano is capped with 180 m wide and 140 m deep crater with two pyroclastic cones in the northern flanks. A small explosive eruption was recorded in 1789. In 1994, fumaroles, mudpots and small geysers activities were observed along the greenish shore of a crater lake.[1][2]

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